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This art's/ music posting will be a tribute to "My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult" , to be added into this journal's "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" ... and a look at one of many album's of their's in this case called "Confessions of a Knife", released 1989. Thomas Thorn (aka Buck Ryder) who also was involved with this project and done keyboard's/ sampling/ backing vocal's, is an old associate/ friend from way back then, who later went to start another solo project shortly after this album with a new crew he put together and called the "Electric Hellfire Club" , but they also partly inspired my daughter's (in photo to left with me) early music career as well. But this piece of work really stood out and brought the band into a new spotlight as far as their work's. After Thomas left there was also a change in sound and direction as far as getting more into the dance/ industrial genre. The tour for this release was excellent as far as theatric's, engineering/ sound, etc ... just an outstanding "live" performance, and really sounded better than the studio cut I must add ... but we also seen them at a very small intimate type venue here in Dallas, which of course enriched the sound. But 22 year's later, this is a classic album in their category of music ... and reason to be selected for this music posting in this journal, still amongst all the great music that came about after this album as well. Excellent work and Thanx Ya'll for all the great piece's!

Since the album has so many well put together piece's that I liked, it was hard to select only 3 ... but I managed, after hour's of searching for them right piece's/ video's. This take's on a theme below (along with other song's and album's) that pay tribute to classic fiction horror movie's, some of the sexual deviation's of humanity such as sado/ masochism, stereotype's on drug's, and a satirical sort of slap in the face at organized religion's and the occult ... Enjoy! :)



1) "A DAISY CHAIN 4 SATAN" ... This is not the original video for this, the audio is the original track from "Confessions of a Knife" LP/ CD ... but the video was mixed in anonymously (fan made) ... which I thought was some nice work as far as video/ visual art's is concerned, so I chose this version, Special Thanx to aeos22 for it too!

2) "DAYS OF SWINE AND ROSES" ... This piece is a "My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult" tribute to Lucio Fulci's classic horror film "Cat in the Brain", Special Thanx to ROTGUTSHOGUN



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Beach Bum said...

Wild ass stuff! A little beyond me but good.

Ranch Chimp said...

Glad you enjoyed Bum ... this is the old stuff like I said, influeneced very strongly by Thomas (Thorn, old buddy) I know that he put together at least their first 3 album's, their sound today is different, and many TKK fan's didnt like their devut new stuff after Thomas left, they actually sound way more pop/ commercial after he left, and quite popular in dance/ venue's across the Ameica's, EU, and Asia. Their first LP/ CD without Thomas was called "Sexplosion" ... and many folk's bitched about it being too dancy and commercial sounding, but it created a new and larger fan base. I will be posting some more of the Kult's newer stuff as well ... even though I liked the old ... the new such as "Sexplosion" in my opinion was a great piece of work as far as dance music especially, so I liked both band's. I actually have VHS footage at an event they done this album at, at home (never was published) we took with the band back on this tour.

Thanx for your input Bum!