Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NUCLEAR & ENERGIES: "The Clean & Green Scene" ... "Account OVERDRAWN ... Payment Amount PAST DUE" (Global Warming PT.8)

This "Global Warming PT.8" is being posted since I havent mentioned anything on the nuclear incident as result's of an earthquake and tsunami in Japan . The reason for posting this in the "Global Warming" series ... is because this series is not just to look at the effect's of Global Warming, but most importantly, what our species has had not much regard for ... and like everything else ... in my opinion, we have maxed out our account. I realize the pop culture title for what is happening today is "Climate Change" ... I dont use it because it was a sugar coating title made up during the Bush/ Cheney Administration ... I am a realist, NOT a professional bullshit artist. I also know that President Obama does not like nuclear ... and recently there seem's to be a change of heart by him ... I am not going to pound the President in this post, but I am curious where he may go with this as well as any real type energy plan and policy, I also understand the circumstance's and workload that he has had ... which has been absolutely enormous, and I still 110% support him.



Nuclear is as American today as apple pie and baseball, yet for at least 3 decade's I have alway's been opposed to advancing AT ALL any further in this, and of course some may feel I'm a hardass, commie, socialist, treehugger, or such. Why didnt I bitch over Iran or North Korea trying to advance their nuclear project's? because, I dont think we should tell anyone what the Hell to do and call ourselves "leader's" without setting a goddamn example instead of talk! ... what is it ... we tell them not to use it for defense or power, yet we can? But the reason I didnt post on any of the Japan incident as it went down is because it was hard to swallow for me, because this is exactly what I had been concerned with for year's, as far as an earthquake (the tsunami part didnt come to mind though, although it should have, because it also intensified the issue) and after 9/11 I have been more concerned with terror attempt's to these nuclear facilities too. In past posting's over the last few year's ... I have brought up about the land's/ plate's of this planet alway's being in motion, and we all knew this for so many year's. I tried to point out as well how lucky we have been as far as our species being allowed to evolve. I dont really think despite all the info we have gathered, we see clearly, and all thanx to scientist's ... everyone from astrophysicist's to geologist's for year's have been busting their brain's and asses to show us reality and what this planet and solar system is about, and recently just in the last decade have been gathering info/ data like a half price off garage sale ... and so much credit and thanx to these folk's!

Why are we lucky? We have basically lived in a paradise for million's of year's, and ignore the reality that our evolutionary longevity was result as from a universe of chaos and violence ... if there is such a thing as being in the right place at the right time ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it is us and now. I also call our era as the "calm after the storm", if you can use the info scientist's have gathered for a minute to vision what this universe was like a few billion year's ago, as far as collision's of various bodies throughout it, etc. Thanx especially to the moon and various other moon's that resulted around planet's as natural satellite's and protector's, without our's for instance ... I question if we would even be here, moon's are more importante in some wayz than planet's. It would be just as common to be totally wiped out from some asteroid or heavy debris ... no, it wouldnt be the end of the world, but certainly the end of us and many fellow species, resulting after million's of year's even in the worst case scenario, a planet with not any visual sign's left on it's surface that our species ever existed for that matter.

In the last several thousand year's, we have created more God's/ Entities than you can shake a stick at, to love us and pamper our brain's, as their personal little Teddy Bear's ... and more fantasy stories of how importante we are, as if the universe evolve's around us, and the beauty we see and evolve with, was some kind of gift of love. And the last several decade's we have become so consumed in our playground and selves, we lost all sight it seem's on the reality of what support's all life and us, yet science daily is slapping us in the face and telling us to wake the Hell up out of this dream. And the amount of time we have been allowed in actual universal time is short, and that is also why it is importante combined with our intelligence to move forward at a more faster pace, and set aside some of the bullshit and priorities we favour ... that is ... if you like existing. As harsh as this may sound, thank goodness nature and the universe dont act on what we call right or wrong, because if it did ... there isnt a species more deserving frankly for being selected for extinction as our's, because of the total disregard we have for it.

Our disregard and lack of interest of course being out of being so self centered and consumed in our own fairy tale's. I am confident that we can and will have eventually a system of energies that come from hydro, solar, wind, and such ... we know good and well how to achieve this ... it's called "work" (and especially "team work"). Even on this nuclear incident in Japan as of today, I cant even get a straight story, since this started it's just been a guessing game and show, back and forth ... one day everything is fine, the next the complete opposite, and more political bullshit to make up excuses for such and our action's. Everything now is called green or clean to intensify the bullshit ... clean coal, clean nuclear, even petro giant's are on primetime tele dominating with how enviromentally conscious, clean and green they are, and we need all this bullshit to avoid a collapse of humanity, etc, etc. I buy this bullshit just about as much as I buy the bullshit that we cant make a bloody car that can get 85/ 90 miles to the gallon. The thing is ... between now and the time that we become more intelligent on how we act and treat this planet ... how many accident's will we have to swallow like what happened in Japan? How many more oil spill contamination's so bloody deep in our ocean's will we have to challenge? How many more ton's of carbon and waste will we have to deposit into out atmosphere and water's will it take to see the light? You dont need to even be a scientist today with all the info provided to us, I can explain this to my grade school grandkid's and they clearly understand it.

As far as our energy policy and going green ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... we dont even have a goddamn energy policy! .... you can bet your paycheck Greenland is certainly getting greener though (only because all the bloody ice is melting!). While we are being sold overpriced piece of shit hybrid vehicle's, and doing what we can just to try to contribute by getting in more debt to their financial icon's to do our part, those same manufacturer's and petro giant's, mining giant's and such ... are building up billion plus population countries like China and India, and forcing them basically to mine more, and build more of these so called "clean coal" facilities, and put a billion more unsatisfactory vehicle's on their road's over the next couple decade's ... yet at the same time have their antique political puppet's telling us to cheer because we will reduce this or that by 2050 or some off the wall date by 30% or 50% or such, with a shitload of pie chart's and other manipulated chart's and figure's to present to us. The smart investor's are getting into all the green tech's they can now and research of such, but even they dont get the support and incentive's they deserve. Yet when they make all the breakthrough's ... all the big money of course will buy them out, and if we dont control that or wake up, they will own all that as well.

Folk's may think I am too harsh and asking too much at once on this ... but I dont view it that way ... I believe in working for what you get and a half assed job shouldnt be rewarded or given the time of day. No ... I dont think we are doing enough across the board on any of this, No ... I dont think we should go any further in nuclear, and we already maxed out on that as well, as far as storage for waste even. This incident in Japan is another bill in the mail, showing us that we have overdrawn our account, and our payment's to the earth and what we owe are PAST DUE! Good thing nature doesnt repossess item's bought and properties ... or they would have selected us to be put out of business already!

Other than that on this dark drizzly and chilly spring day on the Ranch (Dallas), I'm fixin to cook up some oatmeal saturated with cinnamon, chop up a couple banana's to throw in it, and hit the street! :)

Enough said ....



Weaseldog said...

Good to meet you Tom. I'll have to blogroll you.

BTW, I'm in Irving, Tx. It's good to see a fellow Texan in the blogosphere.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your comment and invitation WD. Irving(?) ... Well I'm close to you then by Metroplex geograpthic's (depending how much as for where in Irving your located) I'm in NW Dallas ... right on the Farmers Branch/ NW Dallas border (in the Dallas city limit's) at Marsh Ln & Forest Ln, so basically, the Marsh Ln/ LBJ Frwy vicinity. Been by your site ... look's good!

Weaseldog said...

I live in Farmers Branch and Carrollton as a kid.

Back when Beltline was a two lane highway and Marsh was a potholey blacktop road North of Beltline.

I used to run wild in the woods and pastures there.

Ranch Chimp said...

Wow WD ... that was a long time ago, look at Farmers Branch and especially Carrollton today. I have a friend who grew up down in Pikes Park/ Little Mexico back in the 1960's ... he told me that after you got north of Walnut Hill Ln and Hines Blvd ... there was still dirt road's ... imagine that. Thanx for sharing