Monday, March 21, 2011

LIBYA (PT.1): Tim & Melissa Waters ask's ... "IS THIS A THIRD WAR?" ... and Ranch Chimp ask's ... "Could this be the DAWN of a POLITICAL ODYSSEY?" : )

Below is a posting I ran across at a blogsite I frequent called "Scared Stiff" , by Tim & Melissa Waters ... which inspired this posting. Then after a few word's I will add.


This is the first I posted on this Libyan crisis, and I know this is hard on the folk's that have to put up with this rubbish from these dictating folk's. There's plenty going on to write about, and I never got around to this, and cant keep up with most of what's going on anywayz. But this posting by Tim and Melissa caught my atencion. I couldnt help laughing though and thinking of the political side to this in America that could result when reading this. But congratulation's to the allied forces and the Libyan citizen's if this bombing campaign was the actual quick success that the media's are proclaiming this morning.

Whether there will be another war or not ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... well right now I dont think American politician's would call anything a "war" ... only if they had a poll rating thing done and it showed most American's jumping for joy over any of it ... then they would come all out, even folk's like Sen McCain may even break out the ole uniform, and folk's/ politician's wearing their bomber jacket's they bought from some Army/ Navy coat store ... Hell ... ole Dick Cheney may even try to get some contract's going, and the list is endless. But no Tim and Melissa ... the last sound bite I got from Washington is it's called "Odyssey Dawn" , and this morning on the tele news of CNN , they said that it has been a success, and they bombed the compound of Gaddafi/ Khadaffi, and he's no where to be found etc etc ... as well as "Snooki" of the "Jersey Shore" confirming it (just kiddin on the Snooki thing) :) Over the weekend I heard on various radio report's while on the road, that we are NOT going to war ... or we wont play any part in one, France is the hero's of course in this, then the US come's in last place, etc. Then they said that we will play a ground role for humanitarian and rescue mission's, but no soldier's playing combat role's, beside's being only like Salvation Army folk's instead. But politician's will other wise say were No#1 in everything, except of course for "war" right now, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. And of course being the uncle of also two US Army active duty niece's currently, one in Afghanistan, the other in Germany, I also felt a tad relief. But I have to question anything still ... I mean ... they told us a few year's back they bombed bin Laden's "compound cave", and that was a success too, and that he is nowhere's to be found also, then a couple year's after, had the new bite called "the hunt for bin Laden" and other show's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ....

But I will tell ya'll this much Tim and Melissa ... whatever come's of this if anything as far as "involvement" ... right now it will be called everything but "war", listening to all the political mouthpiece's on this ... even if they were to launch a full scale US led military strike complete with glory day bombing's so many American's cheered about such as in Iraq during the first strike, they wont call it a "war" ... they may call it "Odyssey Dawn", "Good Morning Libya", "Ronald McDonald's Charity House" etc, etc ... but not the word "war" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. I mean ... this "Odyssey Dawn" could quickly become a "Dawn of a Political Odyssey", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :), if it were to linger on much longer ... with both these political side's (I say both only, even though there are multiple parties, such as Indie's and Tea Bag's, etc ... because their thinking span just goes two way's ... left or right, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) that within a year, or just prior to the 2012 election's ... another grand show of magnitude to come ... if there is any reverb from the American people on any cost's, spending, lives lost, or other issue ... they will all be gun's blazing to try to blame it on each other, or in most cases this President. Personally, whatever the President chooses, whether it's to get involved militarily or just this one campaign and stay out, I will support him, nor will I blame anything on the President, after all, he just happen's to be in the right place at the wrong time only.

But also the funniest part would be, is to see all these politician's scrambling to come up with a package to sell American's if they want to spend billion's on this, right after they said that teacher's, police, fire fighter's, community service's, across the board nationwide, will have to be cut, because we are "broke" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... bullshit dont get any better than US politic's. Beside's ... France has alway's been close allies, and shared our effort's and interest's time and again, and I like the French anywayz (especially French women) despite how many American's peg them as snob's ... France alway's came to mind first when looking at Liberty in the harbour on the Ferry ride (NYC). But France is getting alot of credit for this strike too, that helped the Libyan people ... France deserve's credit too! Especially for covering our lame politician's asses.

One thing though you should remember ... and this was way before our President was even a Senator at that ... you can look at all those career representative's we have now on the payroll that for year's and year's took photo- op's with this dictator, smiling, and/ or feeding him million's ... and all those American's of pop culture that follow fashionable buzz phrases that were jumping up and down a decade ago about supporting "Brother Momar", and all the oil tycoon's who refuse to spend their own money to protect their refineries and drill site's abroad, who instead get welfare from the US taxpayer's to pay and secure it. Yes .... over a decade ago when so many loved this dictator ... I was telling folk's that he WAS a "dictator", and paying him million's was a waste and mistake, and you couldnt trust this guy any further than what you could throw him ... why do you think back then he buckled up to US pressure, because he feared they would take him out, and he wanted the wealth, now he is too old to think straight, after so many decade's smoking that Hookah pipe with no tellin what he had in it, and believe's that he has a fighting chance in Hell to take on the world. So ask yourself ... who built him up financially and who gave him that confidence? (we did, or our so called "national interest's") ... I rest.

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Tim said...

Great post and thanks for the shout out.
Yeah our definition of War and our Governments is Way different. Ours is when you blow things up killing people and naming it too. Operation small dick or whatever they come up with. Dead is dead. It seems all these puppets we endorsed over the years are coming back to bite us in the ass. Could it be our reasons for endorsing these despots were wrong? (oil).. I know you don't blame Obama, Well I say the person running the ship has to take the heat. I just hope he makes the best decisions with what he has to work with. Somebody told me this effort so far was in the many billions of dollars. What the fuck, we just call up China and offer a blow job for cash. We always have money for death and destruction. Hey it's the American way. The best part or funniest for us was guessing what they were going to name it. Operation head in your ass was my guess. I lost!LOL You know they said no boots on the ground in the latest greatest escapade. Why don't I believe them? I wonder what they are going to name that? I'd move but Canada doesn't want me either.

Ranch Chimp said...

Sup Tim! Weather here is just beautiful today!

I didnt hear a thing on the money spent yet, just more of the same, which is no one seen nothing, kno's nothing, or has any answer's on nothing. Sen Luger I just seen minute's ago on CNN vid, already playing the politic's on this, as I figured obviously would happen, saying he dont know why the President is doing this as far as involvement ... huh? Luger is on the goddamn "Foreign relations Committee" who deal's with it all, and know's the UN Securiries Council move's as well as the humanitarian rule's as of 1973, and he dont know? That there tell's you he's a liar or incapable of holding this obvious well paid and benefites career, eh?

Ranch Chimp said...

Also Tim, as far as giving ass kissing or blowjob's to China or anyone for that matter, it's only a matter of time before even them and even allies get sick of our shenanigan's. I mean China and the Saudi's already caught our prime investor's trying to burn them both before, the only one's snowballed the most by these type's are us, and even we/ us will get hip eventually and abandon them all, as I posted time and again, trust me. Yes, the President will get the heat, and alway's does and he know's it, and it's no big deal, he know's what to expect and I even wote before he was the candidate what he will get. As I explained in the last comment, it appear's that Luger is already laying this political hand, I didnt expect it this soon though, many other's will jump on board to create another freakshow, and we will either rejoice and hold hand's or get angry or both, same shit basically, new package is all.

Thanx for the posting Tim ....