Tuesday, March 22, 2011

LIBYA (PT.2) ... THANK GOD for our ALLIES, America being "BROKE" ... couldnt AFFORD this ... and Rep. Ron Paul weigh's in (Nation of BS PT.7)

In "Libya PT.1" I mentioned to Tim and Melissa Waters of the "Scared Stiff" blogsite that I hadnt heard nothing yet of the cost's of any of this, since Tim mentioned that he heard something on the cost's, so I just picked up this short vid clip off CNN of some "estimate's" I figured to post. The title was chosen for a bit of humor and/ or sarcasm, because as I posted about how much bullshit American's are fed. This also was inspiration enough to add this as part of this journal's "Nation of BS" series ... because the bullshit frankly dont get much better than this. :)


1) CNN: 2011 Libya Civil War Fast Facts ... (newsread)

After watching several video's and reading a couple short article's ... I found several video's to post of politician's as well as military top brass of the US, folk's and expert's from Capitalism Hill (Capitol Hill) to the Pentagon, to the Secretary of State ... yet not one of the video's had any solid talk, all of these folk's just beated around the bush actually talking in circle's, and said nothing definitive or of any substance. This was the only one out of many who spoke with blunt honesty and said what the other's either didnt think of, or were too frightened to talk about, perhap's too politically motivated to avoid, or for whatever reason. But Rep. Paul brought up many thing's here, that I agree with 110% ... and Thank You Sir for your honesty and input on this issue.

2) CNN: Ron Paul weighs in on Libya ... (newsvideo)



Tim said...

Hey RC, I enjoyed both vids. You know Ron Paul is really good on foreign policy in my opinion. It's his at home social issues I find fault with. Dennis Kucinich has been very vocal in his opposition to this attack. Basically for the same reasons. I mean we would condemn Bush for doing it. I'm surprised Obama would choose this course. Over a million a missile, Wow..Man we sure have priorities screwed up. Thanks for all you do RC.

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Tim! I didnt hear anything from Kucinich yet, but I will of course. I really dont think President Obama know's what in Hell to do on an issue like this frankly, and is just going with the flow, advisor's or anyone else, this is one of them tough one's ... I mean .... what in fuck do you do? You are obligated as well on the humanitarian effort's by law/ rule ... you have a dictator with confidence, and defiant, and those type's really dont scare easy ... they will go for the long haul and take punishment like desert. You have all that petro investment, regional and cultural concern's ... put it this way Bubba ... I sure as Hell I'm not a goddamn politician or President! :)

Ranch Chimp said...

Also Tim ... Rep. Paul I hardly know a thing about, beside's reading on so many post's that he's screwed up ... I also know his Kentucky son Rand is a hardass. Once several year's back around 2000, maybe late 1990's(?) Ron Paul was in Dallas giving a speech on his vision for Texas/ America ... I believe he was calling himself an independent back then, I didnt know nothing about the man, I went to listen to him ... and I was really in disagreement with him after listening to his idea's for proposal's as far as economic's and taxes in Texas as well as nationally, and he also was one of the first people in that speech he gave that I heard that wanted to eliminate SSI too, (I dont recall hearing much foreign stuff at that time out of him)so I never really listened to anything else from him since then. He did have some very strong non- mainstream idea's though, but I just couldnt see them working looking at the condition of the era only.

Thanx Tim for your input

Tim said...

I forgot to tell you Rand is thinking of running for President. That might be a good thing, getting all the loonies out and running. Let them fight with each other. It should be fun to witness.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Fun indeedy Tim :) Americano politic's ... European's must get a real laugh watching our circus's and how we handle thing's! :) I'm sure to some Kentuckian's "Rand is Grand". :)

Every damn time I hear that ole boy's name "Rand", I think of a bloody road map (Rand/ McNally) in the glove box ... no ... I dont even use the on screen navigation system in the car .... I still whip out the ole map when on the road ... people in other car's must think it's weird to see you in a new vehicle with all the new equipment as such, and your looking at a hand held road map while stopped at the light! :)