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DEATH OF DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA? ... Not Yet ... BUT ... Be AWARE Were DROWNING (How to Privatize America PT 4)

This Part 4 of "How to Privatize America" will be a long 59 minute video from a gent that I have been keeping up with, because he explain's the reality of what's happening in term's where even those who may not be that politically informed can understand. I myself ... am not nearly as politically informed as many of my fellow blogger's are. But I hardly even read any politic's anymore, well, at least as much as I did when I first got on here, and too much reading interfere's with my own thought's/ thinking of this sort of thing, so much I have to avoid. And much I learned is strictly to what seem's like to get rating's/ approval's or such. So, my view's of the online world are much different from my 3 year's experience online, than they were in my early day's online too. But there's one thing that I understand at least fairly/ halfway well, and that's how business work's. And this is what many that I talk to on the street's and elsewhere's dont seem to connect in their political thinking. Let me make it simple as I can here ... this is part of an effort or project to gain "absolute" power, because it benefit's their business venture's and lock's in sure deal's/ win's. Those being fooled by this (EXAMPLE: View 2nd video in this posting of "Tea Party Circus" on HCR as sample of "thinking" on issue's) , think that privatization of America and/ or the Global market arena, mean's more freedom from big government dictatorship ... but understand ... nothing is that easy or free in this type system.

You first of all must stop thinking that these move's are made to better business and market's for all, and understand the mindset of those constructing this, and most importantly their objective's/ goal's, which hasnt a thing to do with people's representation, because these folk's/ mega corporate type's ... WANT to be the only representation of the people and all global market's, so NOTHING is in their way of accomplishing their goal's only. For us it's politic's ... but for them it's strictly business, and in their thinking ... business (them) is what SHOULD be politic's/ governing. They see themselves as the life force of the masses who keep control and order ... those who lead, and they think without them, we wouldnt be nothing, or have nothing. After all ... our energy, fuel, food, and basic necessities to survive, are supplied by them in huge mass.

They think like ... why should government be the one's who have oversight and dictate?, after all ... it's them who put's up all the mega buck's for mining, drilling, many new tech's, medicine's, research, the list goes on ... beside's, they see government as a royal pain in the ass ... especially group's like the EPA, Why? ... Because it disrupt's business in their eye's. And also what they see is the change in the world with new communication's/ tech's, smaller businesses being able to do more on their own without them, people having the ability to do more for themselves, and feel that their empire's will take a hit, unless they get more control. That is the whole issue and problem ... as I pointed out in this journal at the start, about collapsing this system if you really want to move forward at a fair pace. History over 6000 year's show's you it need's to be done and will, it is up to "us" to make it happen, to move onto the next phase. This is why I focused so much on downsizing and eliminating these too big to fail entities, because when they fail ... we get hit like a major tsunami economically. Even the President has focused much on way's to try to slow this down and encourage more downsizing and diversity. Every era get's their hit's. The street car industry in America took a huge hit when the tire companies got the major contract's/ bid's to start supplying buses with tire's, who could even take urban transit then to place's that street car's/ rail's couldnt. Everything from livery stable's to carriage transport's, etc got effected when Ford put out the Model T too. The printing/ graphic's industry and major industrial film and plate supplier's like Eastman Kodak took severe hit's because of new technologies over the last couple decade's too, the list is endless.

These folk's need to downsize, take some losses too, and diversify their investment practice's ... they have lost the "eye of the tiger" and are alway's looking for a free ride, and easy way out, and forgot what true free market and change is about. They have gotten so financially powerful as well, that it isnt about only the money anymore, it's part of just nothing more than a high stake's "game" like common folk's play with the table game "Monopoly" ... where the "risk's" of their action's are too dangerous and risky to the entire globe and too "real". We actually frankly dont need them anymore, at a time ... without them, we couldnt have gotten as far as we are now, but those time's are gone ... they see it, but wont throw in the towel or try to change, and feel threatened now by us and government's ... so they feel the need to take that over ... period. We need to STOP them, they are like a drug addict that has lost all control, and WONT stop until we stop them ourselves. Our Democracy is NOT dead ... but you can bet were being slowly drowned. Believe me ... you dont really want to see too much privatization, because these entities never represented your interest's, but only sold you a product ... they are not an oversight entity, or about justice, or governing, or anything but "profit and business" ONLY ... and especially ANY organized labour and labour right's bother them too, this is ALL connected, understand that. Remember ... If you snooze, you WILL lose.

Enough of my rambling on ... and unto Thom Hartmann here, who explain's what is happening and make's it clear as day, and much more with other's here ... want to learn a tad .... listen to the man.


Full Show- 3/ 10/ 11. Death of Democracy in America ... Thanx to THE BIG PICTURE RT

**** CONCLUSION ****

Mr. Hartmann's programme showed the realities of the current condition. There are two option's to deal with this, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the first ... deal with it now ... the 2nd ... deal with it later :) . And the most effective and easiest way, would be now. Sure, it's hard to get off of our asses and vote, and to stand against this, such as these folk's do tirelessly in Wisconsin as an example. "IF" we get too distracted/ unfocused, down/ depressed, lazy, lack enthusiasm, or any of the other thing's that we fall commonly victim to, and deal with this after "late", you will have a whole new problem not seen yet to deal with, period. Step by step, these icon's of wealth, will pull one move after another, and so swiftly you wont be able to keep up with it once they get in high gear. And many folk's may not even question it, being that many people just look at what's "law" must be "right" and for the "good" of all, and they will abide by any law, whether it's corrupt or otherwise, or just out of fear, because they are taught and raised like that simply. What you see in Wisconsin now isnt nothing compared to what they have planned, after all ... I been piece by piece covering this for nearly 3 year's in this journal, and I've been fairly accurate too, again ... I am not that politically knowledgeable, but my end is thinking more on the business goal's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... and this is corruption at it's finest! :) Just like those posting's I done stating the move's during Health Care Reform, what BP would do at the hearing's/ inquiries, how folk's like Halliburton would leave their American home base and relocate, or back in 2008 when I explained the detail's that will need to be put in place to "lock in" bailout money "contractually", before the Bush/ Cheney administration left office, etc, etc, (they utilize what tool's they have simply, and we need to learn to use our tool's too) ... thing's I know that they will do, because I know a little on how law's work, business, tax shelter's, their tool's, strategies, objective's, etc. Basically what I am saying is get out of line now or radical, because it will be much more difficult to in a couple year's.

Understand, that the planned move's of this giant ... is not to only privatize everything, but to also propose and pass legislation that not only give's you no bargaining right's of/ for union's (and dont think for a minute that this is just for public/ government union's, this is a test/ tryout ... and will go to every other avenue of any kind of labour organization later) but all right's across the board, to minimal wage standard's will be hit also. Not only will they stop lawsuit's and court/ litigation protection's against those who wrong/ cheat you, but they will stop all access to any law's of protection for all consumer's across the board as well, you will have no voice of representation at ALL in public or even a government for all ... and even law's will be changed as far as what you can do and say, and what you can get imprisoned and penalized for, YES, especially here online. And if they need to in the name of justice, they will start using force against people and make curfew's in the name of the new "justice" to so called "maintain civility". They wont need any martial law to declare, the law's will be in place, you violate what is in place, you face the consequence's, period. Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... even ya'll Texan's who been trying to save a buck going into Mexico buying your prescription's will be stopped by law's from doing that and you will be treated like a criminal drug dealer, and the media's will label you as such too, because they will control even more of that than they do now.

And of course when this start's to happen with the force ... many will retaliate, and we have a Hell of alot of gun's still ... which mean's alot of "bang- bang's", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... it will even be more Hell for them than they anticipated, and many of those icon's (artificial elite) will hide like scared rabbit's out of fear too. : ) But yes ... it can get messy. But not like in some fiction movie's where folk's are in a gloomy setting, armed gaurd's/ mercenaries, and ugly scene's looking like a war aftermath, just simple basic law enforcement, and some random shooting's and the usual head busting, I laugh at some of these movies, especially one's that show prison scene's, because it is so far from what prison's are actually like in reality, or these futuristic urban scene's or whatever, so I dont view much of that either ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the more dramatic, the more it sell's I reckon : ) But .... you can sit back and wait, and think some miracle breeze will come along and rescue you, or act now, and vote, advocate, get off our ass ... not just on these computer's but on the street's to. You already know that the Republican Party is their primary weapon politically ... so even Republican voter's will have to wake up to this. I voted Republican most of my life for instance, but I have to vote Democrat now ... Why? because I like the freedom we do have left ... and that is about the only chance of keeping it, and even if we get a fully democratic rule later, it isnt over, because they will try to slither their way more into them too. They will try to control any majority rule no matter who and what. After all ... they're doing their job ... I suggest we do our's. : )


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