Thursday, March 17, 2011

REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT: "Sermon on the Hood" ... and a look at, the NON- Controversial, Controversial Man of Today ....

This posting is past due especially, and is to take a look at a non- controversial man ... made controversial, and to express the hypocrisy of our society. But first a little mainstream news video on the man below, then some word's I'll toss in.

Some news coverage on Rev Wright 3 year's ago Thanx to FACTS44

First of all ... I am not a religious man, and I never been Christian either, I even loathe with a passion what's called "organized religion", because I never connected any of it with spirituality or even nature .... EVER.

But this posting will be to honour the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and inspired after quoting the man the other day to a couple fella's in some small chat on the street here in Dallas ... because whether I agree with him on everything or not, or whether I am religious or not, doesnt dismiss the fact that this man speak's from the heart, is well educated, and make's so many point's in his sermon's, especially the famous sermon he gave on the "chicken's coming home to roost" (which I call the "Sermon on the Hood"), that was twisted into so much controversy, simply because of politic's. I didnt post this 3 year's ago when it first made all the news daily, because I was such a strong supporter of Senator Obama ... and this got so much coverage strictly to attack him from the left and the right both. I still am a supporter of the President today, and was then because the President didnt think like the mainstream either, and was what I seen as a man of the future, being practical thinking and truely bipartisan.

I chose the title of "Sermon on the Hood" ("hood" short for "neighborhood") for this, which was inspired from the classic "Sermon on the Mount" given by the Nazarene Christ figure Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew ... there's about 3 or 4 chapter's in there (cant recall which one's off hand, and too lazy to finger through the Bible to look them up). Also let me make it clear for the record that I use the term "Christ figure", only because so many folk's say it, as if the last name of the person was "Christ" ... which it was not, as a matter of fact ... back in those day's it would have been basically "Yeshua bar Yosef" to Hebrew's, meaning in english today "Jesus son of Joseph". I use the term Nazarene simply because back then ... the earliest Jewish sect's that looked at this Jesus as a "messiah" and not a "prophet" were called Nazarene's ... not like today, where they are called Christian's, and "messiah" goes back to ancient Greek if I recall correctly meaning simply "annointed one". But the sermon as wrote by Matthew, would basically be to ease the pressure's and persecution that the follower's felt back then, and to introduce "new law's" from what they see as God, being some change from the previous "Law's of Moses", and exposing hypocrisy, false prophet's, teach prayer, hope, etc. Whether there was a Christ figure by that name ... I couldnt tell you, I have no proof there was or was not, but I assume there was a fella like that, but maybe perhap's not the bigger than life figure that these hypocrite's today make him, who flourish off his name swimming in their wealth and power that they use it for. I alway's looked at this figure as the first actual "preacher" of what today is labeled "Christianity", but way more honest than most of today, more like the Reverend Wright for instance. America is great for this ... basically a society more full of shit than ever.

But when the Reverend talked about the terror this country experienced, I actually agreed with him, because as I said time and again ... we dont leave folk's alone, and meddle into everyone's business, running around telling every goddamn one what to do. No ... I wouldnt go into nation's to attack them, I feel secure with our defense ... and know damn well if someone provoke's my nation and/ or bomb's us first ... I would retaliate with everything I have ... until you come at me, I will not come at you basically. But also as I have said before ... we bring on most of our miseries and hatred that is vented toward's us, yet at the same time un- necessarily run around kissing folk's ass who dont respect us even. We have corporation's basically dictating our war's whether we realize it or not, and we run around like goddamn decapitated chicken's waiting for a sound bite, simply to go in and muscle their resource's, and buy new government's who agree with us on everything we propose. We build up folk's like we did in Libya (Khadafi/ Gaddafi) for decade's who we know are dictator's, yet turn a blind eye, then when shit hit's the fan, many of our spineless political rep's start grandstanding and lying and flip flopping as if they didnt know anything, and are out to support the people of these land's, to try to sneak in more shit with corrupt intent. And it's so many countries we do this to, strictly because of the special interest's that control our government, and use our tax dollar's and the lives of our children to do this. We even build up and arm what later become's a terror threat, even in Mexico in our own back yard, many of the cartel's were formerly paid, armed, and trained by USA, then later took what we gave them and decided they can make more money dealing dope than fighting it for example ... many of those terrorist's abroad ... it was our nation that created them. I could go on and on with examples.

In a nation so charitable as well as being so full of shit, it wasnt no suprise to me when the Reverend said "Goddamn America !!" ... and even that, he quoted from what someone else said (a former Ambassador if I recall correctly). Nor did I connect this with our President. And so much of the thing's that are said in the Reverend's sermon's on politic's and such ... are very accurate and display the clear hypocrisy of this nation and those who represent it. They call him a racist ... is he? for telling the "truth"? No ... he's not a controversial man at all .... but made to be because he doesnt talk all the sweet shit that so many want to hear and talk about, he isnt fashionable politically ... sure, but that's it. He doesnt fit into these little political cult's that we create. I have listened to every sermon that I could of this man over the last few year's, before the news publicized him for political reason's to sway our thought, I never even heard of the man before ... he is straight up on so much whether I agree with all of it or not, especially on the racism of this country and it's actual history. But to Reverend Wright ... Thank You for your honesty Sir, and this posting is to honour him.



Beach Bum said...

Yeah, I agreed with a lot of Wright said, this country does stick its nose in the business of other countries far too often strictly to help corporations and certain special interest groups the politicians owe their jobs too.

Whats very funny for me was listening to the shock and disgust from right-wing types about what Wright said, they really should not throw stones because I have heard many preachers from the right say horrible things about people and countries that do not follow their particular way of "Christianity."

I was raised in what was a fairly moderate fundamentalist church that went over the edge in the mid-1980's. It was sort of sad because I had a lot of good memories of that church and the people who attended.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hello Bum ... I agree with you as well on this, and know how the right hammerede this till the cow's came home.

I just simply wanted to highlight this man ... he spent year's talking about the reality, but isnt politically fashionable, pushed informally into retirement, and labeled as some sort of villian. I see plenty in Washington that should be pushed into retirement on both side's. The man is an under dog, and yet has so much strength and integrity, so I highlight to "honour" those like him.

But Thank You for sharing your thought's here Bum....

Ranch Chimp said...

Another thing Bum ... so much of church today is special interest's and politic's, and havent a thing to do with spiritualism and, or especially those like the Christ figure they use so commonly to compare themselves to. Anything to get supporter's and follower's, yet so many of those who attend these churches, go looking for hope, or something else that they may feel they lack or to dismiss the miseries of reality ... they, the flock's are used in so many way'z, they only follow as well because they are taught and legislated in a way by those who run these enterprises, I explain so much of this throughout this journal, because it is so deep, and is also reason for so much divide, race, class or otherwise, but too lengthy to ramble on in this comment alone.