Thursday, March 3, 2011

Government Shutdown's, SSI Check's, Political Grandstanding, 2011 Iraq, and "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" (Nation of BS PT.6)

This posting of "Nation of BS PT.6", is a posting inspired for one, by a neighbor who came to me the other day, asking if I know if SSI check's will be in the mail or not? No, I dont draw SSI or am even old enough for that matter, but alot of folk's locally ask me thing's like this while out and about, only because they know I keep on the "up and up" on some of this stuff, and this guy just started drawing his SSI (**** I'm referring to retirement 'social security' here in this posting, not the disability) at the earliest age he could (after I suggested to him over a year ago to retire and draw it, because he can still work and draw, he wasnt ready to just retire, but glad he did now, and yes, he still work's, and IT'S LEGAL). He hadnt been on it long enough to know much about it, and he told me of rumor's in the neighborhood amongst folk's thinking that the government may shut down and they will not get their SSI check's, etc, behind what was apparently started as a dumb statement by Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, that has no more substance than the rest of the political shenanigan's we are spoonfed. More detail's here on SSI law/ protection's . But no, dont fall for alot of this nonsense, because most of it is a political sales pitch, just to try to scare folk's, sway vote's/ opinion's etc, etc.

Secondly as inspiration was because I been writing about this crap we are going through and the condition of the reality for about 3 year's now in this journal, and while watching the 2 CNN video's below the other day for breakfast, even though it's sad ... I couldnt help to bust out laughing, they also had a video about the political demonstration's in Iraq, but I chose the YouTube coverage, because they done a better job of ground footage, to show what Iraq is going through after we spent billion's of dollar's and sacrificed thousand's of soldier's (of course former VP Cheney's share's went up in Halliburton) replacing Mr. Evil (Saddam) and then dictating in a new democracy of corporate western inspired political puppetry to intervene in their affair's ( Iraq is protesting the "corrupt" government we helped inspire of course, a democratic gvmnt actually shooting/ killing Iraqi's in the street's ), which is an old familiar story, I have wrote so much about, because it never fail's ... send America in to do a job, and those running our government behind the scene's frankly would fuck up a "wet dream", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) . Just like the crap the folk's are getting in Libya, and all the US politician's grandstanding how Khadafi/ Gaddafi must do this and do that, after they made him a billionaire for decade's and ignored what he actually was ... or the other countries we nose into, or what we call "nation building", "freeing", or other nonsense, that also allow's these tyrant's to rule for year's before the people get hip/ keen, and finally pissed. I mean Iraqi's had unemployment problem's even when the first sign's of recovery were showing, because all the corporate imported "guest worker's" from other countries that were brought in ... more corporate/ western/ US manipulation.

As far as government shutting down ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... the only thing that need's to shut down and frankly retire is those same politician's in our government who been "serving" the same shit to us for decade's. The only cut's or shutdown's or pinkslip's that are handed out is to the American people, none of them. And this so called "budget crisis" is something that took year's to create, and as I wrote earlier, will take year's to repair, so trying to lay this shit on this Administration or President (as people like this smiley faced "bullshit artist" Rep. Eric Cantor constantly do ... he want's to work with Dem's and the President about as much as I want to work with the Pope ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh) as if it just came up is stupid as well ... if it just "came up" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... me and other's wouldnt have been talking and writing about this day old shit for year's. :) And of course some of the "NEW" excuses that we are hearing now, for all the repetitive bullshit, is now, our rep's are being "played" by "psychological/ political warfare", what will be the next excuses?, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... it's simple ... if you cant do the JOB, step to the side and let someone who can handle it in. Of bloody course there's psyche warfare ... geeeezz ... this aint "new", the puppet master's alway's "play them" and "pay them", dont accept the goddamn money and their friendship and ya'll will clear up that shit overnight. :) This is more political grandstanding, excuses, whining and other crap.

The James Brown video was chosen because of what I said before in other posting's about the same ole shit being sold to us decade after decade, just in a "new" package/ bag. :)


***** CNN/ MONEY: Government shutdown: What's at stake (newsread/ video)

***** CNN/ POLITICS: Senate Democrats again warn of government shutdown  (newsread)

2) PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE ON OUR REPRESENTATIVE'S ... POST NOTE HERE: I was not trying to be uncompassionate above when I talked about using "psyche warfare" as an "excuse". If there is indeed a group that are doing this to our rep's, it should be investigated and stamped out. I dont doubt that special interest's of some kind also have an agenda, and basically out to sell a product, so I wouldnt put it past anyone to attempt this, after all, they do every bloody thing they can to buy all they can and manipulate every other damn thing. What I was pointing out is this though ... let's not let this get to the point where the "psyche warfare" thing become's a new "scapegoat" ... and everytime some politician does incompetent work and/ or fail's to deliver (and Lord know's this is an ole familiar tune) ... not just jump on the "psyche warfare" bandwagon and start crying and selling "victim" ticket's to us, about your failure to do a job is because of psyche warfare or people picking on you. We "all" have challenge's and obstacle's ... okay? That's life, that's part of the job, etc. I mean ... I have fell on my ass 100X time's, that's just how it goes, then you move on and try to improve. There is alway's "some kind" of psyche warfare to begin with in politic's ... because we simply live in a reality of society more full of shit than ever, and "many" are out to sell some bullshit package. Here's the deal ... a people's government has a job to do ... that is what "we the people" mean for Pete's sake ... just do the JOB is all I'm saying. I look for performance and result's, not at silly issue's, excuse's, and/ or concern whether some person goes to church, or what their familia moral value's are, or what sexual fantasies or affair's their having, or what bloody nationality or skin complexion they are, if they wear a flagpin, been a vet, religious, or any other damn thing ... my concern is "our" countries best interest ... and performing your job and skill's to the best you can ... ya'll say "you want to serve" ... well ... that's all most folk's want from you, bottom line. Just dont have excuse after excuse, time after time, about "why" you cant do your job ... please. And if what we have isnt working ... dont spend year's pondering on "why?", obviously there is too much divide and folk's that refuse to compromise ... let's get in those to give a chance at trying to do something that does work, eventually we will get a winning team, but not by sitting on our asses either.

***** CNN: Psychological warfare on senators? ... (newsvideo)

3) SULAYMANIAH, KURDISTAN SOUTH (NORTHERN IRAQ) FEB. 2011 (The protest's are throughout Iraq, I just chose the Kurdistan video for the rawness that the mainstream media didnt cover as well)

4) JAMES BROWN (MR. GOODFOOT) "PAPA'S GOT A BRAND NEW BAG (Original Version)" ... Thanx to KOIOS153 ... I chose this video because it's the "original" version 1965, and one of the first record's I actually owned, which were all James Brown record's in the same year, yes ... on 45RPM vinyl's) ... Additional James Brown post and video's



Tim said...

As you know they extended things by two weeks so people will get their SS checks on time this month. What hurt the Repukes the last time this happened, the old folks woke up from their self imposed comma's and got pissed. Since they live to vote, it was curtains for the pukes as the Dems were swept in. Seems pukes don't learn either.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Tim!

Yeah ... I did know about the extension of 2 week's, just didnt post it because all it mean's is ... same shit, two week's later. As far as the lateness, etc ... that was the point of the post and link's, tecnically at this point, they cant on that, seperate trust, entity, and rule's, etc (according to the link) ... such as the IRS. So doing the post was to make aware of the protection's factor here more or less, everything is about "law" Bubba. :)

"Repuke's" ?? ... for a minute, I was trying to figure out what that was ?, I heard it before ... think I got it though ... No, I didnt remember what the Hell happened in 1995 on it, before I read it ... just didnt keep up with that stuff in "95" dude.

Talking about being in a coma and waking up ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I heard briefly that Newt Gengrich (spelling?) announced he was running for President ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... is that wise for the GOP? ... or just desperation? I'm lost there Bubba, must admit, I didnt expect that one! :) Hell ... alot of them folk's up there even look the same to me, must be the clothing :) Half of them look like they need to retire, or their sick from some illness ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... John Boehner at least still has some color to his skin and look's fairly alive. :)

Later Tim, Thanx for your word's here!