Thursday, March 24, 2011

SUZE ORMAN PT.2: ... "Time to SUCK IT UP" and "Stay the COURSE" .... (LIFE, LIBERTY, & the COURSE of DESTINY)

This Part Two of Suze Orman is a couple piece's of video and transcript that most American's should be thinking about, and this woman as I pointed out here in Part One, is someone that's worth listening to. Regardless of what you may hear on what to buy or spend, or what we "must" do to get back to normal, or about the latest job figure's of 200,000 here and there ... as I said in earlier posting's ... you cant lose 8 million or so job's and expect a couple hundred thousand here and there to pull us out of the hole we are rightfully in actually, or being on the road to recovery and all the endless talk and show's you will get ... DO NOT BUY IT, if you wish to avoid much disappointment and miseries that is.

Notice how Mr. King here in the first video is showing how the market's are reacting to this which are the "global" market's that have become more or less a casino today more than anything else (controlling the most importante and richest commodities and resources of the current earth, that keep the masses fed with the essential's, such as energy, petro, food's, or even worthless trinket's to occupy their mind's, etc) ... this is why I focused so much in the beginning of this journal on the hazzard's of "forced corporate sponsored globalization". You see, what most didnt see a few year's back was the "reason" for globalization so "suddenly" that I pointed out ... many folk's just cheered, held hand's, breaking out the 6 string and singing tune's like "We are the World" or such ... thinking that this was all being orchestrated because those who run this show and our politic's love us and want us to be one big happy familia, which is NOT the case as I pointed out, the mission is for them (the big player's) to have no competition, and especially have no international boundaries (this is so money through technologies can be relocated anywhere's offshore in a heartbeat, and too complex to track and/ or legally regulate and/ or monitor) ... and this way ... only those who are the largest player's, basically have a sort of monopoly on those, just like when I posted about the gold rush, the purpose and mission and what it will amount to, which you see now.

People of the planet will "naturally" globalize and mix more as we evolve and this system collapses ... but IT WILL NOT BE FORCED and manipulated, like this is/ was, is what I am saying ... thing's that are worth the stretch of waiting take a certain amount of time, it's the natural order of thing's. This is also why they (those who dictate this cesspool) created this left/ right opposition, understand that they despise "bipartisanship", because this would actually bring them to a finish, they MUST keep us divided ... but not "too" divided, because that create's local/ civil dispute's/ war's which in turn effect market's, as you see now with uprising in oil rich area's of the globe, which I have also covered thoroughly throughout this journal, as far as how it will spread like a "wave" from one country/ region to another, and/ or creating distraction's/ roadblock's/ obstacle's to achieve their goal's. This is also why there will be so much attack aimed at our President Obama, and trying to even twist his thinking, they hate this man, and it hasnt a thing to do with "race", like the masses are thinking, it has to do with his thinking and willing to bargain with both side's, and willing to try to bring together both side's, they HATE this, they DO NOT want both side's to reach common ground, that is one of the biggest threat's to them and their empire's, but they are also "playing" our President too, with a new strategy from within his own party, and I hope that if you havent caught this yet Mr. President, that you will (more on that to come). Even our moral standard's were created through manipulation's, specifically for the masses and used to control them, even the creation of various/ countless religion's/ sect's to leave "no one left behind" let's say ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... having a "brand" for just about whatever one's into or want's to get into. :) As I have posted before ... morality as we define and know it DOES NOT come from a written word/ book, and is actually from nature, and even other animal's have moral's, emotion's, teamwork/ support type group's, etc.

I realize how much I may have sounded pessimistic in some of my earliest posting's back in 2008, 2009 for instance, talking about how thing's would get worse before better, etc, etc. But you can see clearly now, "why" I posted that, I mean the math was all there that this was going to happen. And realize I must have also at the same time sounded like a half nut case saying that we need to let business take's it's course and let these mega folk's fail ... not bailing out this cesspool, only to make them stronger and more powerful (which they accomplished), but let them divide, downsize and fail ... and let the NEW take it's course ... look at it as a type of "natural selection", if you will, and when I said that getting back to "normal" is the "worst" thing we can do, and as miserable as this seem's, it is actually a blessing that this is happening to us ... this is how you LEARN and REALLY "change", by falling, and feeling the pain's of reality, and tightening the belt, cracking the whip, etc, etc. ... remember the ole saying ... about ... what dont kill you make's you stronger. Understand that the last thing you want is to get back to what simply brought you your failure's is all, and that is why I focused on that so much ... we have lived out of our league and mean's as a culture for year's, I'm not saying we should feel shame or anything, you shouldnt, most of us have busted ass for everything we have and damn well deserve it, even if other's around the world are not as fortunate ... however ... we have let it become a normal ... and an "American Dream" is only what each and every American make's it, we create all of our own realities. Listen to this woman below, who IS a "expert" financial advisor, and LEARN ... and you wont be disappointed later.


10 Questions For Suze Orman ... Thanx to TIME

***** Suze Orman/ Joy Baher: Time to suck it up ... (transcript)


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