Friday, March 18, 2011

SXSW FESTIVAL (AUSTIN) ... and "SCHMILLION" doing "OVERGROWN" ... also a special guest appearance from Gov. Rick Perry (Taste of Texas PT. 6)

This posting of "Taste of Texas" PT.6 will be a peek at another annual Texas event called SXSW (South by Southwest) Festival, which is happening as I write this in the live music capital of the world ... Austin, Texas. This is actually much more than music though as you can see in the news link's below ... it's about communication's interactive technologies/ business, the SXSW Film Festival, and the music festivities that I will highlight in this posting. It's big though as well for music because over 2000 band's from around the world as well as many local's will perform on 80 stage's over a few day's, new talent's from around the world are discovered, contract's made, deal's, and even new band's forming/ emerging from meeting with other's ... but that's a Texas size helpin of music!


1) ***** YouTube @ SXSW 2011 ....

2) A bike ride along 6th street district video, Mar. 20, 2009 SXSW event. I chose this amateur footage from a bike rider for a more personal/ raw experience of the 6th St music scene club's/ venue's, where you can hear the various band's playing throughout all the venue's you pass ... which is the largest amount of "live" music venue's in the world. This is just in the daytime ... the night music experience is really cranked up much more. Whatever your taste is in music, you can most likely find it here. And these venue's feature live band's all year, not just during SXSW. Thanx to GEZELLIGTEXAS

3) "SCHMILLION" doing their song "OVERGROWN" THANX TO SCHMILLION. Schmillion started as an Austin based all girl teen band who won the "2010 Best Under 18 Band" ... and chosen as the "young emerging band" to play at the "25 Year History of SXSW" Festival, and 2011 Showcase. I thought they had some really great work in this piece they done, and wanted to highlight them here. And CONGRATULATION'S Ladies ... very well arranged composition, engineered, choreographed, and presented piece of work here! I absolutely loved it!

BONUS VIDEO: I just couldnt do a posting on the great town of Austin without also posting Texas' No#1 man, as well as Texas' No#1 "slacker" (who work's in the Texas Capitol not far from the 6th St. district) ... a man who could do nothing, yet screw up a wet dream doing so ... GOV. RICK PERRY "our hero" ... Did I vote for Rick? YOU BETCHA! :)


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