Friday, March 11, 2011

LARISA MIGACHYOV: "Arugula Leaf Rag", "Purple Chicken Rag", and "Sauerkraut Sorbet" ...

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Larisa Migachyov

This art's/music posting is past due as well, since I have been following the work of this artist for over 2 year's now ... and what great work this one does! But to honour, spotlight, and get a glimpse here, of some of the outstanding work's of Larisa Migachyov , her love being piano, ragtime, jazz style's. Ms. Migachyov as well has cover's of great piece's from folk's like Scott Joplin or even Mozart that I could have posted, but I wanted to take the original work of this artist to highlight here, in some of the most simple setting's to focus on her.

But my ear of course has been glued to this artist since I first heard a note out of her ... and love how she bring's alive and preserve's a great genre of music too. I chose a few of my favourite's here to post, so yes ... I am being of course selective. And I really look forward to seeing more of Ms. Migachyov's work in the near future, although I understand that she is also busy with other thing's in life, I am sure her heart is into this and there is plenty more to come! Beside's, right now ... time is on your side, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :)

But ... so much for running my jaw's here, and get on to listening and viewing some of the work of the beautiful and talented composer Larisa Migachyov ... and all the best of life to you also Larisa! ... Thank You for sharing your work's! :)

And I would also like to dedicate this posting to Ms. Migachyov, of one of my favourite's as well ... JEAN "DJANGO" REINHARDT

Ms. Migachyov's YouTube Channel here

1) "ARUGULA LEAF RAG" THANX TO LARISA0001 ... I loved this in particular, when she stated she done this on a horrifying practice room piano (similar wording). Well ... the piano is only what you make of it Dear ... it may have once been not so great of a piano, but you infused it with new life ... bringing out it's true beauty! :)


3) "SAUERKRAUT SORBET" THANX TO KEEPER1ST ... This particular piece was done after the 10th Annual "Sutter Creek Ragtime Festival" at the "Sutter Creek Ice Cream Emporium" ... I reckon just hanging out and keeping her finger's active ... but this is one of my favourite's I must say!



Infidel753 said...

It's striking that these compositions are so distinctively American in sound -- especially the first two -- even though she's originally from Russia.

Curious that she names her compositions after food -- though I realize some Texans may not consider arugula to be food:-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodel!

I didnt even know what in Hell Arugula was ... I had to look it up, but I guessed I may have ate some not knowing what it was(?) Sound's good though, as far as the spicy part. Texan's on what they would think of it?, I havent the faintest.

From what I gathered, Larisa say's she was influenced in Ragtime after she got to America, visiting and playing piano at what she call's the best club venue around for this music, that is located on the San Antonio(TX) Riverwalk in downtown there. No, I never even been to the club she spoke of though.

I have no idea where the food's come in as far as title's, one to her mom she done, as well as in a concert setting is named "Hot Chocolate" ... which I dont even know if that's popular as a drink in Russia or not(?).

Thanx for your voice here Guy