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WALL ST/ SPEED TRADING PT.1 (CBS 60 Minutes): How free is "Free Market" ... and where is "Capitalism's" Capital? PT.2 (THE AMERICAN REAM)

This is another posting/ video that require's less than 15 minute's to view, and is importante to know, as far as being prepared to ride this storm we have entered. So this will be PT.2 of the "How free is "Free Market" ... and where is "Capitalism's" Capital?". Many working class folk's like to invest in something or another, to make a nest egg for retirement dayz ... it is more importante than ever to understand how the current market's work, and where to put what little you may have. The arguement of support for this "new" trading, is that it is a future trading method that will broaden the field of player's, for smaller companies etc ... which is fine and dandy and there is alway's room for change's/ modification's in the market's, however, this is another sales pitch smoke screen ... it is perfectly clear, that even the small investor's could not afford the equipment this take's to compete at all. Put it this way ... if tech's were advanced more, and we had something like a hand held device available to the average person to where we could all use these device's anywhere's, mark my word, these huge financial investment's firm's would be pushing legislation to stop it and make it punishable by federal prison time at that. These folk's are so full of shit whenever they say they do thing's for the better of society/ system's, etc. The small middle class worker/ professional say's that they dont play in these market's, but they dont even know that they do, those who handle their portfolio's have all their money tied into this, the manager/ investor of your portfolio, like the computer, does not care if you take gain's or losses, their only concern is that you are putting your money into the market, and they get their money off managing your's, whether you take a gain or loss, they get paid, bottom line. The vid below, then a few word's.

POST NOTE: This posting is not to say that any of these investor's are doing anything illegal, or that investment's in them are a negative. I am NOT a financial advisor, and this IS ONLY "my opinion". There are many thing's to invest in for any small investor as well. But "yes", there are million's who are also currently as I write this, that are losing confidence in certain investment's, and you dont need a "degree" to understand why.


HIGH- SPEED TRADING GLITCH COST'S INVESTOR'S BILLION'S (N.Y.TIMES 07 MAY 2010) , this has been going on for a few year's now, yet not a thing as of today 2011 has been done about it, yet ... we will have to bail out future problem's and offset's until someone get's this cleared up.

Wall Street: The Speed Traders ... Thanx to CBS

Also in the video in PT.1 Michael Moore sum's up real capitalism well. Because the traditional investment's that American's look at as tool's and strategies to obtaining some of our American Dream's, had in recent year's became nothing but an American Ream, even thing's such as home ownership has went to the trash can as we once knew it. Watching the video above (and Thanx to CBS 60 Minutes for airing this especially) ... it may look like the computer operator's are crook's, but they are only doing a job they are getting paid to do, believe me, their not the one's raking in the big money, they are slave's too. It is those high scale international banking investment firm's that are the "front's" for those behind the scene's of those who will probably never get on a camera. I'm just a working class American myself that realizes how importante your money is when you actually have to work in some way for it.

Even though you may say your not an investor ... any time through any channel that you take your money whether it's small or large, and hand it over to another hand to put in some account or market, you are an "investor" ... the system is manipulated for that reason, and is why I point out so much about the importance of supporting local businesses and financial institution's, and why I point out so much about these strategies and entities who are trying to privatize America , and everything in it, and why. You see ... once all capital is "out" of our hand's ... it didnt disappear, but went elsewhere's into other hand's, and to continue to feed that hand, is where all the capitalism's capital goes, meaning not in your pocket, community, or even our country's interest's, but into a new international pool that is so unregulated and unwatched, that billion's at a time end up missing, just as quick as $20 billion or so of shrink wrapped American cash ended up missing under heavy US Troop/ Military oversight in Iraq (something else you wont hear much about in the media these dayz) ... these thing's happen daily.

The talk from those who run these computerized market scam's, that it's to broaden the prospect's for small investor's and make a larger playing field is bunk ... those who invest behind the scene's to manipulate the market's by using computer's to prey on slow human action's and their capital, dont give a rat's ass about broadening a thing except their international geographic's/ location's and where they can play to avoid everything from government's to Interpol, and those countries they have little/ no control over with their political puppetry, to start trouble there, whether it's through war/ uprising, civil unrest/ conflict of any kind, or just plain propaganda. Again ... like the "privatization" thing I talk so much about, it's all connected to have "all" resource's/ commodities, and wealth in one controlling entity circle, and that way ... the world is controlled by them only on every level. Basically all you see above is simply "insider trading", at it's best and most advanced stage (done legally as far as I know, by taking advantage of legislation and lack of regulation, and you know how that worx and who "write's" the proposed legislation, and are thinking 5 year's in advance, if the average investor were to do some of these act's, or you took a computer to the table's in Vegas to place bet's, you would be questioned in a New York second, okay? ... just look at what happened to Martha Stewart for simple "birdie chat") or more frankly cornering the market's, and this is going on in all major financial district's of the globe and been for several year's now ... this is all part of a cesspool to takeover capitalism and create a monopoly only. This is why I state the importance also of holding your metal's such as gold, silver, platinum , etc, and when you do trade, trade alot with those in your communities, small individual investor's, etc. The point is to keep you struggling and desperate enough to give up everything of any value that you possess, including your properties through mortgage's/ loan's, 401K's , and the schlew of other nonsense that they will have you think we cant do without, etc.

To know these thing's is essential, and beside's, as I wrote time and again, this entire system is going to collapse anywayz over time, so may as well change your wayz and how you do thing's now, and stay a step ahead of a game that is alwayz two step's and 5 year's ahead of you.

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