Thursday, June 16, 2011

PRESIDENT OBAMA'S ... Congressional Picnic and Military Bluegrass Jamboree ... Could our President be on Drug's or losing his Sanity? : )

First of all, this posting and header/ title was done in humor, and I have been a supporter of the President since he was a Senator and still am ... So Please Mr. President ... dont send "U.S. NAVY SEAL's Team 6" to take me out! :)

But what inspired this posting while eating my oatmeal and orange juice watching this morning's news ... was almost choking watching this while busting out in laughter. I mean .... Geeeez Mr. President ... a picnic for Congress?, the same Congress who's been dealing you a lousy hand?, some of those who strike at every proposal you make? ... all their hard work? ... what? ... petty bitch fight's? I mean, I look at evil character's like Adolf Hitler who turned a country from a piss pot with unemployment sky high, low morale, and many issue's in less than a decade, to a serious force and contender, and soon enemy that had the whole world up in arm's. Some of these folk's have been in office a decade or more, and cant or havent done a goddamn thing, or have supported any change, tries to change, or even done a damn thing good or evil, or nothing at all ... except have endless bitch fight's decade after decade over the same ole shit, and collecting a nice salary and benefit's while doing so. With all due respect Mr. President, what many of those do deserve frankly is a pink slip and your foot knee deep in their asses, and shown the door, which unfortunately you cant do. But giving them a picnic after they just got off a week long vacation?

Eat till they cant eat no more? ... havent they ate enough of our once surplus and every extra tax dollar this country had for year's? You call in the military to play Banjo's? Is this a covert style of punishment Sir? ... by having them listen to our troop's have a Bluegrass style Jamboree, complete with singing sailor's? (that would certainly be enough for me to put the noose around my own neck). Just listening to you Sir ... I thought you were on drug's, or perhap's already after less than a few year's losing your sanity even ... after all Sir, I understand the effect's of coming from a reality like South Chicago, and getting tossed into an enviroment of a bunch of inbred ingrate's, with too much money, that havent worked an honest dayz work in some of their lives.

Anywayz ... it is what it is ... and for my contribution to all this, I would like to give ya'll a PSA that should be able to reach your mentality of the age's ya'll act, concerning the hazzard's of drug abuse (include's pharma's like ya'll use) HERE.

***** DAILY MAIL: Boehner smoking, Durbin dancing, pies being thrown and Michelle letting people eat fried chicken? It could only be the annual White House Congressional picnic ... (newsread)

And considering all the trash that has been thrown on your desk and all you inherited taking on this mess the last administration created Mr. President, and those you have had to put up with on this job ... I want to dedicate this song to you Sir, as what I feel your attitude may be after 4 year's, from a band called the "Dead Kennedys" ...



Weaseldog said...

I fear you're in for a long series of continued disappointments, large and small.

How about that parade? I had to drive into work today.

And I couldn't just take I30, no I had to loop around I20.

On the radio they said that no one could board the TRE after it departed in the Fort Worth. At North Richland Hills all the way to Dallas, it was packed, and they weren't allowing anyone else on.

Downtown Irving had no parking left. I didn't bother to see what the station looked like. I should've gone just to take pictures of the crowds of people that couldn't get on the train.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jack ... yeah ... you work in downtown Dallas, eh. The news reported the other day the parade route, and asked folk's to take mass transit, because downtown only had 68,000 additional parking place's available for visitor's, and they estimated that over a quarter million would go to the Mavs parade. I didnt go anywheres near downtown today, or even the train station over by my neighborhood, but I didnt anticipate that even as far a N. Richland Hills and Irving would have back up's of folk's at rail station's, no parking or such, I mean that's pretty far from downtown Dallas too. Even if someone wanted to get on the TRE, I reckon they couldnt whether they were allowed to or not. What a bloody traffic mess that must have been Jack. Later Guy, thanx for your input here.

Infidel753 said...

I look at evil character's like Adolf Hitler

Hitler? Well, the people who had to deal with Hitler tried to handle him by making nice, too, even if they never invited him to a picnic. But they wised up eventually. Obama likes to deal with bad guys by making nice, but he's got to wise up too, given enough time.

He does talk tough sometimes. I guess he thinks there's value in showing the public he's reaching out to the opposition, though he's been doing exasperatingly much of that all along.

Ranch Chimp said...

Infodel: Like President Obama, I am bipartisan and will reach out, negotiate, or what's needed, so I dont knock it ... part of my pro- business attitude. My question is ... when will it pay off? If it doesnt pay off in a moderate amount of time, like any other business negotiation, something else need's to be tried. When something dont work, I try something else is all, or abandon the initial plan altogether ... and that's what put's progress in actual motion. Too much time wasting and chat being done is all.

Thanx for your comment's

Ranch Chimp said...

WD/ Jack ... as far as the President ... Fear? disappointment's, large and small? No need to fear for me brother, I am a determined man. When I said before this man was President that I would support him through the entirety, I meant it. I will vote for him for a 2nd turn without a 2nd thought, whether he does what I like or not ... it's personal is why. I also still support 110% Congressman Weiner who just announced his resignation. You see Jack ... we have a government and large society that are too full of shit as it is, that lack's strength, integrity, or any gut's for that matter ... a schlew of two faced cowardly chicken shit's basically, who wouldnt last a minute in the the real world, this is largely our representation in this country ... and we wonder why we get attacked by terrorist's? Or the people are fed up?

Weaseldog said...

I see our politicians like a big sales team at a large corporation. They all work for the same people, but they have different cliques.

Sometimes the company has a picnic, and the top sales guy gets to make a speech. That doesn't mean he really runs the company.

RC, I work in Garland, Downtown Dallas is in the way.

I see Obama as just another guy jostling to make a personal fortune, by selling out America a little bit at a time. He's only loyal to his pocketbook, and folks giving him and his family money, make his decisions for him.

In this view I don't understand why you support him. So I have to believe you when you say that you believe he's actually trying to do the right thing. Since 2002, I've only seen him work hard to do things that I feel betrays his base. It's clear to me that he loves being a war president, loves illegal wiretapping, torture and large welfare queen payments to rich people. These things define who he is.

Some folks tell me his heart is in the right place, but he just loses 100% of his battles. I don't see that as much of an endorsement.

Weaseldog said...

One thing I've been reading more and more about (and explains it in a way I can comprehend), is that people believe in the Idea of Obama.

They know the man will never meet the ideal, but they believe that so long as they support him, then the idea will stay alive, and maybe someday, he'll try to match that ideal.

We know politicians, especially presidential candidates are branded by advertising professionals, McCain was the 'Maverick' and Obama was 'Hope for Change'. :P

Evidently this branding has staying power. More than I would've guessed twenty years ago.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning WD/ Jack ... I see ... as far as working in Garland, you probably go through that I-30 tunnel downtown everyday. I used to have the same route my man, for 7 year's I worked in Mesquite (better known as "Moe- Skeet" :) ... my choice would be LBJ Frwy or that route, but I took that route because I had a daughter in High School downtown, in the Art's District, your probably familiar with the school "B.T. Washington Performing and Visual Art's School" ... I would drop her, and off out to Mesquite, I worked right by the Mesquite Rodeo Arena (now called "Resistol" I believe) and was the one who done all the pre- press planning for all the rodeo event's, not just in Mesquite, but also U.S. Rodeo circuit. But just brought this up, because I feel we may have taken the same route, I took Stemmons Frwy in the morning from LBJ to Woodall Roger's in route to downtown first (her school exit right by Woodall), then get back on Woodall to RL Thornton/ I- 30.

As far as President Obama ... thanx for your honesty of opinion on him ... I am actually suprised Jack ... I REALLY dont see him in no manner as you described, not even a sliver ... but that was certainly an interesting view as well as a suprise. Geeezz Guy ... our thought's about this man is so much different, but thanx for sharing that ... it sure as Hell would be an interesting conversation to say the least.

Ranch Chimp said...

Another interesting comment Jack ... as far as the pop culture thing about when Obama first started running ... I never grasped any of the "change" stuff, or the "black man" thing ... it was so herd type thinking, I mean I knew people that were African American that voted for him and waited in long line's simply because he was black, they were so desperate to see a non white President. But my interest in Obama came before he even announced his wanting to run, I was actually hoping this guy would run. But it had to do with so many other factor's, that set him apart from so many other's, and I knew as I have wrote before he got elected that he would piss off both side's, this was one of the reason's to push for him, another was, he was such a "Constitutional" buff ... and that old school buff of folk's like Lincoln ... and other thing's. Put it this way ... I knew we were in a mess from the last administration and there was no way in Hell, it could get cleared up as far as the economy, job's, or the war's or anything else, and I just as well see someone like him get everyone's panties in a bind in Washington, cause not a goddamn thing was going to get done anywayz, so might as well let as much Hell break loose as possible, frankly. We dont have anything out of the manstream Jack to choose from in this country, it's the same ole shit, decade after decade with the same old deadwood stone face's saying the same ole shit and gridlocking everything anywayz, year after year ... there is NO bipartisanship at all, these folk's give more concern to corporation's than governing the country and working for all, etc, etc ... frankly Jack ... this downturn were going through is healthy too, as I have wrote time and again ... these hardship's will pay off in the long run, believe me, we are finally waking up in this country, and will more in just a matter of time.