Friday, June 24, 2011

LADY GAGA (PT.2): ... "JUDAS" ... "BORN THIS WAY" ... and a "POKER FACE" solo @ BBC/ Radio 1 Live Lounge

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Another posting to honour her Highness Lady GaGa on her recent release of her 3rd album "Born this Way", and to add a touch of it in this journal's Honour Roll Society. This album has sold like about 4 million if I recall correctly in a month's time ... which is damn good, of course the popular commercialism is a large part as well, and being it was top spot on pop chart's in several countries. I also added a bonus video, because it is a solo piece that I really admire done a couple year's back in the BBC/ Radio 1 Live Lounge ... a solo version of "Poker Face" and really sweet!

But my interest in this artist hasnt a thing to do with the pop culture or number one ranking, or that I am a Top 40 dance fan. I have looked into this artist's background quite a bit after the Hell raising controversial talk about her work, such as the "Telephone" piece linked below, and the so called "Meat Dress" of her's, which had animal right's knee jerking activist's trembling, and some of her work that had icon's such as the Catholic Diocese's panties in a bind. This is not just another Top 40 corporate maneuvered homogenized lip- syncing artist. This woman is the cornerstone of everything from the choreography, composition on down ... her aesthetic's, creativity, and composition's are in a class of their own, of course the money and backing crew's are a big help ... but she has more input on her creation's than folk's realize ... this is actually "her" in other word's. You can say that this woman was "Born this Way", I reckon. And she is a very determined and hard working person at that ... a lil headstrong for some? ... Perhap's ... but this is a dog eat dog industry she is in too, she's sharp and been in the trenches, and a really balanced perspective on life and the condition.

Being at the prime age of around 25 or so by now ... it is one of them artist's that would get my adrenaline really pumped up in the industry if working around her ... in other word's, I would love to throw some idea's her way, see what she think's, and what her creativity could add to it, if so. I see her as so fresh also in this industry (somewhat of an overnight success, even though for her it was a life of hard work too, as a teen writing for artist's before she was reckonized as an artist) that she has alot of idea's and influence's as it is to explore various avenue's and even genre's, also a vocal style and range that can blend well in other area's of music as well. Personally I wouldnt even mind seeing her team up with some veteran's such as Marilyn Manson in particular and perhap's Trent Reznor (founder of Nine Inch Nails), or even J.G. Thirlwell (Thirlwell, due to his jazz influence would be a curious mix) to name a few(?) But of course, GaGa is GaGa too :)

I chose the two below off her latest album to look at the art value and storyline's as much as the music end ... which are top of the food chain in my opinion. The 2nd one "Born this Way", really a spectacular piece of visual art as well I may add. Then the 3rd video a "Poker Face" solo bit. And best of luck to ya girl! ...


LADY GAGA (PT.1)/ BEYONCE: "TELEPHONE" VIDEO ... and WiKi page/ background briefing



"POKER FACE" [BBC Live Lounge] Lady GaGa live perform Poker Face (April 20th 2009) ... This is a nice touch of Ms. GaGa solo, just having some fun, a couple year's back. An excellent little solo piece with her keyboard's and great vocal style, actually a favourite of mine! :) ...Thanx to LADY GAGA LIVE


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Infidel753 said...

I love her stuff, especially "Born This Way" -- needless to say, the fundies freak out over it.

She uses her influence to get worthwhile things done, too -- she's not just another vacuous self-absorbed celebrity.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx much for adding the link Infodel, a good piece indeed!

I see alot more to Ms. Germanotta then just some of the ridicule from some inde artist's on her just being pop plastic too, Dave and I (Dave is a buddy who is a metal guitarist, working local circuit's) have discussed this in detail a week or so back, he was amazed at the visual art's end of her work. I had to add a favourite of mine she done solo for a 3rd vid of "Poker Face" to show another end of her work here as well.

Thanx for the addition/ link and voice here Guy ...

an average patriot said...

She is a screwball to me but you know what we listened to in the 60's and 70's so I have never watched or listened to her but I will bite my tongue and check these out. Thanx

Ranch Chimp said...

Howdy Jim! ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :) .... a "screwball"? ... well that's a normal societal reaction to this flamboyant woman for sure (and a compliment from her perspective), beside's ... she grew up in the New York City music scene, and living in a town like NYC can make you screwy if your not ( I lived in the 'City' and have spent time in it's underground and hardcore scene, as well as London's which run's a close 2nd )... to add to that ... coming out in the 90's and 2000's trying to sell a show of pop commercial 70's style disco with a tad of old school flamboyant burlesque in the New York underground scene, is almost suicidal by any other standard's and would be considered very screwy at that, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, and that is what exactly make's her showmanship a class of it's own, combined with the musical and theatrical talent's, the enormous ambition and workaholic spirit. With all the show's and work to come over the next few year's, I only hope she can avoid a nervous breakdown or having to resort to dangerous prescription drug's from the pressure's ... but being from a fast paced competitive scene like New York's, that's a plus for survival at least.

Hope you nenjoyed some of it though Jim, sorry about biting your tongue though :)

Thanx for your input here Jim! :)