Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DR. KEITH BLACK: Explain's the Cell Phone SAFETY issue ... (CELL PHONE SAFETY PT.2)

I happened to catch this last night on PBS Newshour and fortunately found it quickly on YouTube today. But this PT.2 of "Cell Phone Safety" will be to look at again, just how safe it's use is and tip's for the user from Dr. Keith Black , who explain's this in an easy to understand way, Dr. Black is the Neurosurgery Director and Chairman at the well known Cedars- Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles. I am sure that the cell phone lobby also pushed for this to be put out, as far as the sudden warning from the Government (I posted in PT.1 update), because they know most folk's probably dont read the instruction pamphlet's that come with the cell's, and the media been bringing alot of question and some scare about this, meaning that it would/ could affect the future industry which is massive, to avoid possible mass litigation's.


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