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GENESIS P- ORRIDGE/ THROBBING GRISTLE: ... "DISCIPLINE" & "PERSUASION" (Live) ( an Industrial Tribute and Love Story )

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Genesis P Orridge

This "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society" posting and induction, will go to Genesis P- Orridge , to look at 2 piece's of his work below which are over a quarter century apart, total masterpiece's of work I may add here, called "Discipline" & "Persuasion", which are from the early 1980's & 2009 "live", performing with his group "Throbbing Gristle". Genesis is just involved with so much, including the classic industrial sound/ genre of "Psychic TV" ... a real workaholic sort of person, and industrial/ experimental music genre pioneer. He even worked with an old friend Joe Christ and his wife Nancy Collins (Joe's wife Nancy, is a horror fiction writer and one of the most interesting women I have ever met) starring in a segment of Joe's "Sex, Blood and Mutilation" documentary, where Genesis give's an inside study of the art of body modification and genital piercing.

There has been alot of controversial talk over the year's about Genesis, and some just look at him as some sort of extreme freak, pervert, nutcase, etc, etc. But I want to point out here, that Genesis is total genius, and a true trendsetter as far as his art's are concerned ... and a really deep person to sit down and talk to and get into his mind ... if you can. There was also as much controversy in recent year's after he decided to transform physically and even mentally and spiritually into his late wife, Jacqueline Breyer aka "Lady Jaye", a love affair that went much deeper than just being in love, Lady Jaye was a bundle of creative talent as well ... and together in their art and lives became one, you can say ... a foundation, for even this iconic music sect and creative journey (even though Genesis's creative journey and music experimentation started many year's before).

But the contribution's and mark this man made in this genre of music/ art's with all the work that he has done over the year's cannot be matched, nor could this journal be complete without his work ... and Thank You so much! Enjoy!


"I AM MY OWN WIFE" a piece done by New York magazine on the transformation Genesis made to become Jacqueline Breyer, his wife who passed away ... kind of an unusual "love story" you can say.

GENESIS star's in Joe Christ's film "Sex, Blood and Mutilation"

1) GENESIS P- ORRIDGE/ THROBBING GRISTLE ... doing the classic "Discipline" (early 1980's, the song was released 1981) ... and Special Thanx to LELLIESANDREMAINS

2) This one is called "Persuasion", and is "live" at Coachella 2009 in HD ... Special Thanx to LIZSTLESS


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