Thursday, June 23, 2011

AFGHAN DRAWDOWN? ... MY ASS! ... Not a Pop- Culture WILLIE FOO- FOO Perspective (Jumping for Joy in AMERICA PT.3)

This posting will be of course a response to the President's speech last night of the "Afghan Drawdown" ... it was either this battle news or the battle to let same sex couple's marry ... since same sex marriage is actually a plus for this nation economically and employment wise, yet bucked by the fundamoralist's ... I decided to post on what is not going to make us a dime and cost us out the ass instead. :)

Yes ... I listened to the President's speech in it's entirety this morning ... and it was an excellent sales pitch, he really seemed sincere, etc, etc ... but after ... not thinking like Willie Foo- Foo, and jumping for joy with patriotic tear's falling from my eye's ... I didnt know whether to laugh, cry, wind my watch, or take a dump! Yes ... most of the media's are jumping for joy over this, while just a week or two ago they were bitching about the cost's, and this of course is enough bullshit to make the weary American masses hold hand's and think once again how were saving mankind from the clenches of evil, etc. Some of the spotlighted hypocrisy on this is coming in truck load's from the Republican Party, who are also using this as a campaign strategy to blame the President for this expensive endeavor, many lining up (some in support) this morning like a herd pack of patriot's, saying that they condemn this war/ cost's and the President ... the hypocrisy being that they are/ were the major instigator's or all these war's, economic problem's, and hardship's, and if the President didnt support the war ... they would be the one's promoting a war instead and massive spending on such, for all their contractor special interest's supporter's who shower both side's with money to bullshit us basically. Geeeezz ... the depth of political bullshit in this nation is worse than Global Warming and the rising sea's. And of course the President did throw in how we need to focus on building here, infrastructure, job's, etc ... and that's nice ... are we still "Shovel Ready" Mr. President? ... and where is exactly THAT money going to come from? And get this ... our final outcome on this will be to negotiate with the Taliban, let them incorporate in the new government and start giving them once again, paycheck's too. :) ... YES ... the exact same Taliban that we say now, rape's, torture's, murder's, and terrorize's :)

***** MINING.COM: $1 Trillion Motherlode of Lithium and Gold Discovered in Afghanistan

If we pull out of Afghanistan, we lose everything we put into it, if we stay ... I would bet my paycheck that it wont even be over in 2014, 2015, or 2016 for that matter. The already infrastructure cost's for utilities and everything else were building over there is enormous, and if we pull out, that is also wasted, because they dont have the money or workforce, engineer's, or anything to even keep up what we built already, and that's increasing by the day ... just look at some of it below in the link's. beside's ... China and it's corporate and mining interest's won contract's to mine the Hell out of the country, and they cant make the new market complete without India and China as one, and you cant complete that trade corridor without Afghanistan geographically speaking, and frankly they need Pakistan as well, I mean, without them two countries having some kind of stability, what is the threat to corporate, investment, and mining interest's?, screw the small talk about terrorism on folk's ... that will be imposed on the corporate icon's ... in a way I love it, these corporate occupier's deserve every goddamn struggle that they get! ... and they know damn well that "sabotage" on their investment's is going to be staring them down, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... which will make the world market's/ exchange's go up and down like yo- yo's daily (which serve's all you "too big to fail" SOB's right, for ripping us off too!), especially with this new speed trading shit! :) ... We owe China enormously, and they hold a large portion of our debt, bottom line. My support for China was because of the new direction and government their trying to embrace, (and also being a technocracy, which make's far more sense than this bullshit we embrace here, which is outdated) and because I realize that our nation is failing, and I hope to see them as partner's to also help this country some way economically and in trade.

But the cost's of these war's has been my major concern ... I am not anti defense at all ... but this is not all defense as much as it's endless occupational obligation's as well .... we hear about the U.S. military cost's ... but the cost's of private military/ security, utilities/ infrastructure, were not even hearing a thing about which is enormous .... Hell ... were not even out of Iraq totally ... and not one American has benefited one bit from any of this except those who get paycheck's contracting in these countries and our troop's getting a paycheck out of it. I could write so much more about this garbage, but it's basically pointless ... and by continueing to embrace these two parties only, we are never going to clear up any of this mess, or the health care mess, or a damn thing frankly. Not even one goddamn thing has benefited any American on this healthcare thing, not one. Not a goddamn thing is getting done basically except in these other nation's no matter how much tax we pay and/ or are willing to pay ... and frankly the American people have not got a good enough ass whipping yet to realize that their pissing in the wind and abandoning these parties couldnt come soon enough, I know we will ... I just dont know when. Just wait till 2014 and see where we stand economically and on these occupation's and how them nation's we occupy will repay us for our generosity in year's to come.

On the other hand, those trying to "Privatize America" are also working on this big time behind the scene's, by not just driving this nation bankrupt to buy everything out and convert it to private sector corporate communism, but milking the economy so bad to where we dont need to start a draft, because it will cause many young American's to enlist just to get a paycheck or to further their education in college, and this way ... instead of paying enlistee's to just join and serve, you can utilize them in war's ... and hit two bird's with one stone.

COST OF WAR TO THE UNITED STATES ... This is a second by second cost chart, similar to those showing the US debt/ deficit chart's, that stay's moving 24/ 7/ 365 to show our cost's, to U.S., state, county, city, and Congressional District's ... this is a must see too! (Yet I cant swear to the accuracy of it, but it was a sight and food to inspire question) But I recommend a visit to their website which is linked in this link, called "National Priorities Project".



HELMETS TO HARDHATS: U.S. Military to spend billion's on new construction in the coming years. (expired)

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TALIBAN (BOY'S) ARE BACK IN TOWN ... This is a new branch of Taliban Government that are claiming a region our force's withdrawn from. At first glance I wouldnt be aware that these gentlemen were a governing structure, and would think they are just another Seattle rock band ... :)

***** CNN: Taliban back in town? ... (newsvideo)

FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND: "The Boys are back in Town" (Thin Lizzy Cover) This band does an excellent remake of the Thin Lizzy mid 1970's classic here, so I had to post it, as a music video to dedicate to those Taliban above, since this new Taliban Government branch are back in town, and I mistaken them at first glance for a rock band! ... Thanx to SEPHOX18



an average patriot said...

Looking at all that it makes you wonder how he can say all the nice stuff he did with a straight face. You hear and know the reality.

There is no way in hell Karzai is going to float a Democratic Afghanistan or anything like it.

There is also no way we are going to be able to stop funding that morass. The Karzai's don't make enough drug money.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim! ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I think most of us seen this one coming, we know damn well deep inside what the real deal is, despite how we try to ignore it :) I cant figure this all out Jim, and I feel that I'm missing something as well as far as this game. Obama with a straight face(?) believe me Jim, I know damn well he even didnt like alot of what he had to say, he dont have to do some of what he does, but feel's that he will be out the door quick as lightning if he dont ... I bet he regret's some of his bipartian wayz too ... even though the bipartisan approach to everything will work well (in a more advanced society), it's just a matter of trying to get that kind of mindset, and it appear's were far from it at this time. We are programmed to not be practical actually, or even realistic in any form, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh :)

Karzai dope profit's are down? ... Hell man, dont blame it on us ... Iran is intercepting half ya'll's opiate export's (in the name of "good" of course, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh) it's no wonder that Iran sit's on about the largest opium stash (pre- packaged at that) in the world :)

Karzai is worried about maintaining his wardrobe choice's/ collection ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I have alwayz called him "Mr.GQ" ... I got to give it to the guy, he has to be one of the top best dressed leader's in the world ... really has alot of taste! :) He dont want to lose that lifestyle either :)

Thanx for your input to this post Jim ....