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VIOLENT VIDEO GAME'S: U.S. Supreme Court "Art Ruling" ... Our CHILDREN ... Societies PRODUCT ...

This posting will be to look at the Supreme Court ruling that that say's violent video game's are art. First below a couple link's for newsread and news video's ... then a few word's I will add on this.

CNN/ TECH: Supreme Court sees video games as art ... Newsread and video's

WASHINGTON POST: The High Court's misguided decision on violent video game's ... newsread

This is another case to look at the reality instead of the popular right/ wrong, good/ evil, left/ right arguement's ... an independent perspective from being a father and grandfather, to look at action/ reaction and cause/ effect, over good/ evil and right/ wrong. To make it simple here, I have to look at thing's this way in life I learned, because if I just think the popular way and follow all the societal guideline's on right/ wrong, I found that I get confused looking at the hypocrisy of everything, so it's easier for me to make decision's and as far as making progress, by taking an alternative look at issue's. I am not against how one think's or view's in their own reality/ mind, or what group of thought they choose to follow, I dont twist anyone's arm ... only point out that nothing is one sided, and you cant alway's have your cake and eat it.

I have to agree with the Supreme Court on this though ... and I dont see the art of anything as what make's and mold's our children, but instead the society we create and foster on them. My children and grandchildren for instance have lived in an enviroment where they frankly didnt have to experience physical violence or abuse ... my childhood was much different and I experienced much more let's just say, almost like we came from 2 totally different culture's, and I tell my children the reality without the lies, so they understand and dont have to question what I mean, it save's time and bring's awareness, which is essential to survival and progress. When we rant about these violent game's ... is it the art that promote's violence, or what we teach our children that does, and the enviroment's that they are forced to live in because of us? I mean ... the Holy Bible for instance which is one of the most "loved" book's, and a piece of ancient literature that I even love, has probably promoted more violence, war, murder, rape, and oppression, than any piece of art in human history to be frank ... talk about banning that or making it only available to mature audience's over 17/ 18, would bring mass outrage if proposed.

You can clearly see the hypocrisy of our society which is basically a product of our culture/ religion's ... because religion to me, doesnt have a thing to do with belief in a higher power, or spirituality of any kind ... but a primitive way to govern societies in a modern setting, this is where our morality come's from, instead of our natural morality that we are born with and instinctually embrace. Although you may say none of this has a thing to do with religion/ culture/ morality ... it actually does ... because our whole societal mindset is based on that. I mean whether we want to believe it or not ... we create more violence and rebellion in our children simply because of the way we make them, not because of any art.

Our children at the start of adulthood are asked to fight for our freedom, volunteer of course, and many like my niece in Afghanistan, only do so they can get a college education, cause her single mom cant afford to help her, and loan's in this country for higher education can drive young folk's into bankruptcy before the age of 30 or close to it ... go off to a boot camp, are programmed to "kill", then sent off to not defend or free anyone in many cases, but to kill because of corporate dictation and power for those at the top, and have one dictating party take over another. We have a society that is against slavery, but have an abundance of slavery and slave master's worldwide that we support, finance, and even arm. While we tell an 18 year old their old enough to go to a foreign land and do this killing, even having them practice their combat and airstrike's training on ... well ... violent video game's, then after they killed in the name of "good", we tell them ... they are not adult enough to drink ... only adult enough to kill for us. They are not adult enough to look at sex entertainment, yet forcefed video's/ tele of girl's in video's scantily clad telling you, you can get girl's like them if you buy their product(s) ... with this daily taunting of look but dont touch, and other form's of deprivation and taunting. We forcefeed our children the hazzard's of drug use ... but on the other hand stuff them with manufactured pharma mind/ mood controlling drug's, cloaking these mind altering drug's in the name of "goodness".

With the exception of the smaller percentage of children that are actually born mentally challenged and may resort to violence because of this, we are the one's who promote violence more than anything, we thrive off it, along with hypocrisy in everything we do, as well as those who lead us, represent us, and buy our mind's and vote's of approval. Our children our only our product, and we are a hypocritical, unbalanced, and violent species, for a large part.

Enough said ....



an average patriot said...

You know, reading this makes me think our habits or whatever you call them are innate and served us well as cave men but those days are over and now we are our own worst enemies. I do not think violent games should be protected.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim! I agree with you as far as being our own worst enemy, in a matter of time, we will come to that understanding, progress is very slow Jim.

On the video game thing ... you said you dont think violent game's should be protected ... I dont look at it as "protection" as much as I look at it as just leaving it alone, not banning it, not regulating it, or anything else, so it's not protecting it to me, it's a part of our reality.

You being a career military man Jim, with son's as well who may be, I want to say that I think these game's have made better soldier's for combat as well, especially playing these game's at a young age has helped sharpen the technological skill's and strategies of future soldier's as well. These folk's that command the drone's for instance from a central command using computer tech's, from thousand's of mile's away, I feel are doing the same thing in a way as the one playing the video game's. I really feel that these game's have helped some of our young ground force's be more sharp and aware, and even save them from harm's way, if they used these game's pre- enlistment, I feel the future of defense is more technological than physical interaction. I also look at these game's as psychologically therapeutic as to relieve stress/ tension and more importantely to vent anger and aggression. For instance I kid is angry over something/ someone ... the kid's bedroom/ gameroom serve's in a ritualistic sense as what I would term as an "aggression chamber", being that they can vent this hostility in a more healthy and safe way for everyone, especially themselves, instead of just being popular and smiling, but keeping it hidden and bottled up. Now one may say that the game istill's violence and the person through that game may escalate to another level of physical violence in the real world on someone else, because the game desensitized them ... which may be true ... but percentage wise the amount of kid's that will go to a higher level and lose control or their grasp of reality are slim/small ... for those who do ... you can bet there is something else in their mind/ reality/ perception, that is inspiring that next dangerous level, and if so, it is likely to be because they themselves were wronged, and they cant control their anger ... and are going to killl, whether they have a video game to inspire them or not. Instead of ignoring the fact that we are violent by nature to a degree, I feel it can be addressed and that violence can be more organized and controlled through our social system's.

Long story Jim, and only my opiniong ... but Thank You for your's here.

Weaseldog said...

Eighteen years ago, I tried a 3D game at Dave and Busters. I had been playing computer games since I was a teen. On that game, I broke the high score for a first timer. The men running the game said it was a higher score than most folks get after a few days practice.

One wanted me to come back for a tournament, the other said I was too old, for training to have the required level of moral ambiguity.

I found at that they were Navy recruiters looking for kids to train to pilot drones.

I decided I wasn't interested in going back for the tourney. The second recruiter was right.

When 9/11 happened, I couldn't help but think about how any modern computer controlled aircraft could be remotely piloted these days. and in a simulation, the pilot need never know what the actual mission is. He or she could fly an aircraft into a building, thinking it was just a game.

After all, a simulator can provide any view you like. While it's being fed flight data, for a drone flying over a desert, the pilot could see a tropical landscape on the screen.

These simulators open up entirely new avenues to separate the soldier from the consequences of their actions.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Mornin Jack/ WD!

Wow ... you were heavy into the game thing ... I knew a couple people into it, but not really heavy, it's a hot as Hell market too ... a partner of mine is in the business.

But very good point you made as far as a soldier being seperated from the consequence's or whatever, I totally understand what you are talking about there. I mean ... in the old dayz you had to actually witness your kill's more or less, you can kill now and not have the effect's of what you done, which of course make's it way easy in a way, and of course, there is danger's to that as well. The thing is Jack ... there is a flip- side to everything we do, and over time you make progress, work the bug's out, etc. But we are going to have to go in this direction if ... well ... we want to be safe and at least be able to defend against those who are our enemies ... technologies and combat/ war is the way of future conflict ... we are far from "world peace" and need to stay competitive ... in war there are casualties, but even those will lessen as time goes on, because in future defense tech's, there will be tech's that will be able to restrain masses of troop's without killing them, but making them inoperable ... another long story. But thanx for your input and point here, because that is a serious issue too!

BTW ... in case you didnt know, since you ride DART frequently ... the "A- Train" just opened a couple week's ago to Denton, it connect's to the Green line that run's up through my neighborhood and into Carrollton, which will also cross here in Northwest Dallas with that new Orange Line that will go through Irving too.

Later Jack!

Ranch Chimp said...

I also realize Jack what you mean on the other hand about soldier and consequence's of their action's being the legality end, because you can blame bad kill's on tech's as well ... saying you were only going by the tech's/ computer's info, you didnt mean to do this or that, etc ... of course another issue that has to be dealt with.