Friday, June 17, 2011

OSCAR GRANT TRIAL & JUSTICE PT.3: ... Mehserle RELEASED from LA County Jail, in under a year for "GOOD BEHAVIOUR" (Police Brutality PT.5)

Oscar Grant

Another case from the Bay Area (San Francisco) that is news to post ... is the release the other day of the BART officer who executed/ killed Mr. Oscar Grant, also I updated the video in PT.1 to the 2010 LA County Court released multi video set of the execution, as recorded by witnesses. First for this PT.3 of this series, some newsread below and video, then I will add to it after.

***** NBC News: Killer transit cop released after 11 months in prison ...



"The Truth why Johannes Mehserle served only 1- year in LA County jail" ... this gentleman sum's up perfectly what happened in this ordeal of what I consider as injustice in justice ... but Thanx to STREETGANGS here

It's no doubt that the injustice's to American's across the board are getting bolder and more careless even ... from Wall St, to Main St ... American's are getting shafted now right in the open. And this case is about as bold as they come. This whole case has been a runaround, and one side show after another since the start of it. First the attempt to cover it, or shroud it in "officer's feeling outnumbered and threatened", to Mehserle himself saying it was what he thought his taser weapon, to the officer trying to flee the state (if he thought it was accidental and his taser, he wouldnt have fled state), to holding the actual trial for the officer way the Hell down in Los Angeles County, hundred's of mile's away from the crime, where he was tried by anyone but peer's from the actual community where the offense was committed ... and all done right in plain sight of so many in support, as far as legal team's/ individual's for the victim, Mr. Grant. I have pointed out much as it is about the fluke case this is in my last posting's.

But this new news of the release of Mehserle after less than a year ... and in County protective custody at that ... is an injustice and crime in itself actually. Of course they gave him 2 for 1 dayz as good behaviour (in Texas they actually give 3 dayz for one served, which I believe is the highest "good time" in the nation), and of course, anyone who done time whether it's county, state, or otherwise know's what that's about, but for Mehserle for instance I would assume ... "seg" (segregation) ... meaning his whole time was done in protective custody where he got more privilege's I'm sure, whether it's cable tele time, personal rec court time (recreation/ basketball court) all for himself, commissary, mail/ phone access, no work detail, etc, etc ... I'd have his ass down on the "hoe squad" in the Texas heat mid July if it were up to me, "hoe- in" the same goddamn few acres day after day too! Because frankly the time he done is "gravy train- time" by my standard's, you havent done any real time! And beside's ... this was outright murder, period ... not no goddamn County jail offense ... this is an insult to the familia of the victim, the community, and the great State of California for that matter!

I would HOPE that Oscar Grant's familia and supporter's never give up on this case either. As far as the personal lawsuit's against Mehserle ... do Ya'll think you will ever collect on that? ... your milking a dead cow ... go after the goddamn BART police! And no matter what you get monetary- wise ... it doesnt matter, because Oscar is gone, period. But that's up to the familia and those who support the victim. My opinion is clear as day in this posting ....


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