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This PT.2 of "U.S. Supreme Court Fisting" will be to take a look at the Supreme Court ruling to knock down a class action lawsuit filed on behalf of female employee's charging Wal- Mart with discrimination. Alot of media is talking today of the sense and logic and necessity of doing this, how busy the court's are, etc. Ya'll are too busy for justice and truth? This is another because of so many concern's that will be swept to the side by many major media's in no time, and these corporate icon's know this, they planned it like that, but they are missing what the long term of their game's are going to produce. Of course ... I have a different view on this, and after some newsread and video below, my opinion on this.





Walmart vs class action lawsuit by women ... Thanx to THEYOUNGTURKS

Of course you can look at what Justice Scalia said as far as this company not having a general policy of discrimination, and write it off easily, cause it doesnt. I mean ... what the Hell kind of mindless statement is that? ... is there such a company in existence in America, that has a "general policy of discrimination"? It's too big to handle like this? ... then do ya'll's job and make other suggestion's on how to handle this ... Hell, ya'll are some of the cream of the crop as far as judge's/ lawyer's ... and you just throw this downstair's in a few minute's? This is the "only" move to make?, no other suggestion's or effort's? Discrimination in America's workplace is as American as Apple Pie and Baseball, as so common and plentiful in the private sector, it is 2nd nature ... and anyone with a half a brain know's this, whether or not you want to admit it or talk about it. It's called "business" today ... and getting by with the least amount of spending or output, and excessive greed. You dont have to be like that to run a successful business in this country or any country ... you can be straight up, pay decent wage's, not even have to lie and bullshit, and still have a profitable business, and be very comfortable ... you may only have 2 or 3 houses doing so, instead of 5, or just one yacht, instead of 2 ... but still, very successful.

I have brought this up in other posting's as well, because ... it's so widespread. Such as a company I was a foreman at (worked there for almost 8 year's), we hired specifically the new graduate student's from local graphic art's college's/ trade institute's, to bring them in on entry level/ trainee type status, but most importantly to get them for half the price of one with experience ... and the truth is ... many women are more willing to go that extra mile and much more humble when being hired and interviewed in such ... worrying more if the employer like's them and if they are satisfactory, underestimating themselves in many cases, and this is has been sort of psychologically rooted in women after year's of their 2nd place in society. After all ... in the last half century, we have more women trying to enter a male dominated and created system, that they had not much part in creating, but you have so many more women today ... that are coming to realize ... that they are just as productive, and even willing to take on more burden's and task's than some male's. Also ... do you realize how "difficult" it is by today's law's to "prove" general discrimination?

One case that I have wrote about before briefly that come's to mind, is a gal we hired out of a school named Carolyn (Carol is also African American), year's back ... anywayz to make it short, it was a small company of about 25/ 30 employee's, we pulled in about $6 million a year, and our profit sharing was good as well as benefit's (before the popularity rise of this 401K and HMO bullsit, which are both worthless by early to mid 80's standard's). But like other gal's we hired out of the school's ... when it came time for the first raise out of the 6 month probationary period or so, those raises took forever to get approved. Carolyn busted ass, she had two early teen and preteen son's, who she supported without no money from the deadbeat dad that abandoned her and them. She was alway's to work on time, took on assignment's I gave her that some of the guy's bitched about or shrugged off (felt "too good" for), because of one reason or another, she done what she was asked, and put in the extra mile, no matter what. But after about 9 month's or so, when we were at lunch one day ... I just brought up to her, that I hoped that her 6 month raise was sufficient, cause I didnt want to lose her. She paused and said that the owner and co- owner never got back with her, after the review, a review I also had input on ... I looked at her and said "What?" She said she was still waiting, Carolyn didnt know, but my adrenaline started pumping, and not in a pleasant manner, so I just kind of told her calmly ... "I'll look into that right away Carol", having thought that she already received her raise a couple month's back. Anywayz, I got back to the shop, wasted no time, went directly to the owner ... and asked where her raise was? ... he just calmy looked in question at me, as if it slipped his mind ... I laid out how importante it was to get this gal a raise asap (the job market was good too, back then) ... this gal is a major asset and an ass buster Don (Don was the owner's name) ... and if we dont come up off a decent wage we will lose her in a heartbeat, like we have a few other's, I cant afford to lose her, bottom line. I got a decent raise for her in less than 10 minute's, what was taking him, his partner and the company manager, month's to ponder and decide on, it was shameful. But this was an old familiar replay over and over, and the gal's got the shit end of the stick over the guy's every time.

I have worked in the private sector all my life, been independent, never union, etc ... and I cant recall one company I have worked for, with the exception of a man from Tanzania named Jamal, who was also a devout muslim at that, who was the most fair paying, non discriminatory company owner I have ever worked for, he was satisfied with success, and not into excessive greed at all. But all the American's I have worked for looked for pay and benefit advantage's over women and also minorities of color, as far as their offer's and pay raises, etc. So dont tell me that this isnt 2nd nature and the way that business is done on a large scale.

This talk out of Justice Scalia and those who are in agreement with him, is not in the best interest's of the court, or America, and only for corporate interest's of shafting us with a couple more inches ... his talk is simply the same ole same bureaucratic whining and rubbish that has recently been being crammed down our throat's more than ever. The small court's will handle it? ... your goddamn right they will, and hopefully be crammed to the gill's with these inde multiple suit's. Now I know that Wal- Mart has the upper edge, and they and other major corporate player's are drooling because they have enough legal defenses to work on their behalf, stall cases, and most importantly, reach all kind's of out of court settlement's, etc, etc ... the whole thing is to run us down, make us more humble and submissive, and wear us out with year's of litigation ... and that's fine ya'll, but mark my word ... the American people you underestimate, and the stupidity factor that they have played to, for too long. American's, not only women ... are getting sick and tired of ya'll's bullshit, period ... we have the tool's needed to give ya'll one Hell of a fight, as well as the spirit and attitude when our back's are against the wall and push come's to shove. Go ahead and play your game's ... million's are ready to challenge you, rest assured. Ya'll think they wont find attorney's, simply because now the claim's will be so small? No way ... there will be attorney's as well, that will love the challenge! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... ya'll are going to get a run for ya'll's money ... bank on it!

POST NOTE: I know that you have basically a two sided way of thinking in this country, and this may look like first that I dont have an understanding of how complex a million plus class action suit is, etc. Another can look at this and just think I am a whining feminist supporter of some kind, and/ or would support incompetence even, or non productive employee's. But my posting was for two point's, first to show how quickly a power like the Supreme Court can block anything as far as the people in this country being able to act, and two, to point out how common discrimination is, because of how difficult it is to prove, it's alwayz been that way, if it wasnt ... year's ago during the civil right's era, when making law's, they wouldnt have made the legislation the way they have if it was too easy to walk away with it. Every piece of law in this country is designed for a purpose, and mostly to benefit those in power and with the most, NOT for the "good" of everyone. I'm NOT left or right ... I do vote straight Democrat, but I dont like having too either, that is all I have to choose from if I want my vote to count, and the Republican's are currently the worst of the bunch. I am beyond left or right, you can say.

HOW TO PRIVATIZE AMERICA ... this series can also show more the connection with even this ruling, and the objectives, of those who influence indirectly our court's and government. Remember ... it's not our court's or government structure's that are the issue, it's who we elect to run them, those institution's are the representatives and body of the people, and should be taken back by the people.

I dont support slacker's and/ or incompetence, and DO realize that if a person isnt satisfied with their pay ... go somewhere's else. But todayz job market has been getting tighter and tighter, and that too is designed for a purpose, to make you struggle more, and by the time you do win on anything, you would have spent half your life or more fighting to do so. I am one that support's the idea of rewarding one on their merit and productivity, and that was a common mindset for some at a time, not now though, and this has been deteriorating our society. I am also a big supporter of employee owned companies ... I mean, considering the option's for retirement, investment's, etc ... I would much rather be a part of that than giving my money to some financial investor's (through some special interest's designed and legislated plan such as a 401K), who are also dealing a rigged hand by having legislation made to support them only and this big game that they have going of gambling off other folk's money, and in return give you some measley return that get's fined/ fee'd, and penalized on time and again for one reason or another.

A person that perform's their duties and contribute's to any business/ enterprise should be fairly rewarded, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or anything else, that's healthy for business and free market and really how it work's. These corporate icon's as I wrote before are doing this all for one reason, because they no longer care about this nation that made them great off our labour, idea's, and our dedication, they know that their new market's are about to come through in place's like China and India, and that is also why we are spending $10 billion dollar's a month (close average, but that too, probably under- stated as far as figure's) in Afghanistan and fixin to even get lied to more tonight when the President will explain why we need to stay in Afghanistan, and of course, it like every other war we pay too much for (the military contracting of basically mercenaries is milking us also for billion's on contract's, and their not even telling you that, not to even mention all the new developing utilities infrastructure that were indirectly paying to keep maintaining there, even if we all pulled out at that), it (war/ occupation) of course will all end right after whatever election is next coming up, we will be most likely told by the President tonight too (I of course am a supporter of the President, but realize he's been sucked in and his ball's are nailed to the wall). The right and the left play the same game with us basically, they are the pocket puppet's who owe to who supported their campaign as much as we are in debt to China, for holding so much of our debt, being the taxpayer's are enslaved by politic's but owned by the other world government's of power, basically ... America isnt jack shit anymore but a bought and paid for battle machine, and looked at by anyone with a brain as idiot's.

As far as competence and getting fair pay and rewarded for your job or anything else you contribute ... it dont exist anymore, we are muscled, manipulated, lied to constantly by a group of entities who are capable of nothing themselves except telling us what to do next, that's what folk's are missing. In other word's ... it is/ was our working classes and middle income that spend's and borrow's what they earn to make this machine work and grow, and maintain it ... only us ... these other's that control us dont do anything, and they are far more incompetent than the average middle class person, who manages budget's, cost's, spending far better, more competent as far as decision making, productivity, creativity, innovative thought, etc. While we are passive and worried what we would do without these parasite's, we dont even see how capable we are over them (and even more elite in many cases), we dont even utilize all the tool's we have, but are quickly learning as we get screwed deeper and deeper ... the point is ... dont ask what we would do without them? ... but ask yourself ... what would they do without us?


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