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This posting to serve the "Public Patriots", "How To Privatize America" and "Trans- Pacific Partnership" series of this journal, to highlight a short video from Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida who is no stranger in this journal, and I consider as a sort of public type patriot for much of the work he has been doing ... this concerning the mainly kept quiet Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal I been trying to keep up with for a couple years now ... and Thank You to Congressman Grayson. Also to be fair here I included a PBS NewsHour video/ transcript link below Alan's video with host Gwen Ifill one on one with Edward Alden of the Council on Foreign Relations to try to paint what is going on here ... because this has been very low profile in mainstream news for some reason, so much is not known. Also in fairness here, a full text transcript or video of a speech later given at Nike/ Portland 08 May 2015 by the President concerning the TPP deal linked below after in the "Oregonian" news link. A link to "Public Citizen" against this TPP that I thought worth the read, and a closing video I wanted to add from attorneys Mike Papantonio and Howard Nations. This posting also included in the "How To Privatize America" series because even though privatization is a word that sound's great, you have to look at who's in control and ownership ... this is more like a mass fast tracking of "privatization" we see today of mega corporate maneuvered monopolies, and not truly much benefit for peoples, government or individual investors, that's basically rigged ... and as Alan points out below ... much of our own assets here in America are being bought out by our competitors with the profits they made off us, which I have talked about time and again throughout this journal in related series, who we subsidize as well as breastfeed.

I am not an economist or know much about investing and the markets ... however, when I see things that dont look straight, I have many questions ... we all should, there is no doubt that something is not working right in some of these grand trade deals we have made in the past, so it HAS to be examined closer and given a tad more time I feel. How many "frivolous" corporate lawsuits against us will we possibly be subjected to once we give a green light and they're on a roll? I say frivolous, because once they're on a roll, it can have a slippery slope to where everyone and individuals will be sued for things as stupid as not buying their product, even taking peoples properties, etc, so it wont stop at just suing governments for lost projected profits/ sales. Should we just abandon the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as well? ... I mean ... that's bad for business by some of ya'll's standards, eh? If everything is profit driven only and decided by a bunch of CEO's, where does it stop or where is any balance or even safety from itself? We already are at a point where our own property owners in our nation cant even have the final say on whether or not fracking can be done on their own land ... and more. Understand also that the accessibility of this trade contract is very limited to everyone who are hired on Capitalism Hill (aka Capitol Hill) to examine, legislate and debate on this, even to where it can only be argued, debated, etc for a tad over 80 seconds, can only be viewed by them without any notes taken out of the room (you can take notes, but those are confiscated by security and locked away before you leave the room from what I gathered), no phones allowed, and other restrictions that if a member violates any of these rules can/ will be penalized or possibly criminally charged ... THAT IS NOT a democratic process or resembles how we do anything in this country, but more like what you may find in a place like North Korea!

Why the lack of transparency as long as this been in the worx is questionable, especially considering this plan first started back in 2005 and was supposed to be finalized in 2012 or so ... we have members in our own Congress who not have access to all details even, yet are being pressured to do a quick "yes or no" vote, so it doesnt have to be changed, amended and go back and forth, etc. I know President Obama is passionate about this and wants it as one of his accomplishments, and frustrated with folks like Alan Grayson spreading this talk in the middle of a deal, and I believe that the President as well as others who are quick to push it may think it's the best thing since the end of World War 2 maybe. I also respect the plea of Prime Minister Shizo Abe (Japan) who is concerned about the future of Japan's economy, because they have been a tad sluggish for several years ... but understand ... we all in this so called free trade circle globally are feeling the economic pinch right now and facing other economic uncertainties ... EVERYONE ... it's NOT just USA and Japan. You have over 600 corporate advisors involved in putting this together basically ... where is our end and input if most of our key legislators are dependent on them as well as far as campaign financing? I have wrote about this time and again, as far as getting drained by these too big to fail groups which leave us in financial desperation with less money, then we get squeezed time and again and get tossed these unbalanced packages to pass with deadlines and a sales pitch of "do or die", this is why folks like Rep.Grayson and so many others are bellyaching ... it's not straight balanced business doing it like this ... some of these folks pushing this so quick are frankly worried about getting made for pulling a fast one. By the time they publicly present some of this in most cases, it's full of all these fine print treats to the largest corporations and banks that is as thick as some medium size city phone books, and puts consumers, taxpayers and the majority of those who invest on the hook. And all respect to the President here, but what in Hell do you expect Sir? ... look at the history of some of these trade deal's, how many fancy cake deals have we been given that look fake as far as living up to the predicted/ projected rewards or pay- off for what we invest? And THIS IS an "investment" on our part too for those who think the people and countries are not investing ... were investing our future, when we put everything on the line we have from labour, trade and environmental protections/ safeguards, to the money we make and spend, on top of backing others investments if they cant pull their weight ... IT IS our damn business too. This is more than just these 600+ corporate advisors needs, everyone that makes trade work has needs. Was NAFTA and CAFTA that great? ... these people questioning this Mr.President are NOT being unreasonable.

**** PUBLIC CITIZEN: Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP): Job Loss, Lower Wages and Higher Drug Prices ... (this is "anti- TPP", but worth the reading)

What assurances do American workers, businesses and medium size companies and investors get in this? what are some of the consequences or advantages of removing these tariffs and other so called barrier's? more deregulating? letting these corporate board councils just handle it all without any input from us who are working, spending, investing and making it all work? As far as the worry over China's trade/ market dominance to make thing's more balanced ... we been working hand in hand together with China for years ... Hell ... we basically built their economy, and now were in debt to them ... it's not China's damn fault ... nor do I call our import/ export trade with China even halfway balanced at that ... and who's responsible for that, eh? It's great having these other 11 countries pull together with us, it's great that it creates more jobs for many of those as well, great that it's 40% of the world economic output, etc ... but what IF it dont work out like that? ... who insures us? ... we know our hard work, tax revenue and contractual obligations insure those through legislation that dont carry their end on these mega deals ... but we have no insurance. Labour standard's? ... what are those? ... to create a shitload of slave wage employment in some impoverished countries, and having to reduce our standards, pay, and opportunities here ... especially in these times? I mean, since this is all about love, sharing, jobs, saving the middle class, free trade, democracy and the rest ... are we really helping them or enslaving them more than they already are? Where are our jobs figures today mostly and what industries? Are we better off across the board in employment today than 25 years ago? ... of course not. We buy from you ... but you dont buy from us, eh? ... exactly what kind of exports will this benefit on our end? I could go on and on ... asking these questions and skepticism of some of these deals is no way unreasonable ... as a matter of fact ... it is very pro- business and a basic requirement in any investment ... just ask those mega corporate/ banking folks ya'll are doing business with ... they would agree. And anyone with any common sense would see that some of the decision making in these matters in the past has not been anything to brag about as far as business and economic achievements ... look where the Hell were at now. Would I just blindly vote yes for this out of political or economic desperation on taking a quick gamble/ chance? ... of course NOT.

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No to 'Fast Track', No to Trade Treachery ... Thanx to ALAN GRAYSON


***** PBS NEWSHOUR/ ECONOMY: What's in the Trans- Pacific Partnership for U.S. and Japan? ... (news video & transcript)

***** THE OREGONIAN: Read Obama's speech at Nike: Full text ... this added later of full text concerning TPP speech that the President gave in Portland (OR), or video here.






Papantonio: Sanders and Warren Are Right- Kill The TPP ... Thanx to RING OF FIRE RADIO


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