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BALTIMORE RESISTANCE 2015: "Ingredients for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE" ... DON'T Blame the KIDZ ... YOU Groomed Them ... The "Groomed & Doomed" Edition ... (THINKING OF THE KID'S? PT.4)

Baltimore City

Part 4 of the "Thinking of the Kid's?" series will be a look at the recent resistance (aka riots) this week taking place in Baltimore, and Baltimore has to be one of the most beautiful cities I been to here in USA, I really mean that, what stand's out there is the historic preservation of the numerous colourful neighbourhoods and some really nice architecture and beautiful central city harbor. To open the posting I chose a video news clip from RT America with Andre Torrence ... a young Baltimore resident who summed it up perfectly of the condition. Also a video & transcript news piece from Democracy Now with Amy Goodman interviewing former Baltimore City Council President Lawrence Bell who makes some great point's, and Rev. Jesse Jackson, even though I never really liked Jesse Jackson for other reason's, he makes some really good point's here and has done quite a bit in the past concerning these type issues, so instead of the major media coverage on this ... I wanted to highlight these folks, then a short video commentary concerning "riots" from John Iadarola of "The Young Turks", and a couple extra videos I tossed in. Also linked below are a couple of related series of this journal "Incarcerated American" and "Police Brutality" ... then I will add my input following.

Businesses burned, police attacked as violence increases in Baltimore ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

***** DEMOCRACY NOW: National Guard Deployed as Baltimore Erupts After Years of Police Violence, Economic Neglect ... (news video & transcript/ read)


The other side of Baltimore


Black Riots Vs. White Riots ... Thanx to THE YOUNG TURKS


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***** PD/ RCJ: "POLICE BRUTALITY" PART'S 21 THRU 1 ... a related series

***** PD/ RCJ: "INCARCERATED AMERICAN" PART'S 25 THRU 1 ... a related series


**** THIS IS JUSTICE: Some bonus video I wanted to add that I borrowed from another posting to show "true justice", or what some would call a sort of "Portrait of Progressive Political Change". This was less than a century ago when the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini and his so called "elite" cult tried fucking the people, some say that the below video is graphic ... I dont feel it is graphic enough, and believe me, I looked for more let's say "detailed" video of their execution. What we see today would not be compared of course to Mussolini and we are suppressed psychologically at times to think that these action's are barbaric ... but ask yourself ... is NOT this neo corporate communism and control of our government by a small fraction not the same thing as this old school fascism? What do these leader's do to our families and children, neighbour's, etc ... indirectly on an annual basis increasingly more, eh? So as you can see ... this video below of what the people do to the so called "leadership" IS NOT any more uncivilized or even barbaric than what a larger or smaller group in government indirectly does to their own people through their neglect and action's. Some people see this as TRUE JUSTICE, resolving the problemo, cutting out the cancer at it's root's, etc, etc ... and who could reasonably argue with that, eh? ... Enjoy!

Mussolini Is Executed GRAPHIC 1945 WW2 (full) ... Thanx to WWIIPublicDomain


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

This morning in the news many are highsiding almost as heroes in the media acting as if they had a victory and stabilized Baltimore restoring law and order, all the speeches are highlighted from President Obama to Mayor Stephanie Rawlings- Blake to Gov.Hogan to Police Commissioner Batts to the National Guard and State Troopers and others ... I am surprised Hillary Clinton didnt show up trying to hustle up a few votes and get in the thick of it saying "I want to be your champion" with Hubby Bill by her side sayin "I feel yo pain". And it's great that all these heroes have restored order and submission, but as usual it doesnt address the issues ... and it was actually the children, teachers and community that done all the community clean up at no cost to the city, on their day of school closings. Sadly when these events go down, the damages end up in the peoples communities, officials make sure they disrupt metro transit services, intercept communications and keep these folks contained with an armed forces perimeter and out of their nicer communities. People are still waiting for answers and investigative results after a couple weeks now ... oddly whenever there is a random homicide in these neighbourhoods, even without any video, with hardly any leads or witnesses ... they usually have answers to the crime on how it went down, with fully concluded toxicology and autopsy reports and who to charge in the case with their life record/ history from birth in a couple dayz and already have a case file on the DA's desk ... and this is what people question and should.

This is more than just the death of Freddie Gray, so stop all the bullshit politipop talk about .... "this doesnt do justice for Freddie", or is "disrespectful to the Gray familia request's for peace and calm", or a disrespect to the community and others ... whenever these events occur, officials alwayz go behind the scenes first to community leaders, preachers and families of the victim's instructing those to take full responsibility and ask for calm, peace, love, and the rest from the community, putting the true victim's balls to the wall. The disrespect as well as the violence comes from the very heroes/ politicians the news is highlighting who dictate this and have been waging a war on peoples rights in our nation ... these kidz who run angry in the street are a result of the condition that ya'll created and imposed ... you groomed them, it is not so much a riot as it is a resistance to corporate communism imposed oppression, some of the resistance would probably be applauded by some of the founders of this nation for that matter, it is the ingredients, recipe and justification for civil disobedience and it's "in order". Our Department of Defense in the 21st century training manual on extremist groups, call's the founding fathers of this nation "extremists" ... imagine that, the ones that fought and died for the type democracy and many of the liberties we have today. In fact ... without the venting of some of this anger, frustration and violence, the community would be lucky to even get a half assed answer in many cases within 6 months for that matter ... so dont lay all the blame on these kidz and saying now ... "all the real progress is down the drain, because of the actions of these thugs, arsonists, thieves and disorderly youth" ... just making up more excuses to stall and buy more time.

Many of these kidz feel caught in an endless cycle and are very aware of the condition, I have talked to so many myself just asking them to explain the condition to me as they see it, many of these kidz see no future, and how can you convince some kidz to respect law and order when some of you yourselves have no respect for law, order, peoples rights, the Constitution and support thieves, thugs and racketeers yourselves while taking money from them and encouraging them through legislation to rob the communities they do business with? You know ... older folks like myself commonly say and think we had it hard as kidz and kidz today dont realize what hard times are, I am sure many heard stories from old timer's ... but what I see today is rougher than anything I had as a kid, I was a teenager in the 1960's/ 1970's as example, and ... I will admit that I was one of those on the edge kidz and had my fair share of legal trouble and locked up a few times. For many kidz today the only way out is to get lucky as far as opportunity and slave harder and harder, back when I was a teenager there was much more chance for opportunity, even many great trade and factory jobs with benefits and decent insurance, plus I was white and that helped ... today ... opportunity dont come knocking at the door for the young, it doesnt even honk it's horn when it drives by for that matter. And for these kidz in these what would be considered otherwise as condemned areas ... it's even less.

From the morning many of these kidz wake up, they have challenges and obstacles the minute they set foot streetside, whether it's just protecting/ defending themselves due to the surroundings to constantly being tagged and harassed by law enforcement, with many getting ass whippings for not much reason, just because they were on the wrong corner at the wrong time ... almost in some cases like walking around with an ID target on your back. For some the only way out is to get the Hell out of the neighbourhood and leave home at an early age, leave the city ... or even leave the country as I done myself as a kid ... and it is harder today than ever to do, unlike when I was a kid, because everyone is tracked as if they have a tracking device built into them. Many of these kidz try their best to do the right thing and allow themselves to get groomed even though they feel doomed ... some resort to recreational drinking and drugs which leads to addictions and making the cycle even harder to break. Why recreational drinking or drugs? ... for many, it is the only escape from the condition ... a sort of vacation away from the reality of daily life, since they have no money to actually take a real vacation, and know nowhere else to go. As far as threatening some of these kids with militarization police moves, curfews or incarceration ... many are not scared, they been there and done that and had plenty of asswhippings as well, they will learn as well to be more organized and efficient in time and recruit more experienced people as well as those with training in various defense methods and combat ... and many will continue to resist, as long as you continue to oppress.

That's the Reality ... Word Out


Hall of Shame- Police Brutality Compilation ... Thanx to ZOULIN TI



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