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ERIC GARNER DEATH: Back on Black, Clashes of the Classes & Quality of Life Crimes ... The "PEACE, POT & POETRY" Edition ... (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.25) & (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.17)

Eric & wife Esaw Garner

Original Eric Garner fatal arrest video ... Thanx to New York Daily News

***** RESTING IN PEACE?: Some of the last word's here of Mr. Garner were ... "Everytime you see me you want to mess with me and harass me ... I'm tired of it ... this stop's today". Everytime injustice is shelled out to one of our children, parent's, familia and neighbour's, etc ... we alwayz call for peace, and assume that those who were killed intentionally or unintentionally are NOW resting in peace ... that IS somewhat foolishly a distraction from reality ... and somewhat insulting to those who lost their life in this manner ... they sure as Hell didnt die peacefully! NO ONE ... whether it is Mr. Garner or anyone else who dies like this is resting in peace UNTIL their death is AVENGED in some way! That is the ONLY way for PEACE and ANY kind of real JUSTICE!


This posting to review the death of Eric Garner of Staten Island (NYC), and will serve for 2 series of this journal "Incarcerated American" & "Police Brutality" series. The above video which led to Eric's death show's a common reality that happen's daily across New York and the nation, most of the time it dont result in death, but many injuries occur, you just never hear much about it unless it's in your neighbourhood. The outcry on this has been loud ... and rightfully so. Even families such as Ramsey Orta & Chrissie Ortiz harassed, and other's get shook down after, both of who got busted as well for "non- related" offenses ... Ramsey shot the above video, and his wife Chrissie I also wanted to include her video interview linked below with WPIX- 11 (NY), because what Chrissie sayz is the clear blunt reality of the condition without any of the bullshit, so I recommend hearing her out. Also included is a link with video of Eric's wife Esaw in the 2nd NY Daily News link below. I also put a link in to explain what exactly "Quality of Life Crimes" are below in the World Socialist Web Site link, since this is another 21st century pop- culture/ politically correct law/ term/ title which fuel's the fire of racism and classism in America and clashes between the classes, which end's up alot of times as simply hammering more back on black profiling and so forth. And the reason for me calling this the "peace, pot & poetry" edition is because we cant alwayz address our problem's with simple marches of peace, holding hand's, reciting poetry and smoking pot to give us a submissive attitude, or simply turning the other cheek ... which is why I included the 2 YouTube video's below that are some of the reaction to Eric's death during his funeral, which is straight to the point, straight common sense and a justified response. After below I will add some comment's on this of my own.

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Hamill: Widow of Staten Island dad who died after cop put him in chokehold remembers husband as 'gentle giant' ... video and newsread with Eric's wife Esaw Garner

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Eric Garner: Citizen or skell? Some quality- of- life crimes just aren't worth enforcing

***** PIX 11/ NEW YORK: Wife of man who captured Eric Garner arrest says police are targeting her family ... this video with Mrs. Chrissie Ortiz (wife of Ramsey Orta who filmed Mr. Eric Garner being arrested by police, that resulted in Mr. Garner's death) is such a straight up view of just what the reality is in New York as far as tension's between community and police.

***** TIME: Wife of Man Who Shot NYPD Chokehold Video Arrested for Assault in Staten Island ... and Chrissie Ortiz was also arrested for assault as well as her husband

***** WORLD SOCIALIST WEB SITE: New York Mayor Giuliani announces crackdown on "quality of life" crimes ...  this link is 14 year's old, but to get a clear look of the flip- side at just what "quality of life" crimes consist of.

FUNERAL for ERIC GARNER, Public Demands! ... Thanx to APRIL WATTERS ... what this man is asking for are just the basics of what any citizen would expect as far as accountability ... he isnt asking for anything special. It's true, there are hundred's of files that have been closed and not being looked at.

FUNERAL for ERIC GARNER, Public is ANGRY!! ... Thanx to APRIL WATTERS ... I commend this man speaking below for standing up, enlightening folk's mind's, especially the youth and doing the right thing. Because I can assure you (and he even know's this well) that NYPD and anti- terror crew's are going to be tailing this man with an eye like a fox watching a hen house, there are more cop's and camera's than what you can see here catching every bloody word he is saying ... like he said "their on the rooftop's, bathroom's", etc. Although he is doing nothing that is illegal, they will have certain unit's that will basically put him and other's like him on their "shit- list's" ... perfect example would be folk's like Chrissie Ortiz & Ramsey Orta, they got track record's and are easy prey like many other's to harass. This man know's of the possible consequences, but stand's defiant regardless without hiding and ready for whatever comes. Regardless of how much these NYPD unit's watch folk's like this ... there is a "flip- side" to that coin ... because this will inspire thousand's of other citizen's to record the action's and word's of many more officer's, bring grievances, petition's, suit's, etc, to downtown and the department's, which in turn will require some action within their own to clean house in time. This is also a positive for the NYPD overall ... why? ... because again ... there are many more good cop's than bad cop's in this game ... many officer's dont want to have a thing to do with this rubbish, even officer's in their own department's/ unit's/ precinct's that speak out are harassed by other officer's ... that is how deep some of this can get.





***** PD/ RCJ: "THE AWAKENING" PART'S 36 THRU 1 ... this is a series showing the condition and how this virus against people is being identified as well as what need's to be challenged ... we can learn alot from what we experience as it awaken's us ... and we should utilize that knowledge.


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

And yes, first of all I listened to the police union's response and Pat Lynch here slamming Rev. Sharpton and how tough it is being a cop, etc. ... no doubt to be a cop especially in a town like NYC is a challenge, and NO, after reviewing this closer, I dont think that officer Pantaleo was out to choke Mr. Garner to death and was racially motivated, or lost his head (although officer Pantaleo has some history, I just think he's one of those tough guy street cop's ... and this time he fucked up big time) ... shit happen's, eh? The fact is though ... any of us whether intentional or unintentional would be booked in jail and charged with something, period ... not told to take a goddamn vacation with a paycheck ("paid administrative leave" is the official sugar coated term), and when we go to jail, we dont get preferred treatment (at least I sure as Hell NEVER HAD!! ... and I sure as Hell dont believe in giving this guy/ officer preferred treatment either) BUT ... as long as these instances keep getting danced around over and over and there is such a lack of enforcing any kind of accountability, shit is going to keep ON happening, that is the point here. And all due respect to Rev. Sharpton here, BUT ... you cannot just simply hold hand's, weep, pray/ meditate and march in your community and have press conferences and expect anything to change much ... you need to take it downtown ... that is where all these law's are being made that tell officer's to go out in the street's and target so called "undesirables", and that is exactly how they look at these folk's, whether they say it on camera or not, or whatever politipop word's they use ... like "quality of life" criminal's or whatever other politically correct nonsense they feed you. Peace, love, forgiveness, etc is great, but understand that it is difficult and somewhat unnatural to love that which seem's to position itself as your enemy, so you should also be able to understand folk's anger who go through this over and over and over. The gentlemen in the 2 YouTube video's above speak clearly what the condition is, plain and simple. Mrs. Ortiz in the above linked WPIX video explain's how folk's are criminalized, pressured, harassed and herded like cattle through the system, where Wall St investor's make a small fortune on their incarceration in much of this. Mrs. Ortiz's husband arrested for a gun possession charge that was on another person he was with? (maybe the person had a gun for self defense in their possession) then Mrs. Ortiz herself arrested because she assaulted a woman who insulted her over this ... all because of this case and murder ... so shit roll's downhill, eh? ... and those at the bottom alwayz seem to get smothered.

Mr. Lynch and his crew keep saying that Mr. Garner was arrested 8 previous times for selling loosies (basically selling/ slinging loose single cigarettes on the street corner) ... how many store owner's do they bust for selling single smokes? (plenty do in low income working class neighbourhood's, and by "law", it IS illegal for storeowner's to bust open pack's and sell singles) ... I mean ... Mr. Garner paid his tax when he bought the pack's/ carton's, people want to buy them since many people cant afford just to buy pack's and carton's, that is why loosies/ singles are sold. It's killing people with lung cancer? ... why in Hell do you let the tobacco companies and their lobbyist's manufacture and peddle them wholesale? ... if any of us do that, it's called manufacturing, distribution and delivery of a controlled and dangerous substance, eh? ... C'mon ... let's talk some truth for a change, eh? Nowadayz everyone is capable of becoming a registered criminal because of law's such as quality of life crimes. No shit ... you can be homeless which is vagrancy/ loitering, jaywalking, unpaid/  past due ticket's, an expired drivers liscense/ ID, sleeping in a doorway or subway, slinging loosies on the street corner, selling old stuff you have around the house in front of your residence to passing neighbour's like a garage sale, taking a piss in an alley if you cant find a toilet fast enough or are sick, asking for spare change/ panhandling, prostitution ... your a criminal to show some examples ... you are committing crimes. You dont even need to rob/ mug anyone, or take down convenient or liquor store hold- up's, have a weapon or even threaten anyone ... your a criminal, for trying to function or survive the only way you can or just to put food in your belly. My question is ... in a big metro area like NYC ... why in Hell do you need 3, 4, 5 officer's for a guy slinging loosies on a street corner?, everyone knew this guy, even the cop's, they know he's not a hard- ass or someone that is a threat to the community. It was too difficult to control him? he is too big? etc, etc ... I wonder if it passed any of the officer's mind's with 3 or 4 holding him down how easy it would have been to just slip one of those zip- ties they carry around his ankles? ... you can bet he wont travel too far then.

New York these dayz is alot harder than when I lived there year's back from what a couple neighbour's and buddies tell me who moved here from places like the Bronx and Brooklyn, with the way they have criminalized everything in that town from what they tell me. How many cop's do you see around the popular Wall Street bar's/ pub's/ hang- out's busting people for openly distributing cocaine? or peddling/ slinging under the counter other FDA approved designer drug's without the prescription? (prescription distribution ONLY is required by law) ... designer drug's that are equivalent to heroin and cocaine or speed/ meth? ... how many of them get harassed and shaken down in Wall Street circles for hiring numerous escort's to entertain at the bashes they have and basically prostitute business- wise? or how many of them do you harass if their getting a quicky of oral sex in a public park late night because they have fetish for the outdoor/ public sex thing? or how many do you hassle that are slinging/ selling couple hundred dollar cigar's at their hang- out's, or fell asleep on a train or in a cab, because they blacked out after getting too drunk? ... these are all quality of life offenses as well eh? As long as you have plenty of money, or are the right race/ ethnicity, or wear the right type dress/ clothing ... you are NOT targeted ... so class and race is an issue ... there's your proof.

These people in their own communities who dont even go anywheres near the Wall Street crowd's or their neighbourhood's, have every bloody damn right to protest loudly and get angry as Hell the way they are treated ... when you disrespect them and treat them as sub- human ... you have to expect to get fired back on at some point ... it's human nature regardless of what class or race category you fall into. And when people DO even try protesting peacefully like in downtown Manhattan, regardless if they're white, black or brown, this is how they treat them and especially our daughter's, sister's, and women of all races. These wayz of governing and enforcement of rule/ law in our country, should NOT only enrage the African American people, BUT, every American regardless of race, gender, political or religious affiliation, and across the board what some of these same entities are doing to our nation, from reducing our wages, robbing our tax dollarz, trying to privatize everything from our post office and social security, pension's to prison system's to be ran by a board of director's, to trying to destroy our Constitution, to manipilating our laws of democracy and law enforcement agencies, the list just goes on, and it is ALL connected. This should no way be acceptable where folks just run around dizzy headed, saying thing's like ... "this is the new normal" ... (and this). We spent year's building and fighting for what we have, not to be taken away, and just think ... "oh well, that's how it goes" ... to tell these powers that we are not going to let ourselves be dictated like some impoverished 3rd world nation that doesnt have a pot to piss in ... this is obviously in your face and NOT democracy. The handling of this case is NOT in order or satisfactory, and neither should the families and people be in order and satisfied in their response, THIS IS NOT good enough for us ... that's the REALITY!

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