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Campaign CONTRIBUTIONS vs. Corporate Billionaire RETRIBUTIONS ... UNITING Citizens against CITIZENS United PT.1 ... The WILLIE FOO FOO Edition ... (DEAD BROKE HILL PT.2) & (The AWAKENING PT.36)

Another rain/ storm drenched day here on the Ranch (Dallas), which has been relentless over this last week ... but great for the many lakes around town. This posting to also serve 2 series of this journal ... "The Awakening" & "Dead Broke Hill". First below some news from earlier this year from the "The Nation" ... then I will add my part after.

***** THE NATION: Four Years After 'Citizens United', There Is A Real Movement to Remove Big Money From Politics


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" & "Skool" (short for old school) to kid's locally

There is progress being made as I explained in earlier part's of this series (The Awakening) and journal ... it's taking time ... but were getting there slowly. I want to focus on this now because this 2014 election's deal is going on and of course were already being programmed on who to endorse/ support for 2016 as well. Alot of folks when I first talk to them seem to feel hopeless politically and just dont care much for politics or politician's these dayz, and I cant blame them ... but there is a big positive to this as I stated when I started this journal and series, because it wakes us up, motivates us to change, etc ... we cant depend on a written word of legislation proposed to change things without changing how we do things and think ourselves, we are what makes this great nation. Also many probably like myself get bombarded with email's that will tell us updated figures of how much the Koch brothers have pumped into a campaign or their likes (I get several a day), and we need to meet deadlines to try to play catch up and out finance them or whatever, and sadly that's just what politic's have become today, so many of our politician's got caught in this type game of monopoly and have to focus more now on making a buck over doing their jobs ... get my drift?

Earlier in this journal I pointed out back in 2009 when President Obama got elected that the "big money" would NOT let this happen again ... which is why you seen later the push for this "Citizens United" deal ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... these names they come up with sound so patriotic {: ) kinda like that sappy fucken music they play and tearjerker images in their corporate dominance commercials on the tele (TV) eh? {: ) What I meant by 'them' (big money) not letting this happen again was when the Obama campaign raised an enormous amount of money from American people across the board in small donation's which really added up, even conservative rival Sen. John McCain got the redass (upset) when Obama declined to take government money for part of it ... it was hilarious!! ... they didnt see that one coming at all {: ) But also as a result they pushed for that "Citizens United" (which probably cost them a bundle in lobby money, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) so they could outspend anyone else ... you can call it a sort of retribution from this oligarchic type diseased enemy that has plagued this nation and many other's ... again that's the whole reason even to manipulate the markets more and all else their doing, to drive down our wealth and boost their's, that's why you see now our wages/ wealth dropping while their profits are booming/ soaring in the markets, etc. ... basically their cornering and ratholing it.

I am not saying that it is a negative thing to send in campaign donations and to support your parties and candidates, and give what you can afford or whatever ... plus, before you do anything online concerning such, you should track where that money is going and is it 'ligit', I notice much comes through 3rd party sources, I mean, I sure as Hell wouldnt just give personal bank/ credit/ debit account info and/ or money to some anonymous or fictional online source without some safeguard, verification, etc, considering all the online scam's there are going on, eh? But what we are missing is that it IS MORE IMPORTANTE to sign those petitions you get in your email or elsewhere and keeping the pressure on Washington (Capitalism Hill) and to vote, and especially locally ... that is where we failed so far ... I mean ... looking at the math and who spend's what, etc (sure, if millions of more Americans spent we could run some competition, but they have an almost unlimited pool of money themselves remember)... it's kind of dumb to think we will outspend the Koch brothers or similar entities, so on that end we are acting like Willie Foo Foo. Bottom line is to get some of this money OUT of politic's, not try to play a catch up game and pump more INTO it, eh? ... go spend your money wisely and most importantely in your communities to keep our economies going, cause these in that game are not going to do it for us. Now more than ever in my lifetime we have politicians whining they have money problems, some of which are multi- millionaires ... so you see why (understand that they have decent salaries and an enormous amount of benefits, freebies, security, etc, and basically set for life, unlike any of us from poor to upper middle class in any of the private sector's). This is also why we need to get it legislated to undo these things like Citizens United, so that our reps can focus more on their jobs domestically and in the interest of all America and our true allies.

You have many new organizations that are popping up and it is growing this awakening like a wildfire which I wrote plenty about since the beginning of this journal ... in this political awakening period you will see many you may not agree with whether your left, right, or in between, but we all do have one common enemy to our democracy, which is something we should be able to get some unity on. Some seen groups like Occupy Wall Street or even Tea Party Patriots as something of a fad or joke, and of course some of it was entertaining ... but what they didnt see was how these groups and splinters would bring a change about through their inspiration as I pointed out in the start of this journal ... that is what you see happening now ... even on the right side ... you have Tea Party support over- riding the mainstream GOP and even getting minority African American and Latino support ... and on the left side the progressive movement is growing ... and sometimes you have to listen to what is being said, even if some folks are called "extreme" ... in such a pop- culture politically sensitive and correct corporate lobby and pre- programmed ran society as our's, that is where you can find the most truth.

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