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RICK WAKEMAN: "Solo", "Jane Seymour" & "The Battle"

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This posting/ induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society will be to sample some of the worx of a great 20th/ 21st keyboardist and composer out of the London (UK) area Mr. Rick Wakeman, who been at it since age 5 ... and this guy is just an outstanding musician who is no secret to those who love keyboards, I will let the Wikipedia link handle this as far as the various keyboards that Rick worx with and has over the year's and doing session work with folk's like David Bowie, Sabbath, Elton John, spent a few year's with the progressive rock band "Yes", a great solo career, etc, etc. But for this posting I wanted to showcase some of Rick's worx "live", with him I prefer it over studio cut.

In the early 1970's a buddy and I (Shawn, who was a guitarist I played with) were given "all access- stage passes" (I believe it was 1973?) to see the band Yes at the Coliseum on the Georgia Tech University campus in Atlanta (we came up from Miami and were jamming in Underground Atlanta), I only had heard a couple Yes song's at the time like "Roundabout" as far as FM radio stuff, and had no idea who Rick Wakeman was at the time, nor even heard his name. But the band Yes, had this musician doing various solo's where he sat on a swivel stool surrounded/ circled by a very impressive keyboard's set up, like I never seen, of electric piano, minimoog, pipe organ, synthesizer's, etc, while spinning from one to the other on this stool and playing multiple keys at the same time, it was just amazing watching him in action, especially up close right on the side of the stage close to him ... it blew me away audio- wise and visually, and a show I will never forget!

Below I wanted to sample some of his solo work with Yes, as well as pieces off his solo LP/ album's "The Six Wives Of Henry VIII" and "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth ... and Thank You for all the great pieces over the years, you are the cream of the crop Sir! ... Enjoy!





Rick Wakeman Solo ... Thanx to GMANNN

Rick Wakeman 2000 Part 7- Jane Seymour ... Thanx to DEVOUTYESFAN

Rick Wakeman- The Battle (Live) ... Thanx to DACREQUENA


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