Saturday, June 21, 2014

GOP "POT O' PEE" 2014: WHINING about Obama ... Why Not Go WHINE to your Momma ... The "PUSSIES in the LILIES" Edition ... (Some Morning Breakfast For Thought PT.10)

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie" (the car is a 2013 ZL1 Chevy Camaro convertible, with a LSA 6.2 liter supercharged V8 and 580 horsepower engine ... it dont fuck around (half- step), and neither do I : )

Part 10 of this series is inspired by the newest GOP pop- culture whining that I have had to listen to all fucken week! It's bad enough as a voting Democrat to have to listen to the guessing game of will dead broke "Corporate Clinton" (video at bottom of post) decide she will run for President ... then I have to listen endlessly on the news to all this BMB (bitching, moaning and bellyaching) out of the GOP/ Republican's due to this new bullshit going down in Iraq with all their internal problem's (and we all knew what this shit would amount to and what would happen, it never fail's) ... Iraq is OPEC's 2nd largest oil producer BTW (and Texas is running a close tie now), so ya'll know what that invasion was mostly about ... and ALL we hear now is about "the future of Iraq" ... what about the FUTURE of America?!! With the GOP politically whining, whining and whining that this situation in Iraq is President Obama's fault ... where the fuck is your memory of who started this bloody war over there and on what fucken ground's, eh? who was to benefit from the invasion? the relentless Saudi ass kissing from former President G.W. Bush, and who is financing who in this mess, and why the fuck are we really there? ... C'mon ... tell the truth for once ... just ONCE in your bullshit ass political lives talk the truth ... Hell ... I'd even settle for partial truth ... ya'll are pathetic!

This has been fucken constant, for 6 bloody years now! ... everything is President Obama's fault ... it doesnt matter with you SOB's ... if the fucken sun doesnt shine one day ... it's Obama's fault ... you whiny pieces of shit! ... the healthcare in America is Obama's fault ... our gas prices are high because Obama wont allow drilling in every fucken inch of the country! ... we have lousy rigged job number's because it's Obama's fault ... we are in such a political mess because it is Obama's fault ... ya'llz little panties are in a bind 7 dayz a week because of Obama ... it's no wonder that people suspect your "racist" as a couple co- workers brought up to me the other day who happen to be African American ... I mean ... why dont ya'll whiny babies just blame the extinction of dinosaurs on President Obama? I guess Congressman Eric Cantor lost because of Obama too, eh? ... ya'll got shut down by your own people ... that there should tell you something. It doesnt matter what it is ... it's Obama's fault.

You "do nothing" and "worthless" fucken crybabies have ACTUALLY spent 6 whole years not proposing one goddamn thing to help one goddamn thing/ issue in this nation ... not one! What the GOP have proposed and worked on passionately is ... defunding "ObamaCare", pumping more money in wars and extending wars, privatizing and building more prisons for profit to incarcerate more young people on non- criminal/ non- violent bullshit, most of who are poor youth from urban America, who cant pay your over- inflated defense fee's, cutting our veteran's, children's education and womens right to choice, "privatizing" to corporate control our Social Security, Medicare, Post Office, and much more to turn over to corporate interest's, and giving more mega tax breaks and subsidies to already over bloated profit's oil/ energy corporation's without no oversight or even a slight commitment/ contract to invest some of those breaks in our own nation ... ya'll have turned your fucken back on our nation ... and should be dealt with harshly without mercy for such action ... even Democrat's have sold our nation out, but your clan is the worst of the worst ... and you call yourselves "patriots" to our nation? I dont understand this as an American myself ... dont ya'll have any shame or pride or anything in your country or self ? ... I mean ... other animals and apes even have more values than some of you ... if we were a pack of wolves ... ya'll would be devoured ... plain and simple ... you are so lucky to live in such a politically sensitive and correct era and protected environments ... but shouldnt press your luck ... it will eventually run out ... trust me. Are you so cheap, easy and weak to buy out?

All this while running this nation into a shithole, and spending endless time making up shit about President Obama, a President who has bent over backwards to work with ya'll and frankly probably the most bipartisan President I have seen in my life and one of the best of, considering the plate that was on his table and all he has had to deal with, especially ya'll, who claimed they would work with the President on day one, but never even tried once! With this continuous sucking the asses of the middle east and nosing in their business/ affairz relentlessly, getting American's killed left and right, giving corporate welfare subsidies to every hedge bet foreign investment outfit, then pissing in a fucken pot trying to feed it to us as some kind of golden nectar, acting as if you have some idea's or answer's and not saying a goddamn thing of any fucken worth or substance to any American or any domestic business at that ... being the pro- business bullshitter's that you are and selling out this country worse than the fucken Democrat's could ever even try to dream of doing. And some of you are so pathetic as "men" ... you should be downright ASHAMED ... you pathetic lying chicken shit pussies ... go fucken whine to your Momma!

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