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"THE RESISTANCE" ... The Entity TRULY too BIG to FAIL ... "A Battle & Transition from DUSK to DAWN" ... (PERILS of the POWER POSSE PT.2)

Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp", "Commie Tommie" and "Skool" (short for 'old- school') to the kids locally

This I will call a Part 2, even though a Part 2 was never intended, the first part is simply a bedtime story of sort (inexperienced writer though, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) so please bear with me, I will try to paint this picture the best I can, since I am not really a writer). The timing is appropriate because it seem's at this time of the year, folk's are alwayz thinking more about the end of the world or something, I think it's simply because of the new year coming in. But new year's, new generation's, new empire's, etc ... come and go if you look at our history, just as naturally as dawn come's from dusk. And I get quite a few question's when I'm talking to folk's, and some folk's frankly think I'm a tad too optimistic or over- confident on some thing's like this. Alot of time's as well, like the other night when I was questioned, sometimes folk's compare what I am saying to biblical stories, prophecies of some sort that are written, as if what I am saying clarifies or validates such ... but this is not or has anything to do with prophecies, or ancient stories of any kind, nor came from any book or movie or whatever ... this is just my view simply and was inspired by nothing other than the event's around us here and now, such as I do in "The Awakening" series to look at the current reality. So instead of looking at it as a "prophecy", look at it as a "profit- see", being that our offspring/ children of generation's to come and the "next" 22nd century will look at a brighter future and profit in more wayz than just the monetary way we see now. It's not supposed to be right/ wrong, good/ evil, or left/ right, or something complicated where you need a scholar to dissect and understand it, etc. It is reality, not fiction (but to the reader, if you choose to view it as fiction or non or whatever ... that's fine), and a look at the condition we are in and face, with a look at the "likely" outcome, eh? So if anything I say sound's like it coincide's with some story you read or viewed or what you may believe in ... it is purely coincidental, not even inspired in no way or form by anything that is written by anyone on this particular issue, period, okay? And I want to keep this shit simple, so I dont have to spend hour's explaining this, and simply have it in writing, so it saves alot of time ... which you could be doing something better like having sex or entertaining yourselves {: ) After all ... the 1% that control's you sure as Hell entertain's themselves (off of your money at that!) ... shouldnt you? {: )

The reason for this also, is because of the troubles that we have around the globe, too many people feel kind of strained or even drained psychologically, but understand that, that is only in your mind in most cases and you simply overload yourself and thinking with too much, which in turn raises sometime's fear or paranoia that is unnecessary ... I mean, you got enough thing's to deal with as it is, you dont need to worry yourself, just stay on top of thing's. So many people feel that this is all just going downhill and were screwed across the board any way we slice it, and that this new emergence of this so called "corporate elite" (that I call corporate communism or "corporatcommunazica") is basically the end of all freedom's, then next thing you know if you're religious, you're worrying about getting some mark of a beast and being part of a food chain buffet, or thinking about sci- fi movies like "Soylent Green" or some other Hollywood production, then that makes you worry more! First place you already got a bloody mark, try doing shit without a phone number, a social security number, an address number, an account number, some kind of ID number, etc, etc ... so forget about that, you're already numbered ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... what we need to do and will, is start to number these entities that have too much control of our market's and lives ... and "mark" their asses! But I want to answer some of those question's here that a few folks asked at one time or another. And no, I dont have it all figured out as I have been told ... not at all ... BUT ... I see much brighter dayz to come, eh? ... and the math is all there.

When I talk about the "resistance" to folk's (like the other night) and a battle between the 1% and the 99%, it is not to be referred to as some kind of apocalypse and/ or final battle ... our lives are battles over and over, this is one of many battles between a power posse and folk's that have went on throughout all our recorded history and even before it or any written language. These entities of mega power alwayz fall over time and this one will as well ... bank on it. Now ... they fall in various wayz, so just dont think (as some have told to me), that this will be some huge global war and no control, etc. Like I write in this journal and as you see now, it moves in waves from country to country, continent to continent, one fizzles out and another pop's up, eh? The thing is ... to keep up with it ... and keep the fire to them, which we will, rest assured. Some tell me that they will control everything and have us all under lock and key, with drones and restricted area's, confinement camp's etc, etc ... No, no, no ... they dont even have enough institution's to put everyone, and if they done that, what would happen to their empire? ... you got it ... it would be worthless and meaningless, eh? They will have to learn, but most importantly ... we will also have to learn. Their objective is to control you like cattle, even fatten you up ... why? ... because it make's profit and without profit they're nothing, as a matter of fact, without us ... they wouldnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a shit or wind their watch (at this point in history) ... they only have power because of us, we have let them do it, we could have shut this shit down long ago ... but we let it slip us.

Will this power strenghten and rise and get more powerful? ... absolutely! ... they will reign in full glory, BUT ... only for a period in time ... will times even get more tough? ... of course they will ... but what your not looking at is how this strengthen's us and awaken's and enlighten's us ... all these obstacles enrich your discipline and spirit, and make's you stronger, and make's you able to endure pain more better, dealing with challenges better, etc. You dont think elite combat/ defense forces become so sharp and strong sitting around eating Twinkies and listening to hogwash from politician's, eh? The 1%  has all the military power and related some say to me ... sure ... but if shit got too deep, who do you think our men and women is going to defend if thing's are too out of hand, eh? ... when push come's to shove, the tide will turn, believe me ... including with our political representation as well as many folk's with mega money ... they will also get enlightened ... and eventually shape up and change or lose and fall ... even some at their own hand at that, even a time come's when they turn on each other. But yes ... they're going to have absolute power for a "period" of time, they alwayz do. Even what is happening to our environment with all this out of control race to frack, mine, drill, and rip the earth apart will eventually come to a slow- down, and many doing it, will wish in time that they hadnt, when they see what will become from their own hand's/ action's ... in time. Many with alot of money will also jump into other alternative's and changing the way they think because of the chaos and issue's in time.

Again, the reason why so much is being pressed on people by these entities, is the same reason why much in the past was done, whether it was a country or empire in different area's and era's of the globe ... same ole shit, just different packaging (heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... "new and improved" {: ), and this time it's global instead of just one culture and empire is all. You see ... because of how far we have come (of course with alot of their help and money too) they see that the competition is greater and that they frankly are not needed like they were, so this is why you have these largest entities trying to even get larger, to where they have total control as far as your energies, communication's, medicine, finance/ economies, etc. They know that change would come about much quicker if they werent manipulating everything like they do and eventually they would be shut out and naturally break up, downsize, liquidate, etc. ... basically slowly fall apart, eh? This is the whole point of forcing this globalization thing, not to make us a big happy familia, but a big dumb and more dependent on them familia all under one roof/ rule ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

What your looking at mathematically is simple any way you slice it like I told a young couple the other day ... you have "99% vs. 1%" (get that straight, and let it sink in) ... do you realize the obstacles they are facing? Do you realize how difficult it is to control totally a billion or more people that got the red- ass (anger)? Do you realize what kind's of hit's/ misses and losses that they will take? ... so it's not all gain's and a cakewalk. They got more shit "against them" than "for them" and not just from people, but also from the environment and nature. Do you realize how many group's of people are fighting against their action's on every level? whether it's in litigation's, law, rights, then on the rebellion end with protest's popping up from one country to the other again and again and again, not to mention all the extremist's group's that terrorize and sabotage everything they can periodically out of retaliation. This is NOT the doom and gloom that folk's may think ... it's simply another game and challenge is all, all the wealth in the world cant stop problem's and obstacle's, just soften the ride for them is all, and only temporarily at that.

Another thing since it's brought up to me from time to time ... understand that after any battle, struggle, and the smoke clear's, or as I put it in this journal being "after the storm" ... there are alwayz greener pasture's, and frankly we all learn in the longrun and improve. I mention this is because time and again folk's saying that we are becoming more violent and the war's will become worse and worse ... well .... you have natural violence as a reaction and organized violence is planned and orchestrated for reason's. Thing's will improve ... we have already improved, whether it's in medicine, agriculture, defense, socially/ civilised, technologically, etc ... look at history as example ... Hell ... the species is actually less violent than any time in history, Hell ... we dont even eat each other any more, and look at it in disgust ... at a time, it was as common as eating a dish of barbeque (with exception of a few old schooler's like Jeffrey Dahmer who put love and romance into his cannibalistic ritual's, and liked his meat dark, medium rare, with a twist of lime if I recall {: ). So yes, this so called master plan of their's is going to fall apart as well, at least not going to be the Silly Putty in hand cakewalk they thought it may ... Hell ... they're financially intoxicated as it is, and not even doing a great job managing their own affair's, if they were, they wouldnt have their bubbles burst behind mismanagement over and over and over like a broken record.

I also need to point out here, because of how many have told me of the push to harm the species from this so called "elite" and basically kill us off, whether it's through tech's, biological weaponry, using frequencies/ sound's, cancer's, brainwashing and a list of other thing's to kill us. You see ... the bottom line is this ... most of us all want the same thing, and that's to live longer, immortality, evolve to be smarter and better at everything, biologically and technologically working together etc, etc ... even old school religion's created paradise after death just because of that natural inner will to eternally survive. This wealth has basically been able through new sciences to achieve an amount of immortality through longevity as it is, and learned to manipulate the species, intelligence, nature, earth/ environment, etc. THIS in turn will change the species to where we evolve into another being (more advanced type species) eventually ... you say that it's NOT natural (?) ... but understand that IT IS natural (because it is of our creation), in the sense that it was our desire, freewill, quest for everlasting life, a Utopian type society, even with joining the robotics/ tech's/ machines with our biological self, etc ... ALL "inspired" from our basic nature of our mind/ spirit (meaning yes ... even our robots and new forms of intelligence is a "creation" of us ... in "our" own image). The other bottom line is, that much of those who may seem against us for thinking to eliminate our population growth are actually working toward's our BENEFIT. Why? ... because we cannot go on populating the way we are and using the earth and it's resources the way we do, and we MUST change, and have alot to learn to move onto the next step is all. Whether we are rich, poor, smart or dumb ... we are destroying ourselves the way were going ... this is where our new enlightenment comes.

Enlightenment is needed because whatever we can create with our will to, or our creation's can create themselves into, etc ... can also be destroyed by the force in nature of the universe (what some may look at as "God"), or even destroy itself ... meaning as advanced that we think we are now, we can see the flip- side of it now with the destruction we caused to the Earth. Therefore, no matter what level we advance to, or what we have created even technologically/ scientifically cannot match the chaos, strength or fury that the evolution of the universe can, which is also evolving and expanding, and far more powerful than anything we can imagine. Planets can collide, change, stars can die out etc ... and can wipe out any measley thing that we create or exist's in a heartbeat ... even our creations and technologies could not match it's dominance and control over our or anything's existence. Remember in nature and the universe and how it act's, there is no good/ evil or right/ wrong, favouritism of life form's/ non- life form's or concern or thought ... there is only action and reaction.

The thing is ... that all the new advancement's in these sciences, tech's and so forth ... are NOT just going to go to this 1% ... it will be modified and explored and be available to a more diversified population to come. What the 1% think's though is true ... we will have to reduce ourselves as well in the future to achieve what's really in our heart's and mind's, and restructure everything from science to engineering, to how we choose to reproduce, because we frankly are already at that point where birth and natural reproduction along with the pain and hassle of such is no longer needed, we are at a point where our design can be redesigned by "us", after all ... even if you are a religious person, you BELIEVE that YOU are made in the image of God, and the children/ offspring of such ... so as any offspring/ offshoot ... you/ we will evolve, thus meaning to become the God's that we in ancient times once wrote about, which is a reflection of our inner- self/ spirit and nature, which will transcend into the next evolution of our species ... even technologically, being an offspring of ourselves but more advanced. It will cause alot of conflict at first before we realize that, that it is what evolved "naturally" through our freewill and choice, where we are supposed to go, to achieve even a better way and future. BUT ... it WILL not only go to the handful of people that want to control it all now, is what I'm saying ... the player's will change and amount and selection, and a new generation of thought, eh?

One of our largest battles/ challenges will come within this century, because of the transition where human's will splinter into a new advanced species with technologies and new sciences, being that many will have multiple chip's/ implants and modification's made to them, to advance their health, mind's and longevity/ lives. Although none of any new splinters/ replica's/ advancements of the species (or of our creation) would be of any threat to us, and we would actually benefit from them if anything, even with the artificial intelligence, which will cause rapid advancements, that would otherwise take centuries for the average human to study and develop. At first it will seem great, loved and of course widely accepted, similar to what our smart phones do for us today, and how we cant wait for the next new model or whatever, not realizing how much more they control everything in our lives, and in an odd way make us somewhat dumb, vulnerable and dependent, all because only who control's that particular industry, same as our robotics and technologies can control us, only because of the nonsense we make ourselves believe and our laziness, we even think other nonsensical thing's such as space alien's coming from light year's away to Earth to have sex with us or study us, which to me is pure nonsense. Understand that anything advanced beyond us (alien, species, or technology) would have no purpose with us, any more than we would with it, or a horse having a purpose with a turtle, and we would co- exist with each other as any variety of biological animal's on the Earth would, having their own space and environment's. At first this will create a new clash between those human's that are all natural biologically, and the new splinter part biological and part tech human when the human race splinter's. But, also those new bio- tech sort of human's will get a rude awakening that they wont see at first, being that they will soon see that the implant's/ chip's, etc, that been implanted in them and those modification's, will be able to manipulate them when in the wrong hand's and even shut them "off" or "on", control their thought's or whatever, from those who do cyber attack's or the ruling classes, this will then create a new resistance from the angry new type modified human's, when they see how imprisoned/ enslaved by technologies they can become when this is in the hand's of those 1% ... I mean ... they will/ can shut you down as easy as today they can shut down your vehicle/ car or communication's ... and this is what at first new people wont see coming, only looking at the benefit's end of better and longer health/ lives, etc.

This is where the power of natural given (or you can say God- given if your religious) "free- will" and "reason" will kick in, and then both the natural human's that these 1% simply want to die off now, since none are no longer needed because capitalism has changed, and there is no more need for human's to manufacture and produce as in the past ... and the new advanced human will have something in common with them, seeing their getting railroaded by those at the top who control their newly technologically advanced lives ... then will come an odd time of unity, both realizing that this same entity at the top who control's through their mega corporate manipulation is a power that they dont want and can do without, and will naturally want to break free of. This will cause a conflict against the power's, that the power's will not see coming ... and a resistance that they wont be ready for. In all, after all said and done ... their power empires will collapse and "reason" will set in with those new advanced human's, and the "will" to do greater and to weed out this parasitic power will over- ride, gaining movement and individual will and self empowerment ... which is why I call it the "resistance".

After their battles and so forth ... will come a time of even greater peace and prosperity, even less population, and more common sense being used as far as reproduction, with more control individually of your lives ... and other goal's will be explored and sought, not just so focused on the ratrace we are going through now, which is of quick sound bites, quantity over quality, my house is bigger than your's, and politipop programming ... a time of better reason and thought ... and not at each other's throat's so much, which is all dictated and engineered by these same entities ... so alot will be weeded out and much will be turned off like a light switch, ignored, and rejected simply on our own naturally given right of freewill. Folk's will learn to walk away from what is of no use to them. And the answer to our issue's are all there right in front of us, alway's been, were just not seeing them right away. So the idea that they are only too big to fail is inaccurate ... because what they dont see, is we are the one's too big to fail, because when we fail ... they do ... plain and simple. Without us ... their not much, eh? Dont worry about this shit and enjoy the holidayz and new year! I'll leave it there ... for now.

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