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JPMorgan (PT.2): The Face of FLAVOUR, Losing it's Taste & FAVOUR ... The Shareholder LOST in the SAUCE Edition (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.7) & (PUBLIC PARASITES PT.5)

The big news this week was probably the recent political games on Capitalism Hill concerning the usual ... that they may let the government shutdown in a couple week's if ObamaCare isnt defunded or whatever, but that was just a sideshow diversion to basically take another $4 billion away from food stamp's (basically instigated and engineered by Republican's) which will have an impact on not just the economy but even elderly, veteran's, and children. Also notice that every time they pull a 'shutdown showdown' out of the box, in the end, they allow gvmnt to run for several more month's, but 'cut' us out of something ... they do it like this, so were distracted by the fighting and not paying atencion to what their really doing, it's basically an old school street con, after 5 or 6 year's ... after a few billion here and there, once or twice a year ... you realize you lost over 50%/ 60% of what you/ we had 5 year's earlier, eh? Or the Pope and Vatican's new found love for homosexual's and women's rights was another big story ... and not to forget the piece of shit Aaron Alexis aka "Mohammed Salem", who everyone seem's puzzled as to why he did what he did killing a dozen people at the Naval facility in D.C. (of course I'm not puzzled at all), trying to lend their sympathy and understanding to his so called "troubles", and of course as usual, the shotgun is to blame, not him ... I personally would have thought he could have done something constructive with his talent, such as standing with his back against a white wall, inserting the shotgun into his mouth, pulling the trigger and giving us a nice piece of artwork as a result on the wall, eh?

However, I wanted right now to cover this recent let's say ... financial news ... concerning the recent additional fines/ penalties that JPMorgan inherited ... and as I previously posted ... this is just the start, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) I didnt even expect another to come down on them so fast, I mean ... it has only been about 2 week's since I dont part one ... but ... someone's sure as Hell earning their paycheck's, and of course, Big Thanx also to folk's like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders, The Occupy Movement and other's who have really set fire to the Awakening over the last couple year's. But this is importante news as well because it concern's so much of our lives, budget's, job's, retirement/ investment's, student's/ children, who are the largest population in debt having the largest debt number's, and locked in currently to future enslavement through such (they alwayz get the young locked in first ... again, they look at the long term investment's, eh?) etc ... and we all clearly see now when thing's are financially in a rut, what the human condition come's to, eh?

This time they got what will roughly amount to say $1.3 billion on this latest hit, but a big plus in that is probably $300 million or so to be returned to folk's/ customer's who got bit ... and this time Jamie Dimon loosened up a tad and now admit's there was a lil bit of wrong (not much though {: ), and ole Jamie shouldnt be too sad ... after all ... in 2012 their net profit's were over $21 billion (I sure as Hell wouldnt be too $sad$ {: ), so it's not too bad Jamie, and gives you a lil additional time to create some new bullshit as well {: ) ... but at least you are aware of what is coming now, eh? ... and you know it's comin! heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) Of course there is nothing criminal about this and Jamie doesnt know alot about what other's do, and in Senate hearing's he dont even know who worx for him or even what face he will put on next ... a face of course of much flavour, since he was declared as one of the most responsible manager's in his field just a few year's ago.

But as I posted in part one and previous posting's, that flavour is losing it's favour now since this new light came on ... and many investor's will start to want a lil blood with their meat (your flesh), because who took the biggest hit? ... you got it ... the shareholder's and people got lost in the sauce and taking a bigger percentage of loss ... because our nation's surplus went to bail you out and save your worthless asses, and now your shareholder's/ investor's have to not only eat on the $6 billion or so loss from back over a year ago (you remember that one, eh? ... you know, where you told the banking committee that you were at fault for losing $2 billion, and I said wait a few month's and we'll find out it was more like $5 billion ... forgive me, a was a few month's and a billion off {: ), and now ya'll will also have to eat this billion plus loss in fine's/ penalties as well. So a lesson learned as well to be cautious of who you do business with eh? ... never expect something for nothing is rule No#1 ... this is where all who gamble lose ... you have to know when to back off ... plain and simple.

But nonetheless, there is still time for Jamie and associate's to change their wayz and make good. On the other hand, Jamie even though he claim's to know nothing or anyone most of the time, is one of the best hustler's money can buy, and there are plenty of illicit firm's around the globe that would love to have you onboard , I have no doubt Sir ... I have confidence in you on that end ... as a matter of fact, during his early testimonies, I thought Jamie was slicker than owl's shit, and said to myself ... Bless my soul ... this ole boy could sell a wetback (illegal alien from Mexico) a bus ticket BACK to Mexico for twice it's value he's so good.

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