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GLOBAL WARMING 2013 (UN/ IPCC): ... AGAIN ... Mega Scientific Evidence of why the EARTH is WARMING at an ACCELERATING and UNNATURAL Rate (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.28)

Aerial view of Central Dallas on  non- wind day

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Aerial view of Central Houston on a non- wind day

UN report blames human activity as main cause of global warming ... Thanx to PRESSTV VIDEOS

The link below from CNN just released this morning is a very compelling read/ view (also included updates saturday Sept 28, 2013 from PBS NewsHour and PressTV) ... and it's a shame after year's and decade's of being told what our problem is, that we actually need scientific report after report after report, etc to convince us what the reality is (again, all political and corporate). The above photos are a typical day without wind in Dallas and Houston, thank goodness we get a fair amount of wind in Dallas on most dayz and are not sealed off by mountain ranges like LA is, where you cant even get that ... I mean, can you honestly deny this is 'man- made' and caused by human's? The thing here in Dallas for instance is strictly motor vehicles too, this isnt even an industrial city, while Houston is an industrial/ refinery port city as well. The truth here in Dallas I can testify, that there are thousand's of illegal emissions test's being done on vehicles, in the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex, it's a billion dollar black market industry (since everyone loves to hear 'truth'), shop's across the Metroplex have it rigged up where they test a newer vehicle then pass your car while it's rigged to the same system, they charge alot more for these inspection's (still cheaper than getting your car fixed), these shop's have everything from cash to gun's to appliances, computers, etc ... that people trade for these illegal inspection's. I drive a ultra- low emissions vehicle that gets 'actual' inspections, and I also use the train's/ rails frequently.

Right now in this report "95%" of scientist's agree that this is caused by human's (the other 5% I reckon are still under contract to the energies corporations as 'rent-a- scientists'). So you may now ask yourself ... 'Well what do we do ...?' ... for starter's ... 'SOMETHING' ... not wait another 6 to 10 year's for the next report where 99.9% of scientist's have to agree ....

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***** CNN/ WORLD: U.N. climate change report points blame to millions (newsread/ videos)

Scientists Warn to Prevent Warming Is Dwindling ... Thanx to PBS NEWSHOUR




Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

**** POST NOTE: Again ... it's also importante to understand that there is currently nothing we can do to stop whats to come from the existing damage we done ... on that end as I wtote in previous posting's, it's too late period. The reason you have these report's and debate's decade after decade was simply done to 'prolong' doing anything so that these mega entities could gather enough technologies to even advance their drilling/ fracking, and make sure that there is nothing left underground that is unfound that can make money ... basically to put it simple, like a bunch of folk's on a buried treasure hunt. They 'want' especially the ice cap's to melt ... why? ... can you imagine what kind of treasure/ resources have been buried under there for million's of year's that have never been explored or been able to be got to/ accessed? your talking about monetary figure's worth trillion's ... and they know this.

And you may think that this wealth from all this exploration/ drilling/ fracking, etc would create million's of job's and boost our economies(?) ... absolutely NOT, regardless of all the tele commercial's you see everyday in prime- time from these energy companies and political mouthpiece's talking now about how enviromentally cautious and aware they are, how your lives mean so much to them and safety, and how hundred's of thousand's of job's will/are being created coast to coast (and their ALL currently running commercial's as such) ... there would only be a small handful of job's created, nor would your cost of gas/ fuel or heating oil decrease, but actually inflate over time if anything and even all we produce in our own country would be shipped offshore to the new asian market's and elsewhere ... the majority of all that wealth would go directly to where the majority of it goes now, to those entities that control this and 'rathole' most of it, and even job payscale's would continue to decrease, so it's not just some soft partial lies your being told, BUT 110% ENTIRELY ALL LIES on that issue. They cant have any or much competition right now in any of this exploration, because only a handful of the largest companies have the technologies to do it even, and in a way have that monopolized as well simply.

I say that electric cars alone or even wind power or solar power alone are not the answer, because there has to be much more than just those changes. For one thing, while were buying electric cars in America ... millions of regular fuel vehicles are turning out in mega countries like China by the month ... in China they are also turning new coal plant's out by the month and even quicker ... this 'virus' is corporate, political and global. They dont worry about catastrophies and casualties of 1000 people here and there dying from floods, fires, droughts, etc, etc ... they figure the profits outweigh any loss of life, even in the million's, unless those million's are productive market supporter's or in their circles, they see the earth as overpopulated to begin with, with human's that cannot contribute to their wealth or empire's ... understand that none of these people are humanitarian types. They personally dont worry about any climate changes or extinction of species, because they have the wealth and technologies to live through just about any kind of catastrophy (at least the common climatic catastrophies that we know of, there will be some to come, that they wont even be able to avoid with their technologies or even shelters of any kind ... nothing is superior in the long run to the universal beast of nature) ... so 'gain's' to them strongly outweigh 'losses', eh? We can though reduce so much of the misery to come by taking immediate strong action, and in turn will be a justice/ gift back to the earth for a century of reckless conduct.

Politic's is also one of our biggest problemo's, but not just in America ... along with these corporate icon's they have managed to even destroy much of democracy and even their own capitalism. In America and other so called free world countries the politician's are collectively weak, some held hostage in political games etc ... people that have too much fear also, can never lead or be productive or contribute a thing to the globe or betterment of humanity or any species ... they simply lack what it takes, both of your popular political sides are selling out period. One of the worst part's is were still bellyaching about taxing these icon's and/ or the rich, and as I point out throughout this journal is a waste of time, they dont pay even any tax to begin with technically, only 'figuratively' ... and the biggest problemo is these mega energy giant's are damn near going all expense free and being subsidized by our tax dollars to drill/ frack more etc. (those same tax dollars they cut these dayz almost quarterly from our own public services, schools, and citizens who pay all the taxes to begin with) so it's much deeper than thinking about taxing a tax that dont even really exist to begin with, eh?

One of my other concern's even though I am not scientifically educated like so many, but common sense, like basic mechanics makes me wonder if this 'new' drilling, fracking and 'extraction's' from the "pole area's" of the planet may be more harmful/ dangerous 'geophysically' than say doing such in area's closer to the equator?

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