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First Lady Dorrit Moussaieff & President Olafur Grimsson of Iceland

Of course the biggest news this week beside's the silly scare tactic's over a government shutdown, is this "Affordable Care Act" which of course I have accurately covered since the start of this journal probably 5 year's or so back ... and mark my word, wait and see what a confusing mess this turn's out to be, and the right and left are both so politically intoxicated, that they dont even see yet how many year's this will take to halfway iron out, this shit is so complex that they will probably have service's to sell courses just to understand it, and service's to milk you who will do the state to state insurance shopping choice's for ya ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... a partial public option as the President initially proposed would have got thing's and actual reform on the road much quicker and far more efficiently ... but no, the corporation's/ bank's, Congress and Senate wouldnt accept it. Of course now an insurance company cant deny you coverage, and if they decide to dare NOT give you that $100,000/ $200,000 operation you need and you die as a result, dont worry, they'll get a $10,000 fine/ penalty or so for it ... and guess which one they would/ will prefer to pay? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... but enough said on that.

This posting though is to also serve 2 series of this journal to take a peek at what the President of Iceland Olafur Grimsson has to say about the condition, and especially the peoples will, eh? You ever stop to wonder "why" we see an increase in terror, violence, shooting's, etc, etc? ... and REALLY look at the condition instead of just letting all the political mouthpiece's tell us what the problemo's are? Some say it's the gun's, some say it's the lack of job's, too many war's, too much partisan politic's, the force's of good vs. evil, even other's say that it's pointless to try to figure it out or a damn thing because it's all prophecy from the ancient ones and the will of God or whatever ... so WTF? ... just let the world all go to Hell in a handbasket and milk it till it's dry, rip it apart, including our societies and let global warming run wild, even though it is "us" who mainly created this advanced and un- natural accelerated warming trend, as well as all the other miseries through mega politipop politic's and corporate/ banking intervention. Of course we have the best of the best expert's and mind's working on our economies, such as economist Milton Friedman (deceased) who has a short piece in the below video criticizing President Grimsson ... some of the world's most educated mind's and experienced problem solvers ... but one thing that they miss in all their complex angles and thought is basic common sense. This video interview with President Grimsson below will give it to you straight as it get's ... whether you love him, hate him, or dont even know him ... listen to what the man has to say at least just for shit's and grin's and food for thought, and those like him I highlight and consider as public type patriot's, elite with true leadership qualities for humanity, for their non- partisan common sense view's. Put aside the left/ right, good/ evil thinking, or our financial intoxication for a moment and sober up for a tad. And a big Thank You to Oksana Boyko and RT for this video. Then I will add a few additional word's to close.

'We chose democracy and human rights over banks'- Iceland President to RT ... Thanx to RT





Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (2013)

Thanx to politician's and corporation's we are so politically polarized and intoxicated that we fail to see and address the issue's ... and some of us give up trying to force our representation to listen to the peoples will ... instead, worrying if a candidate view's porn or may have an alternative sexual appetite, wear's a silly flagpin on his/ her lapel, while were endlessly waiting in the element's of weather in line for the latest Hollywood blockbuster film or latest smart phone to arrive. We run around with swollen head's on the left thinking we are ultra liberated and actually intelligent (educated? ... absolutely ... intelligent? ... not hardly), simply because we spent year's in an institution and thousand's of dollar's learning what the controlling entities wanted you to learn. Yet, we are naturally born with intelligence and common sense that we dont even try to utilize ... imagine that. Those on the extreme right are alwayz "right" because they have the divine knowledge handed down to them from the ancient middle eastern religion's which they actually think are "american values", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... and/ or the word of God, they worry night and day that homosexual's will take over humanity while their fucking each others spouses and cheating each other, then thinking that some God gives a shit or will save them from their own stupidity. All of which drove us into this polarized frenzy that keep's us from making sound decision's ... either were against socialism and 110% pro corporation/ big bank's and dumb enough to think that that's 'free market' and REAL capitalism, or the best that capitalism can produce. Or so anti capitalism that think that they can create a neo- anarchist type goverment (even though there is no government in 'anarchy' ... but yes, it is total 'freedom' and 'survival of the fittest' which they dont see in their quest for freedom from corporate and political control, yet they say their 'liberated' but show that they cant even function without someone telling them what to do, eh?), riding bicycle's instead of motor operated vehicle's, living in poverty, and loving everyone in the world by trying to impose our wayz on them is the making's of a future Utopian society of peace and love.

One of the most importante thing's that President Grimsson point's out is the importance in our era of a mix of socialism along with capitalism, or a mixture of various thing's and idea's as I try to point out throughout this journal. It across the board is just great for capitalism and simply good business ... a happy customer is your best marketing tool and seal of integrity and good business. The way the expert's are trying to handle this economic situation, is they are trying to use past 19th and 20th century method's to solve a new financial and social crisis in a transitioning market arena that is unlike any of the past, and do it all without paying a dime out of their pocket's and laying all the cost's on us, the consumer ... that's what their missing, and what they dont see as the self destructive consequences that it will turn into the way they are doing thing's, that it can totally destroy their empire's simply because they are on a one way street of my way or the highway thinking.

Of course you can see that many of the corporate/ banking influenced countries of the west dont appreciate Iceland like they used to, but you can also see how Iceland who was in a terrible rut right after the 2008 crisis, had been making a significant comeback on their own since 2011, while our nation is still in a rut and even worse than it was ... while were being fed bullshit via politic's about the progress were making. And also understand that we can learn from Iceland when it come's to democracy, or even other Nordic nation's (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden), they fought and worked for centuries longer than us on trying to create democracy, and frankly are a couple step's ahead of us in that field ... and like President Grimsson said, there wasnt some magic quick formula ... it was tough! Nor does he care so much (like myself) to try to impose their wayz on say middle eastern/ Arab nation's to be like us ... something I point out over and over throughout this journal ... for Christ's sake ... just leave them alone if we have to. This so called globalization of today is strictly corporate/ banking/ oil influenced, not to make us some big happy familia and to save homosexual's and women from oppression as were programmed to think, these corporate entities are some of the most oppressive piece's of shit in the world to begin with, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

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