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Part 24 of the "Public Patriot's" series will go to Mr. Eric Glatt. And Thanx to RT America for this first video which made me look further into Eric and his story, I didnt know who he was prior to this or a thing about this case/ lawsuit that he had and won, and Thanx to the Manhattan (NYC) Federal District Court Judge William H. Pauley on his ruling ... just goes to show you that Fox Searchlight didnt have him dominated in his decision. But this goes to Eric as a public type patriot, because obviously there wasnt much monetary gain for Eric in this, just that rebellious spirit to challenge and stand against the grain. In the first video below from RT America, Ms. Jessica Fink for example displayz what is too common of a mindset we have in America ... and this need's to be extinguished, which I will explain with my input after the video's and newsread below. But the 2nd video is a one on one interview with Eric and Etopia News, where Eric has a mouthful to say.

The Cost of Free Labor: Unpaid Internships for the affluent ... Thanx to RT AMERICA


***** MOTIONOGRAPHER: Q & A with Eric Glatt, former intern who sued Fox Searchlight

***** NY TIMES/ BUSINESS DAY: Judge Rules That Movie Studio Should Have Been Paying Interns


Eric Glatt talks about unpaid internships and his efforts to eliminate them ... Thanx to ETOPIANEWS


Also credit to the Occupy Movement which has inspired so many offshoot's as I pointed out earlier in this journal would come about in series such as "The Awakening" , and as Eric point's out, because this movement has inspired across the board on every avenue and is growing in spirit like wild weed's. But yeah, ole Eric cornered the Fox in the box on this one and they didnt see him coming.

Some may argue that internship is just part of getting experience, a foot in the door, the positive's of it, etc, etc ... and there's truth to that, the intention's behind starting thing's like internship's was/ is with good beneficial intention's, but like so much else ... that get's contaminated and abused as well. Eventually you end up with thousand's of folk's who just throw their arm's/ hand's up like Ms. Fink above and smile saying ... that's just how it is ... understand ... thing's are what we ALLOW them to be. Even though people like Ms. Fink are looked at as the "affluent" etc ... that does NOT hone leadership qualities ... but breed's and instill's weakness, and weakness CANNOT lead or gain it's full potential ... these corporate icon's or anyone who prey on these folk's, prey on their weakness and alwayz control them, even throughout their career's, keeping it all in the familia, therefore it also eliminate's true competition, creativity, integrity, etc, etc. All this is also lousy for business and destroyz free market and give's as well an awful reputation to what capitalism is about.

There are alot of talented folk's who are nobodies in our society ... these folk's because they dont have connection's, affluent background's/ families, etc, dont have a snowball's chance in Hell with this type system to contribute ... they need a paycheck ... this also slow's any change or progress. I dont know much about internship's, most of those folk's I know are working class folk's and dont have time or money to be able to donate ... but what is also most nauseating to me, is the number of internship's that is throughout different branches of government and politic's in Washington ... meaning ... you got it ... a downfall for the interest's of America and it's people. And as usual the law's are so twisted on so much through this crafty complex legislation to allow so much to go on to begin with ... which is why the whole damn system need's to be flushed out.

It's understandable that a company, project, charity, medical, or such will need internship, but when profit's are good for any business, that should trickle down, after all, even conservative pro- business trickle- downist's would agree on that, eh? ... that's good business, free market and all that other good shit they say they are 110% for, eh? So why such lying two faced hypocrisy? It's all about molding flunkies who will follow their corrupt and unfair wayz and be a part of it ... what their missing is that many will not, and more as their informed will get enlightened and resist ... in time. Compensation and fair pay is all part of free market, NOT free labour ... and great for business and true capitalism, not this slithering type garbage ... when you know how to return a favour, it will ALWAYZ pay off in the long term ... it's worked for me my entire life and so many other's, so I am confident it's good wholesome business and the way to go. And Thanx to Eric and those like him for being fighter's ... to me, that's patriotism at it's best!

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