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KIDS WISH NETWORK/ CHARITY CHARLATAN'S PT.2: ... When a Kids "WISH LIST", Should be a Doners "BITCH FIST" ... The Best of the WORST Edition (PUBLIC PARASITES PT.3)

Part 3 of this series will be to take a look at the most recent news concerning this investigative news, and Thanx again to CNN and the Tampa Bay Times for staying on this. I'm not anti charity at all, as a matter of fact, I think that charity should start at home (U.S.), because if we cant help our own, how would we expect to help anyone else abroad for example, eh? ... and this is all domestic here. But there can never be enough awareness to this, or enough blog's/ media's hounding this issue, and "IF" any of these entities are found to be fraudulent ... then it IS IN ORDER for donor's to bitch with an iron fist ... not to just let some legislator's in Capitalism Hill tell them to just pay a fine of say (made up figure) $20,000 who just milked/ made a couple million dollar's, eh? ... get my point here? When you sell any product/ idea/ charity, you should present a seal of authenticity, guarantee, inspection, transparency etc, etc ... it's just simple basic good business.

Also notice how this neo conservative movement (I'm also conservative on some thing's, but REAL conservative) of today that is primarily corporate/ banking inspired want's to privatize everything and alwayz push the faith based programmes to handle ALL public service's, charities, health, etc, and draft the legislation as well for such, with everything else contracted to them only, because it gives them an upper hand, while it eliminate's peoples representation, government and voice, as well as peoples protection's, right's, and make's it so that none of those are held accountable for anything ill that they do, yet all of us are accountable for everything we do, eat, say, pay in tax, etc ... it's all a sham basically, and a phoney display of true democracy, freedom, morality, capitalism, choice, and just about everything else that should be of any value, not just to American's, but any human for that matter.

I also need to be fair here to Anna Lanzatella who declined to talk to the media when approached, I understand on an issue like this, you dont know what is legally being done, and there is some possibility that she is not fully aware of what is going on, she may just be another incompetent CEO ... which is quite fashionable today such as Tony Hayward of British Petroleum or even Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, I mean, when these two are even questioned after they had month's of legal consultation and preparation's by a Senate committee, they still DONT know nothing, seen nothing, done nothing, or even know who in Hell work's for them ... um, um, um ... imagine that ... kind of make's ya wonder what in Hell are they getting multi- million dollar annual paycheck's for, eh? So I understand that Ms. Lanzatella need's prep time, etc to get her file's together and to look into the matter's herself as well, to get let's say ... informed, so I would give her a week or so ... THEN ... put her on the grill, plain and simple ... after all, you cant cook your own tax filing's that already been submitted year after year, eh?

I focus on these issue's also because like so many other's, I known alot of folk's that donate to charities, yet when asked, they havent the faintest idea of how much of their donation's actually go to the cause, yet ... they feel great just because they gave, you may not feel too great if you know that you been "had" though, eh? But ... many dont want to think about that, they just want to feel good about what they done. I was asking a guy only a week ago who is a neighbour (Wayne) if he knew what his donation's to his favourite charity were going to ... all he said was ... "it's a good cause Tom ... it's going to help the children in Africa" I asked what country in Africa? ... he didnt know though ... I asked then if he knew what percentage goes to what, like overhead, in- house cost's, etc? ... he had no idea. All it take's is a lil simple research. Enough from me ... more below.



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Drew Griffin responds to claims by Kids Wish Network ... Thanx to CNN

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***** TAMPA BAY TIMES: (29 August 2013) America's Worst Charities: You've given them more that $1 billion. They've given almost nothing to the needy.


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