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BANK OF AMERICA 2013: "Stylin & Profilin" ... The "Extend & Pretend" Game ... Foreclosing & Fraud on America's FUNDAMENTAL VALUES & FAMILIES (PUBLIC PARASITES PT.2)

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Bank of America Plaza Tower (center), Dallas USA

While Bank of America is "profiling" ... they are also "styling" with their latest exterior image and lighting upgrade on their downtown Dallas office tower, which is in the range of $20+ million ... after all, they have to keep up with the "Joneses" down on the other end of the Pacific Ave financial district (Dallas' equivalent to Wall Street) ... JPMorgan/ Chase, eh? "Profiling"  folk's for prospective sucker punches themselves and using their "service's" provider's while policing themselves and oversight of their crew's and using the generosity and support of our government while extending these loan's they were granted with a programme to do so, then, foreclosing using a football flea- flicker offensive pass style to terminate the loan's ... yeah, imagine that! ... these SOB's are slicker than owl's shit! {: ) We have also had other game playz of the day out of these fine folk's over the last couple year's  , as I was pointing out to my neighbour Suzy who been with BOA for year's as a customer ... Thanx to our full support {: ) But the amount of this corporate intervened fraud in America especially in the real estate gig is not exclusive to BOA either, just look at some of the news in the below link from "", so we are basically knee deep in this corruption across the nation.

You know ... this destroyz the main fabric of American fundamental values and/ on "good business", destroying the "American Dream", screwing even familes of veteran's, etc (which is a whole new level of this lowlife disease), it also teaches our next generation to not even trust these icon's and reason that so many young American's are so frustrated with what they see, and wonder what this nation is truely about?, especially on the student debt crisis today. I talk to so many who question so much these dayz, and just seem to have lost faith in our system, and rightfully so, that is why I call this era of the 21st century the "Awakening". This just distort's the image of what true capitalism and free market is about and is a national embarrassment of our nation to the world, democracy, etc ... destroying so many families of folk's that spend out the ass to keep this engine running, destroyz middle class, worsen's the economies and in turn damage's global economic's as well, driving us more and more into looking instead like some 3rd world country corrupted dictatorship, and much more. Below Mr. Richard Eskow in the RT America video sum's up in less then 5 minute's an accurate description of how this game worx. This will also be included in the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL" posting on the posting link list.

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BOA accused of paying bonuses for foreclosing on homes ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


***** BLOOMBERG: B of A Gave Bonuses to Foreclose on Clients, Lawsuit Claims

***** SALON: Bank of America whistle- blower's bombshell: "We were told to lie"

***** STOPFRAUD.GOV: Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force News



Gissel Matta Fights Against Fraudulent Foreclosure ... Thanx to PMBEERS


***** A couple piece's I wanted to close with from Senator Warren & Congressman Grayson. Also note that despite how representative's such as Grayson and Warren have bent over backward's to try to address this, for some reason neither of the parties have been able to make a sliver of progress in halting this, and many politician's on both side's wont even touch this, this "show's" you that the corruption is deeply rooted through money/ special interest's/ campaign financing within both Republican and Democrat parties and basically their held in a type of hostage situation as far as getting their funding. Our President for instance has brought up tackling too big to fail like a broken record when first coming to office and the first bailout's, yet not one thing has been done (at least properly to efficiently tackle this), and that has been over 5 year's now, in fact, the only one's hammering this currently are progressive liberal's, independent's, as well as Tea Party type's and the Ron Paul supporter's, etc. None of the mainstream of the Democrat or Republican parties have been able to even make a dent in any of this, and these entities are larger and stronger today than they were 5 year's ago. What need's to happen is this political structure need's to be broken up that currently dominate's on both side's, and the line's must be drawn, that is why recently there has been so many change's in voting in America, to try to contaminate that even more, but more on this as future election's near.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Grills Investigators Over Illegal Foreclosures FULL SEGMENT ... Thanx to MARIE MARR

Bank Fraud Report- Rep. Alan Grayson Explains the Foreclosure Fraud Crisis ... Thanx to DAVID YOUNG


JP Morgan/ Chase Tower (center) Dallas USA





James Joiner said...

Pisses you off doesn't it? and we are powerless to do anything about it.For the vast majority, the average American, there is no such thing as the American dream unless they inherit it or wan it in the lottery. Always a pleasure to hear from you, hope you are well.

Ranch Chimp said...

Getting pissed off Jim is healthy for the brain and soul, without it, we would be in worse shape {: ) ... "Powerless"? ... I never felt like that Jim on issue's like this, and even if I did, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knee's. As far as I'm concerned brother, there can never be enough media/ blog exposure of this across the board and it especially enlighten's our younger generation's even moreso on the reality of this trash and how to dispose of it ... which they will ... in time. The American Dream s what WE make and allow it to be ... this is a great constructed nation with great core values, not the job is to simply clean up some of these thing's and nuture it to transform into a future nation of good standing.

Actually I play the lottery weekly here ... I was asked the other day by a couple buddies what I would do with it if I won? ... to tell them the truth ... it's a "game" for me ... I would give most of it away to familia is about it ... nothing much else, beside's a lil cheap vacation and a home music recording studio maybe {: )

Suppose to get up to 102 degree's today in Dallas ... well ... it's July in North Central Texas, which is common here {: )

Have a good un Jim ... Thanx for your voice as alwayz ....