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VIRULENT VERDICT: Mischarged or Discharged? ... DONT HANG the JURY ... & "GRITTY Meets the CITY" (TRAYVON MARTIN Homicide Case PT.2)

Former Philadelphia Mayor "Frank Rizzo" statue (downtown Philly)

This Part 2 of the "Trayvon Martin Homicide Case" will look at what has became a virulent verdict ruling ... but ... how else was the jury supposed to decide and be following the "law" at the same time? I was actually shocked on the verdict, because I figured Zimmerman would have at least gotten something because of the situation and social/ public outcry over this. But I really do think Zimmerman acted in self defense, but at the same time ... OVER- REACTED big time ... but more on my assessment of this after the news vid's and link's below

Verdict Venom: Thousands protest Zimmerman acquittal across US ... Thanx to RUSSIA TODAY


***** CNN/ JUSTICE: George Zimmerman found not guilty of murder in Trayvon Martin death

***** CNN/ JUSTICE: After the acquittal: protests




Juror B37: 'It's very emotional' for me ... Thanx to CNN

I actually thought if anything, the jury may be hung on this one, at least a lil more difficult to come to a unanimous decision so sudden. I did follow the trial as much as I could, on internet, cable tele, and SiriusXM while in the car, and like CNN had this covered like a cheap suit on sunday, I mean like 24/ 7. But even though the jury didnt get hung, there's no reason to hang the jury either, they followed the law's and did their job's efficiently, look at the trial and law's closely. What was so unusual to me, I dont think I ever saw, in fact from what I gathered, many attorney's even dont see ... which is a 6 person jury on a murder trial (I cant recall ever seeing that actually), the prosecution felt very comfortable with this jury also being it was ALL women, banking on the fact that with enough prosecutorial arguement and labeling Trayvon constantly as a "child", that "women" would be more sympathetic than men, and being mother's, etc, etc ... well, it didnt work. Some say Zimmerman was a coward for not testifying ... that's because his defense advised him not to, and for reason's ... their objective, like the prosecution is TO WIN, eh?

Oddly I side with both Zimmerman and Trayvon here as far as the situation that night, being that if I was having my skull slammed into the ground after my nose had already been broken, I would have acted in self defense and probably would have shot to defend myself. On the other hand, if I was being tailed by this community watchdog, knowing that I wasnt doing a damn thing wrong, or maybe not even knowing who this Zimmerman guy was at 17 year's old, being a city kid like Trayvon, I probably would have confronted Zimmerman too, and just asked him "What the fuck is your problemo dude?", and if Zimmerman got feisty with me, I probably would have assaulted him, and if I know this dude is fixin (about to) to grab a gun to use on me, I'm gonna slam his skull into the ground too, I mean ... I'm looking to survive, okay? I mean , I had a confrontation once with a hotel security guard when I was younger than Trayvon, and had to defend myself when he unjustly pulled his night- stick on me for no reason, and I had to take it from him to defend myself basically (I took a few ass- whippin's before that and didnt want another one) ... why did I do it ?, I was young like Trayvon and the security fucked with me first because I used the restroom of a nice hotel I wasnt a guest of, and was dressed like a street kid at the time and looking a lil rugged let's say, the security guard pulled the club on me, and insulted me coming at me with it, you can say I was profiled like Trayvon, but I simply came in off the street cause I had to take a piss, and was on my way leaving ... he was determined for no ligit reason to harm me, I done nothing that was threatening to him or anyone, he just over- reacted.

As far as "profiling" ... who you kidding ?, everybody profile's, especially cop's and criminal's both probably more than anyone, if you dont, how can you survive the street's? just because some stuffed judicial suit's make it illegal, dont change the nature of the human animal ... I PROFILE ... I just dont profile on something as stupid as "race", that's about as dumb as thinking any stereotype of any human strictly because of a colour/ race, or how a person may wear their clothes or something, profiling like that will backfire on your ass in time, Hell, when you buy a used car or similar you MUST be able to profile and "make" the salesperson or you may get screwed/ burned ... it's all a gamble, and all part of the game. The cop's told Zimmerman on the phone to back off, and just let it ride, they will take it from there or whatever ... that mean's it's now officially out of your hand's, and those call's (especially Zimmerman call's which had a history with the PD like a broken record) are recorded, get my drift? I mean , it's clear as day as I posted in part one, that Zimmerman was probably bored as well out there at night in a quiet community and wanted a lil action, be "Dick Tracy", "Five-O" or somethin. Zimmerman invited the trouble in the way he handled it, plain and simple. This is where the "gritty" of rural or suburbia, meet's with the reaction of the city person, eh? I mean, I didnt even know where the fuck Sanford was, I had to look it up on a map and I been all over Florida (I lived on SW 105th Ct in Miami). Sometime's it's not wise to just look for action, you may get some action you didnt anticipate ... get my drift? ... you have to try to keep balance, because when the heat get's hot, thing's can happen too quick and you cant change back the clock ... Zimmerman wasnt using his head, period, so Trayvon used it for him (no pun intended), for getting too damn feisty with him. Florida also has the "Stand your ground" gig (law) like Texas ... and when you have that and carry a piece (handgun) in a hobby like that of volunteering, watchdog, or whatever they call it, you better have a straight head and some discipline, or your goin down ... meaning know when to pipe down a notch, retreat, re- assess, etc.

Now the talk that the prosecution should have tried it as a manslaughter case instead (it still would hold a max of 30 year's anywayz in Florida), and that they mischarged the case causing the discharge or whatever ... well ... it's too damn late, eh? the people asked for a "murder" charge and not a manslaughter charge, and it was tried as such ... so no one won on this, period ... BUT, you can bank because of the outcry, this isnt over either as far as civil or criminal is concerned. My heart not just goes out to Trayvon's mom and dad here, but also to George Zimmerman ... you done fucked up dude at the wrong time, and your gonna have to give somethin, plain and simple ... just like all those folk's who gave thousand's of dollar's to you for your defense, it worx both way guy ... if you have to do a lil time dude ... that's just how it goes, and stuffing yourself with them damn Twinkies or whatever made you gain 100 pound's in a year, and worrying about it wont put it behind you unfortunately. I know it must be hard on Zimmerman, and I dont think he's a racist either, but that's just how it is. Trayvon and George just met at the wrong time in the wrong place ... Trayvon lost his life ... and George will have to live looking over his shoulder for long until he pay's something.

As far as all these stuffed suited mouth piece's from politician's to church clergy, etc, etc ... talking about "peace" is the answer or whatever and to not get violent? Where the fuck have ya'll been?, or where in Hell do ya'll live? People are sick and tired of all the police brutality, oppression, the lack of regard for them, the constant pandering to this shit, etc ... what kind of reaction do you expect people to have, eh? ... maybe ya'll can write another law on regulation's for your emotion's, eh? Especially in these recent time's of new level's of poverty, job loss, reduced wage's, political and corporate corruption and oppression, bargain basement neo- slavery, and decade's of new wave sugar coated racism at that, same shit in a different package only. The bottom line is, many of these folk's in these communities get hammered for the most petty thing's by law and enforcement, even now corporation's capitalizing off of prison privatization and locking up folks of all colour's (more of people though of colour and no money for defense) so you can push it on the stock exchange as the booming business it is ... I could go on and on ... some folk's frankly are sick and tired of the bullshit and listening especially to these so called leader's shit too, and sick of praying and staying passive, the Trayvon Martin case just intensifies that anger and resentment of a system that has had decade's to change more than what it has, period. Change the way ya'll do shit that run this bloody nation, and maybe the people will have a glimmer of hope, but you give them nothing to build that hope on, but cheap re- hashed talk of the same ole shit.

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