Thursday, July 11, 2013

RODRIGO & GABRIELA: "Diablo Rojo", "Orion", "Buster Voodoo", & "Hanuman"

(left to right) Gabriela Quintero & Rodrigo Sanchez (Official Website)

This induction to this journal's music/ arts honour roll society is to highlight and honour a great guitar duet out of the great American city south of the border, Mexico City ... Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero. This crew is a favourite of mine in a unique way too (Miyavi another fav of mine in these area's), being in the area of guitar shredding, yet done acoustic's style, with such a range of influence's as well, yet this crew is another that doesnt particularly like to be categorized into a specific genre, so I wont. However, metal music such as Metallica had also a strong influence on them, and when I spent some time in London year's back with Metallica's guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Cliff Burton (in their early dayz), Kirk pointed out to me how spanish guitar was a big influence on him, which also show's in Kirk's worx too, yet Rodrigo and Gabriela's music I noticed as far as their original composition's seem heavily influenced in classic Flamenco as well, which I also absolutely love the guitar worx in this genre, as well as folk's like Jose Feliciano. A 21st century crew that been as a company since 2000, and even though they started this project in their hometown of Mexico City, they originally gained their strongest early following playing the pub's and street's of Dublin Ireland, but they today have a large following worldwide ... and rightfully so, when you sample some of the worx of this outstanding crew.

I tried to select some of the best of the best I could find and of course fav's of mine too ... "Orion" of course is a Metallica cover, "Hanuman" was inspired by Carlos Santana, "Buster Voodoo" another original composition dedicated to Jimi Hendrix ... and "Diablo Rojo". But what an outstanding crew ya'll are and wishing ya'll the best in your future worx as well ... Enjoy!





Rodrigo y Gabriela- Live In Japan- Diablo Rojo ... Thanx to ATORECORDS

Rodrigo y Gabriela- Orion (for MTV) ... Thanx to SILETRON

Rodrigo y Gabriela performing "Buster Voodoo" on KCRW (Los Angeles) ... Thanx to KCRW

Rodrigo y Gabriela "Hanuman" live @ Eurockeennes ... (Belfort, France) Thanx to RODRIGOYGABRIELAFAN


Image result for RODRIGO & GABRIELA 2013 tour poster



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