Thursday, July 11, 2013

SCHULMAN/ MATHIAS GATE 2013 ... Dateline Dallas: Aurelia Fedenisn & the State Department's WHISTLEBLOWER BLOW OVER? ... The LBJ/ Central 'HAM'BURGLAR'S Fishing Crew

Aurelia Fedenisn ... former investigator of the State Department's Office of the Inspector General

Actually I been trying to keep up with the Martin/ Zimmerman murder trial to do an update posting, and Lord know's that CNN has done such a great job covering this trial, they have had it on the tele nearly 24/ 7 ... I shit you not, but frankly it has to be one of the most boring trial's that I have ever seen, with long extended camera shot's of a silent, emotionless defendant George Zimmerman sitting and batting his eyelid's like a burlesque hall gal on Oxycodone and looking more like the Pillsbury doughboy in a suit {: ) So looking at importance, I chose this local case right here in the neighbourhood vicinity of North Dallas' LBJ/ Central area of a simple burglary that took place but isnt nearly getting the local coverage it deserve's, beside's mostly FOX network Dallas- Fort Worth, and you can bet only because it is all happening under the Obama Administration, being of course again ... politically suppressed locally. And we all including myself could be WRONG here, perhap's this is just another typical North Dallas burglary of office computer's, which has caseload's knee deep in this town as it is ... but I DONT BUY IT at all. These burglar's are not typical burglar's and are more "ham" burglar's than anything, who spent an extended amount of time entering on the break- in and specifically fishing and walking away empty handed by most "B&E" criminal's standard's and expectation's. Some video and newsread linked below than some additional input from myself.

Law firm defending high- profile whistleblower looted in Texas ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


***** HUFFPOST/ POLITICS: Shulman & Mathias Break- In: Law Firm Representing State Department Whistleblower Burglarized


(right to left) Damon Mathias & Cary Schulman

I actually buy the story that HuffPost and RT America is trying to paint here, including FOX, being that this burglary/ B&E (breaking & entering) was strictly a fishing expedition looking for incriminating info to screw up this case of a whistleblower in action about to do a standing ovation type vocal performance at that! And I am also a voting Democrat, who voted as well for 2 term's of our current President and have gave him 110% of my support throughout his term's despite any issue's that I may have disagreed with him on, so I have NO political motivation to feed bullshit here, okay? Beside's Mr. President ... did you NOT VOW to give your full support to "whistleblower's" in particular when campaigning?  (a good read here) ... being transparent and all that other good shit that you yourself said the previous Bush Administration kept too secretive ... of course you did Sir ... so you must understand why so many folk's are questioning some of your move's these dayz, eh?

Let me point out a few thing's being a street kid all my life basically and knowing a tad on these type's of thing's let's just say. This is a fairly good size office building and these so called burglar's went specifically to a vacated office space to enter through a hole they made in a wall just to get into this small office, bypassing so many other office's that they passed first that had much more as far as computer component's for grab's with much easier access and time saving for any score, these burglar's didnt even use a time clock type system, meaning that time for them was no factor, even coming back to the location 2 more time's hour's later?, yet on each entry ignoring the real valuable's? ... I mean ... what is wrong about this?, something dont add up on this. And why this specific office?, perhap's I'm wrong, and they are just familiar with this office or something, maybe they were former client's, been there before or whatever, eh? And I believe the ONLY reason why they even took a credit card (**** note only "one" credit card out of several only) was to try to make it look like a common everyday score/ burglary, then commonly used it, actually within hour's after it's taken, then disposed/ destroyed it which is common practice. Silver bar's and even a rare coin(s), and other valuable's left behind? ... I dont think so, eh?

The biggest giveaway for me in this was the simple surveillance tape's and what they alone revealed, not even having to listen to any of the news stories, yet none of the stories I viewed/ read even pointed this out ... but after reviewing this tape over and over ... if these two are typical burglar's of this type/ category ... then I'm a fucken Martian with a green card ... c'mon, give me a break Jake! But let me do a lil "profilin" for ya here (**** see paragraph #6 here for a profile I gave to my teen daughter several year's back on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood/ LA, and other note's on "profiling") ... both these suspect's in my opinion got cop, military, or authority written all over them ... I mean for example ... if I was a "fence" (one that buy's stolen good's for a fraction of value as an investment) and these two were to come to me with computer's for sale or anything, I would probably laugh and say ... "What do you have for sale officer's?" ... I wouldnt trust them as far as I could throw them to make a deal/ buy, and tell them to take a hike before I call the cop's on their asses!{: ) They are too "yuppie- ish" ... geeez ... the guy suspect even hold's open the door for the female and make's a gesture with his hand for her to enter as if they were going for a bite at a restaraunte, then she adjust's the bottom of her t- shirt upon entering, and frankly they both walk and carry themselves not like the many folk's would who do these type offenses, or even "move" in such a manner, but this crew look's more like cop's or a church going husband and wife crew than anything ... who got a remarkable amount of confidence and time on their hand's.

Enough from me ... for now .... Word Out


Burglary suspect's





Demeur said...

Many years ago I worked in janitorial. If these guys are thieves I'm Abe Lincoln. When thieves go into a place to rob it they cut wires and take everything that isn't nailed down and even things that are nailed down.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Demeur, the whole thing's does look rather odd, dont it? I know what you mean though. What is kind of odd too that caught my atencion, was how they went to a specific floor/ level and out of all that open empty office space of the joining office's, they went straight to that one area right by where the file cabinet's were? to that lil 1500 sq. ft office? ... alm,ost like they looked at a blueprint before they went there, and why such focus on "file cabinet's"? as far as having to use tool's to get in like a hammer? ... I mean ... there were all kind's of other place's in the building even easier to access and with much more to take.

Thanx for your input here Demeur ....