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THE GREEN PARTY & DR. JILL STEIN: Movement vs. Money Politics ... CUTTING Thru the BS & The POLITICS OF FEAR (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.23) ... **** & "GRAND BARGAIN" Funnies Update 31 July 2013 ... (Out of LINE with JILL STEIN PT.1)


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Part 23 of the "Public Patriot's" series will be to highlight The Green Party & their former 2012 Presidential candidate nominee Dr. Jill Stein ... which this journal will also honour as true public patriot's. Again, whether or not you disagree or agree with these folk's and other's that are highlighted in this series/ journal ... it is very importante to at least hear these folk's out in these trying political and economic time's of extreme polarization, manipulation, political and corporate corruption, austerity pushing, and raping everything from our children to our land's and water's, to our pocketbook's/ wallet's.

My concern and reason for highlighting these folk's and issue's are not because of my petty want's, like's/ dislike's, need's, rant's, etc ... but to look at actual idea's and folk's that advocate and really push for change ... and what is not necessarily best for me ... but what is best for our children, nation, and democracy if we still believe in the spirit of such thing's, and to try to sustain some social order and dignity of our peoples and future. So first some news video from RT America on the growing frustration in our nation, and an update video that wasnt posted until after I done this posting I wanted to add, of what the agenda and reason is for the Green Party ... then a very solid non bullshit view from former Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein in an interview with The Real News, that was nearly a year ago, but very much of importance as far as food for thought, then I will add a lil afterward's. And BIG Thanx to all these folk's/ media's such as RT America, The Real News, and other's who constantly stay on top and press these issue's.

Movement Politics Carries Greens to 2016 ... Thanx to RT AMERICA


"Neither Left nor Right, but Forward"-- Jill Stein on Green Party's prospects in 2016 ... Thanx to RT AMERICA

Green Party Presidential Candidate Presents a "New Green Deal" ... Thanx to THE REAL NEWS


***** THE DAILY IOWAN: Jill Stein mulls future White House run




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***** ASHLAND TIMES- GAZETTE: OBAMA CHALLENGES GOP  TO ACCEPT CORPORATE TAX DEAL ... this added July 31st, 2013 fresh off the press is absolutely HILARIOUS! Just to show how NOT a bloody thing in Washington "can" get done because of this rock hard polarization ... here President Obama even OFFERED in a grand bargain to even give further tax break's to corporate entities yesterday in Chattanooga, Tennessee (actually something I as well proposed in so many earlier posting's, with a guarantee that it would be with "domestic investment's" contractually locked in), and the "GOP" actually turned it down ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... talk about between a rock and a hard place for our President ... he cant win for losing with these hostage game's they play up there in Washington!! {: ) And this update isnt to criticize the President at ALL, I actually think it's a "great" proposal having supported it throughout this journal myself ... my heart and sympathy actually goes out to the President on this one, because of the "no win" situation they have him in.

Obama Offers New Deal on Corporate Taxes, Jobs ... Thanx to WSJ DIGITAL NETWORK **** this is a sound offer that would work for everyone and is "FAIR" as a deal as you can give ....


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

In all the growing frustration in our nation, "fear" is something that we have let control us a bit too much, while fear can be healthy as a survival tool, we let it drive us to a weapon of mental destruction in us and become almost suicidal instead of using it to bring awareness ... we should utilize and transform it to work for our benefit ... to be an asset instead of a liability if you will, eh? I personally voted for instance "Democrat" in the last election's, not because of fear as much as because I made a solid commitment to support the party and our President as I initially "promised" for 2 term's, giving in all fairness, the benefit of doubt, not that I really thought that it would change much at all, as you can see throughout this journal, and of course the threat factor is/ was, that Republican's would screw you much harder and faster than Democrat's. But one thing I wont tolerate and I would hope that million's of other's wont ... is DO NOT keep pumping me with bullshit to think that I will dwell in this state of fear, by telling me/ us thing's like you wont let us have our rights to bear arm's anymore, or you wont let gay/ lesbian folk's marry, or you will make gas price's cheaper, or other thing's that frankly are not as importante to me as the real issue's that this nation is up against ... I am WILLING to compromise ... I am NOT left or right ... so this bullshit wont work on folk's like myself, and many of us will stand to you no matter what, we would rather die on our feet than live on our knee's ... our SPIRIT is not like a soldier, but more like a rebel ... we dont have a "$$price$$" when it come's to certain thing's, and are NOT easily bought ... and DONT fear if were liked or disliked by anyone, we stand for what we believe and is proven to be importante and balanced, that include's whether we like it or not.

Also, these posting's are not to turn against those with wealth, or even politician's, as a matter of fact, it is to offer a hand or olive branch to those and sound advice who also need enlightenment. NO ONE is asking any of ya'll to go to the poorhouse or to live in mud hut's and ride bicycle's over driving car's, or to sell ya'll's yacht's, mansion's, etc, and give all the money to charity ... this is a time of much needed reasoning ... it especially is a "welcome" for those who invest big money to step on board to do something beneficial instead of just self destructive, leave a legacy and gain perhap's some trust ... it is after all "opportunity" if anything, and very healthy economically speaking across the board ... when you have happy customer's, business is alwayz good, when you have displeased customer's, business fail's, and the best marketing strategy as tool's regardless of how much you spend and try to manufacture bullshit, is simply word of mouth and reputation. That lead's to longevity and progress which is truely strength and success. So look at it as an "offer", a balanced "business deal" ... or else drown in your own self created miseries. As for politician's in the 2 mainstream parties ... these alternative choice's as far as candidate's and parties, actually should be some encouragement for ya'll to try to repair thing's and your party if possible, because frankly there isnt much incentive as it is for anyone in Washington to change, when it's like this ... and I know due to the many great idea's that so many politician's have, that they CAN improve their performance 110%, the corporate funding that is bigtime today in politic's, need's to be ended too. The salaries and benefit's that come with politic's are sufficient, plus, most of ya'll have other investment's and businesses on the side.

Some will think that folk's like Dr. Stein are pissing in the wind, and nothing will change, or that folk's like her disrupt the political positive's and drive away voter's from the mainstream politipop circle's and candidate's ... the REALITY is that regardless of what politician's we have right now that have many great idea's, including our President, who has proposed so many great idea's and shown that he is truely bipartisan even ... collectively, not anything of any significance is changing, and there is NO recovery of a thing as far as our economy, as a matter of fact, we are in worse shape now than we were before. However, I will say honestly that "IF" Republican's would have won the majority in the Oval Office and Senate/ Congress and had total rule, we would even be in worser shape actually, their proposal's are really destructive to everything that America stand's for and has worked hard for, and Republican's move fast when they take action, they dont screw around! None of this is pissing in the wind, this is the vision of change that WILL come in time, so again, it is wise to at least get it on the road now and not to keep putting it on the back burner, our younger generation's that are the future, are frankly sick and tired of what they see as it is, and you can bet they are going to change thing's whether we do or not ... in time. The bottom line is ... nothing is working for the benefit of our people, whether it's in America or the globe, nothing is working as far a breaking up these too big to fail entities, who like association with any junkie/ drug addict who dont want to try to change, can only bring you/ us into the grave with them that they are digging ... it's NOT working, at least any significant change in any reasonable time frame as I pointed out time and again throughout this journal, and this need's to be immediately addressed, whether it hurt's some of our favourite candidate's and parties or not. I mean ... I even have favourite mainstream politician's such as Senator's Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to name a couple ... but I also see with the current crap that's going on, that they are almost like in a hostage situation and unable to do so much, and they really work hard for change, believe me!

Even our own politician's from the President on down will say time and again that change is not easy and how much we need to sacrifice and work, etc, etc ... well, there it is ... everyone agree's at least on that. We know what the problem's are, we have the tool's, the rights, spirit and democracy needed, we have people that are willing to lead like Dr. Stein and so many more, and many expert's even that have blueprint's to make thing's work better, we have technologies that are better than ever with communication's, etc. We can blame no one but ourselves if we dont see actual change soon, we have had Washington working on this for a couple decade's, and have failed to be able to get thing's done, so that there tell's you something, no other people in any job sector would be allowed to fail over and over and over, it's bad for business and the economies and bad for the population as a whole rich or poor, and set's a horrible example to other's of what we try to sell at that ... the freedom to change is nature given ... it must be our will.

That's the REALITY ... Word Out ....



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