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SNAP/ FOOD STAMP CUTS 2013: ... Sen. Debbie Stabenow & Crew ... "Busting the Budget BUM RUSH on the SNAP CAP" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.23)- (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.4)- (SNAP CHALLENGE PT.3)


This posting will also serve both the "Truth or Treason" and "Corporatcommunazica" series of this journal. This is importante not only to probably one of the strongest stimulus to the economy of our nation, but as well to our social order and stability, and to also identify the enemy to such for American's, in this case it clearly show's itself with the action's/ support of Democrat Senator from Michigan Debbie Stabenow for example who happen's to be the Chair of the Senate Agricultural Committee, I'm sure the Senator done some great thing's to get all her Democrat support over the year's, but this is not the best idea to support/ endorse at this time (nor do I feel her stand on opposing GMO labeling is sound in these time's with some of the track record's of these mega producer's). But also BIG Thanx to those on the Democrat side who are bucking this such as these over 2 dozen lawmaker's who have spent a week living off food stamp's, and special Texas credit's to Congressmen Beto O' Rourke and Marc Veasey of Texas for their effort's, Oregon Congressman Peter De Fazio, Senator Sanders of Vermont, and other economic patriot's like Mayor Cory Booker of Newark (NJ). And let me add that these cut's passed the Senate easily, even with Democrat support there. These move's show you clear as day what is truth and what is treason, eh? Some newsread/ link's and video below, then of course some insight deeper into this from the Ranch Chimp (myself).

De Fazio Fights SNAP Cuts ... Thanx to KEZI9TV

Poverty in America ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS

***** THE NATION: The Sword Drops on Food Stamps

***** THINK PROGRESS: 26 Lawmakers Live Off Food Stamps To Protest Republican Cuts

***** FEEDING AMERICA: SNAP (Food Stamps): Facts, Myths and Realities

***** NEW YORK TIMES/ TIMES TOPICS: U.S. Farm Bill ... related articles as far as what this all stem's from


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with other half (wife) Rosalie Recto Vinas (2013)

This of course is also all corporate engineered/ drafted for legislation, and making this out doesnt require much thought at that either, to show you just how careless and uncreative this group is ... a second grader street hustler could make this in 15 minute's flat is how lame this is, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) They first put key people in position's like this Senator Debbie "Snowejab" Stabenow out of Michigan, and assume that were dumb enough to think that just because she is not a white male conservative that we will easily buy this bullshit, so they play these race, gender/ sex, and party card's like the season's change in these times especially of politipop culture in America as well. This case for budget review/ spending is another hostage card play as well, with it all being labeled as a "farm bill", another buzz word/ phrase/ marketing gimmick to make you think it is all about helping farmer's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... it hasnt a bloody thing to do with helping the average farmer/  familia or related, as much as it's about corporate subsidies/ welfare ... these folk's are more full of waste than a sewage treatment plant. I realize there is more as well to this farming bill than just mega corporation's, but that is the hostage card end of this rat- trap, because the conservatives pushed this into the corner with these folk's, making/ forcing Dem's bend over in the process, like they been doing on so many other issue's too, is there NOT other area's of cut's to the enormous wasteful spending this nation does? ... bullshit, you know damn well there is. And of course as usual, they toss this out in nitbit's between key stories/ news/ legislation, then slip off to another week or two vacation to read their stat sheet's and poll examination's, so they can manufacture some new horseshit based on that to feed us when they return ... it's like so stale and lame at that, as far as their strategies even. Being a key figure put's this Debbie Snowejab character into a position to manipulate legislation and try to contaminate the true leftist's on even thing's like the GMO labeling, etc, etc. So it's another sort of crap shoot like at a car dealership you get having to haggle with these salespeople and their manager's sort of game with a "good cop/ bad cop" theme.

No ... frankly again ... the SNAP programme is most essential to our domestic economic need's and it keep's some social order in thing's is what folk's may not see off hand, being that when folk's cant eat, get low or whatever, their natural instinct's of survival as any animal take's over and they do what they have to, to get food/ eat, eh? which affect's everything down the line, from law enforcement having to spend endless hour's hunting down shoplifter's and petty crime's, to all the impact it has even on insurance companies, losses which in turn go down to the consumer in inflation, etc, with alot more folk's doing thing's to eat that they usually wouldnt do ... get my drift? the list goes on as far as how this stimulate's and affect's our economy, just like it's contribution's as far as generating business and job's in every city across the nation. If we were in a different period and NOT this awful dragging recession, it may be a positive to consider, the reason in part why this administration expanded these benefit's is because of the tight employment and decrease in wage's, not because the President want's to create a socialist welfare state, and most of these type cut's are strickly pushed by the right wing in particular, and very political also, who are only conservative when it come's to utilizing their power's in legislative session's. And none of these that dictate this nonsense even make this out, and those who do, frankly dont give a shit, they dont have to live in our environment's/ neighbourhood's, their only wet dream is to hope that all the elderly, sick/ disabled, poor, etc, die off ... and they think 'then' they will have a Utopian society in their vision of love and happiness, which is all sweet and nice to have vision, yet, that's NOT reality ... nor would it work in this era, or even be capitalism or competitive or anything else related they 'think' they cherish, their dream would quickly become a nightmare in other word's is what they dont see in their financial intoxication, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: )

The arguement that Debbie and associate's will present of course is that this is all about stopping waste, fraud and abuse of the programme (in her own word's actually {: ) ... let me tell ya something Senator ... your looking into a very small amount of waste, fraud, and abuse, and if that's what this is about ... you need to look at all the waste, fraud and abuse and outright corrupt criminal legislation, etc, that all your colleagues and their financial supporter's and lobbyist's are doing if you REALLY want to clean up the budget ... until you do THAT ... you're nothing but a liar with no credibility (or at least that's how your going to look), and not a bloody thing will get fixed/ balanced budget- wise, and regardless of ya'll's cut's and proposal's, you will be making new excuses in a few year's trying to tell us where you may have went wrong, etc, etc and how it's your opponent's fault, etc, etc ... the same ole shit in a new package basically that ya'll feed decade after decade. For American voter's ... remember these folk's the next time your in the voting booth and you will do your nation a much needed past due service as well ... you can bet your ass I certainly will {: ) ... and it's all going to fall in time anywayz ironically at it's own hand's, sort of tripping over it's own shoe- laces, so may as well get it on the road now.

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