Thursday, June 13, 2013

KING DIAMOND/ MERCYFUL FATE: "Witches' Dance", "The Invisible Guests", "Egypt", & "Burn" ... (BIRTHDAY GREETING'S to the King)

This induction into this journal's music/ arts honour roll society will be a Happy Birthday (or I reckon "unhappy" by the King's standard's {: ) posting  to highlight and honour a true metal icon globally ... King Diamond and his crew the Mercyful Fate (officially 2 seperate crew's/ companies) who will be also headlining the 2013 Copenhell Music Festival in his hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark (a break from the Dallas summer King! {: ) on his birthday. The King was born, raised and started his worx in Copenhagen, and relocated to Dallas many year's back. But this crew certainly dont need much intro with all the outstanding work/ composition's, performance's and all they constructed over the year's, just all across the board a first class metal act! So I chose a few fav's of course here to highlight with just outstanding workmanship and show, of course the King well known for his unique style utilizing a falsetto vocal trademark, with such outstanding guitar and percussion's work, etc. I never had the pleasure and opportunity to meet the King, although coincidentally I know a few folk's that played on the same bill's with him, we both are the same age, and live damn near in the same neighbourhood in North Dallas.

I included some official video production and some prime "live" work large scale arena style down in Sao Paulo, then to close it out with an unofficial amateur taken video a year ago that was an unannounced special appearance he and the crew just made coming off the street at a downtown Dallas venue (which must have been a treat! {: ), and this was only 2 year's or so after his successful triple bypass heart surgery ... yet done of course with no theatric's, stage prop's, make- up and gear ... just a raw jamm appearance for the local's ... doing their classic "Burn" that was about the 16th/ 17th century inquisition's ... and still some great vocal work King! ... ya'll COCK & ROCK man! Anywayz ... enough from me rattling my fucken jaw's and on to some serious business ... Enjoy!





Mercyful Fate- Witches' Dance (Official Video) ... Thanx to KING DIAMOND

King Diamond- The Invisible Guests (Monsters of Rock 96') ... Thanx to MR BEKETOV ... if my memory serves me accurately, this would have been in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mercyful Fate- Egypt (Official Video) ... Thanx to KING DIAMOND

King Diamond at Trees Jan. 28th, 2012- Dallas, Tx ... a sort of suprise appearance last year at Trees in Downtown Dallas' Deep Ellum District, doing his classic about the 16th/ 17th century inquisition's (witch- hunt) called "Burn" ... Thanx to BEN POWER




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