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BRAZIL RESISTANCE 2013: The Brazilian "Movement of Fulfillment" ... The ROAD to ENLIGHTENMENT when Government and Most Else FAIL'S (THE AWAKENING PT.32)

For this Part 32 of "The Awakening" series, it will take a look at the most recent enlightenment of our American neighbour's south of the border in Brazil ... so first Russia Today video news coverage below, then some newsread/ video link's and some additional word's from the Ranch Chimp (me).

Million- strong anti- govt protests sweep Brazil, 1 killed ... Thanx to RUSSIA TODAY


***** HUFFPOST/ WORLD: Brazil Protests 2013 Grow: One Million Brazilians Hits The Streets

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Members of Brazil's national soccer team offer support to protestors




Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

First of all big credit to the people of Brazil for their resistance and going out that extra mile to fulfill the need's and demand's of what the majority of Brazilian's want ... when most else fail's to fulfill and are inefficient in their performance, representation, etc ... that is when those strong need to step up to the plate and see that the job get's done. And my heart goes out to President Rousseff here who has been somewhat hesitant to respond immediately, because like most politician's even especially in our own country even (USA), they are nailed to the wall's by those lobby interest's who throw so much of their loot/ money into them, who only pollute our societies even more with their corrupt outright criminal motives. And as I pointed out time and again throughout this journal and series, this WILL GO IN WAVES across the globe ... these fire's will flare up, burn out, and repeat over and over and over until THERE IS ACTUAL CHANGE ... bank on it! In the process of such, much money will be gained and lost across the board and many lives will be taken, sacrificed and just thrown in the trash, but understand that these type's of movements are as needed and as old as civilized human history, that go back for thousand's of year's ... this is simply the latest as a result of the usual ... a few folk's trying to rob and dominate the world basically, who dont even see in their financial intoxication that much will backfire on them in time. Also again let me point out here that this talk of "were broke (financially)" nation to nation, is more silly nonsense, and all the accompany talk that we need to cut this and that ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... the problem is those who "spend" (representation) and invest our money are doing it ALL WRONG, eh? ... it's OUR MONEY ... WTF are ya'll talking about? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) that's about as commercially lame as telling us that we can save money by spending our money with you {: ) ... so remember despite how much you hear that all the money just vanished, we used it all up, etc, etc or other nonsense ... money dont just disappear ... it simply changes "hand's" {: )

The fact is, that alot of these inbred ingrates that we mistakenly label as "elite", may be all "this and that" when it come's to playing stock market's or controlling their own empire's (and even some havent been able to do that even without our financial welfare/ bailout's at that! ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ), but when it come's to seeing reality clearly have lousy vision, thinking that they will just lock down our societies, use drones, or petty confinement law's and incarceration, a tad bloodshed, monitoring all our communication's online and phone's, etc, etc ... will put them in a "win- win" position ... and they're not even looking clearly at how it will affect them and their's in the long run ... where in time, they will be scrambling just to try to get out of themselves and what they tried to create {: ) And they certainly wouldnt want anarchy to start to grow, after all ... in that ... none of the wealth will matter or even gold, platinum, jewel's, etc ... in a state of anarchy ... a pair of jean's or shoes, a car, food, or other thing's will carry alot more value, even their social media power's and dominance would become obsolete, for they would be shut off like a light switch simply, as easily as shutting off your computer, thus leaving them obsolete and soon forgotten ... and their law book's would become past history and meaningless {: )

In this case in Brazil, it is not only some of these Brazilian soccer player's that side in favour of the protestor's, but there has also been report's of police in Brazil doing the same ... again ... you can also expect this type trend to increase as far as those protesting getting support even from unlikely sources, even in some cases when push comes to shove, you will even find military who will increasingly start to support folk's in various countries. Right now these entities of wealth think that just a paycheck/ payment can simply buy everything they want, they will find out in time, that many wont even go with that. So every little bit of support count's, all this media exposure, enlightening and educating our young is most importante, etc. You may think that all they have to do then is declare martial law (?) ... of course that is alwayz an option ... however ... even that wouldnt work as planned, and frankly in this era of politically correct bullshit, buzz phrases and such, there is no longer a need to "declare" something like that with all the new law's and penalties that they legislate constantly ... just look at it like ... were already under a form of martial law without officially calling it that ... look at the law's and regulation's on us ... yet nothing on them who dictate, they're not even held accountable for the crimes that they commit at that, or for the failed investment's, losses, or anything else on even the business end of thing's, nor can they fail technically, cause we alwayz have a blank check our representation give's them from our money, get my drift?

President Rousseff and other leader's may say they want order, they want more transparency, resistance to wrongdoing, clean up the corruption, etc, etc ... which is of course pleasant news, nice, sweet and all of that ... but action's have alwayz been louder than word's .. so all this violence and even looting sadly, is not only a result of the condition ... but in order and a natural reaction simply. When government/ representation cannot do their job's with more efficiency ... well then ... like in any job ... they get replaced, and those who can lead, take over. This is alot more and deeper than just the waste of peoples money of these stadium's and promotion's, game's, bus/ rail transit fare increases ... it has to do with all that has been taken and ratholed by the few from those who really worked and fought hard for what freedom's and materialistic thing's and money they have accumulated over the year's ... many of us dont give a shit about the cheap talk you feed us, like we could be worse off, we should be grateful, we could be in some impoverished nation, going hungry, etc, etc. What we could be and what we are and worked for and achieved ... have not a thing to do with your speculative bullshit, "grateful" or "fear" talk, or the fact of what ya'll are about and trying to do, and folk's will get enlightened or die trying to, but their will and spirit will not be that easily taken. These entities of stolen wealth are the ones who should be grateful and cherish it while they still have it ... grateful that you still have a bunch of sap's to buy your bullshit, grateful that you hadnt been dragged yet into the street's and dealt with by the masses, and grateful that true capitalism hasnt sunk in and disposed of your sorry asses for all the lame investment's and money wasting that ya'll have done, putting your sorry ingrate asses out of business ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... which is also natural order when it come's to business, eh?

That's the Reality ... Word Out ....

You Are Obsolete ... Thanx to NY23NY23NY




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