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OBAMA- CLINTON SECRET DEAL SEAL?: A "Payback Playback" in America's Pre- Planned & Pre- Paid Politic's (TRUTH OR TREASON 2013 PT.22)

This part 22 of this series will look at some recent news concerning some kind of secret deal payback that President Obama may owe to former President Bill Clinton come the 2016 election's. Now I dont know if this is accurate and "hope" there isnt much truth to it (2015 we should see though first hand), however, a new book from Edward Klein called "The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House" has this in it supposedly, and it's all over the news today amongst mostly Republican's pressing it. After the below article, I wanted to add my view on this.

***** MAILONLINE: Obama made 'A secret deal to support Hillary Clinton's 2016 White House bid in exchange for Bill's support during re- election campaign'


Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with wife/ spouse Rosalie Recto Vinas 2013

Yesterday this fella Dan here in Fort Worth who is also a voting Democrat like myself said to me that we already have someone to vote for come 2016 ... I butted in and said .... "Whoa, Whoa dude ... back up a minute ... whatcha talking about guy? ..." he then told me about this so called deal to endorse Hillary Clinton, etc, etc. Dan telling me that he got this in the news, so I Googled it to see for myself. I mean ... this is like 2013 ... and I would like to feel like we have some strong choice's, option's, etc, etc as a voter, eh? I'm sure we could have a good array of candidate's for the primaries, but when you have these endorsement's, they're almost as solid as corporate campaign donation's and just as strong. I myself would like to see for instance someone like Sen. Elizabeth Warren get such strong endorsement (and NOT because she is a woman, or black/ white/ hispanic, gay/ lesbian or any of the other pop culture nonsense ... but because she has shown strength, gut's, ball's, and integrity, and really been busting ass!). I have nothing against Hillary Clinton either, I certainly would prefer her over someone like Mitt Romney or some of the right wing choice's ... I didnt vote for her in her primary run against Obama for a reason though, mainly because she didnt say anything out of the mainstream box, in particular at that time was the so called health care reform issue, she was opposed from the getgo to trying the public option route, and Obama then was pushing it fiercely ... which I also pointed out the reason's and what would become of that throughout my "Health Care SNOWEjob" series since the start of it. I wrote at the time that it wasnt likely to go through though even after President Obama took office back then, because all the corporate influence had too many politician's all over Capitalism Hill in their pocket's ... but at least there was a strong push for it, and in turn it made people in America at least think, especially our younger generation's. And even today with improvement's made to health care in America, because of this corporate communism, we are still paying more than probably anywhere in the world for health care by these same entities who are milking the system basically.

These kind of news piece's not only enlighten's us, but sadly there is a flip side also like everything else, showing just how pre- planned and pre- paid our election's are becoming in this nation, and it frankly even take's the excitement element out of voting to a degree. The other sad part is that it keep's us in a left/ right  mode of thinking, being that we alwayz have one of these two polarizing side's to re- elect, one blame's the other on what HASNT been done and why, the finger- pointing, revenge, and alot of useless item's that just obstruct real progress in our nation. And were only fed these flash card's on nonsense, like we will get you $2 buck a gallon gas if you vote for us (which is nearly impossible the way the petrol/ oil market's work), or we will let you say your gay/ lesbian openly, or we will let you have a gun with a clip instead of a revolver, or we will let illegal alien's stay ... which also has a "catch" to watch out for, being that, they are only pushing that to try to get those poor folk's (illegal's) to pay thousand's upon thousand's of back taxes/ fee's/ fine's, which by law would let the IRS take property or anything else if you look at it closely in the cloak of "penalties", etc ... you WONT hear many on Capitalism Hill talking about ALL THE TAXES per payroll deduction's of million's upon million's of dollar's weekly that these illegal's had taken out of their check's that because of their low wage's they should be ENTITLED to get a TAX REFUND at the end of the year though, but cant because their illegal and cant legally file, eh? ... but they will sure pull out a calculator to try to figure out wayz to milk them out of more in return to stay at a half assed status, yet not many in Washington would have the gut's to ask the "employer's" who hired all these illegal's for year's and year's to ALSO pay back taxes ... that's NOT immigration reform, just more bullshit to milk people who are most vulnerable and desperate! Or promise us other nonsense that most of us are going to do any goddamn wayz whether you tell us we can or not ... we dont need goddamn babysitter's, or politician's that been saying the same ole shit decade after decade, kicking the can another 2 to 4 year's and owing each other and their corporate sponsor's favour's, etc. etc ... we need folk's that are going to take immediate action, we are in a "crisis"  mode and America is losing it's middle class at that even, and still are to this day regardless of the bullshit your fed in these media's ... we dont need horseshit repackaged and labeled as new and improved "pork- shit".

Word Out ....

****POST NOTE: I realize and most folks also that "favour's" for fellow politician's when it come's to support is common and expected and there is nothing unfair about that, there has to be a certain amount of unity and support between those, but the kind of thing's that we see now going on is more on a one way street too and more than ever, the voter's/ people of this nation are not getting a balanced view of what is going on more than ever because of the manipulation within our politic's by just a small percentage. I DONT view Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or President Barack Obama or even someone like Speaker John Boehner  either as a problem to democracy or this nation, in fact I see many on both side's who are unable to do their job's efficiently that have quality being railroaded themselves and forced through these type's of negotiation's and planning ... I am saying also that there need's to be alot more transparency to fairly across the board represent the interest's of such a diversified population with the many issue's that we face ... that is what we are also lacking. It's not asking much or asking government to reveal all their military secret's or sensitive information vital to our national security, trade deal's or whatever, nor is it being unfair to some of the major corporation's whatever line of business and service's that they cater to, we have a ton of serious issue's that need to be addressed and worked out in order to keep this nation stable and also an example for democracy worldwide and our children especially who feel stepped on more than ever, what we see going on is bad for our international image as well, bad for business large and small, and damage's the morale of the idea of democracy and everything that this nation sayz it stand's for. Cleaning up this, like cleaning up our air, water's and planet is a POSITIVE move for all parties, business, the economy, and everything else.






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