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LOU REED (PT.2): "Walk On The Wild Side", "Sweet Jane" & "Heroin"

Lou Reed

Buenos Dias! on this beautiful sunday morning here on the Ranch ... I wanted to post another here from the Godfather of Punk for this journal's music/ art's honour roll society that I was thinking about when posting my last on Johnny Arco in Brooklyn, thinking of the old dayz and New York (PT.1 here) ... Lou Reed is a great as well as a poet of fav for me, so wanting to honour the man for his work as well, and wishing him the best in his recovery cause as I write this Lou is in the hospital recovering from a liver transplant he got the other day and doing very well it appear's, he already said he's looking forward to getting back on the stage, Lou is now 71 year's old.

I wanted to highlight in this Part Two a few piece's of his early worx (1972- 1974 era?), with "Walk On The Wild Side" first, and what this song is really about, as it was kind of controversial back in the day and interpreted in different wayz, even trying to sugar coat it back then ... Lou tell's it like it is, and one of the best at doing such in his music, taking you into the reality and the street's of the city (New York). Sugar coated back in the day to avoid the gay scene thing as far as offending the mainstream, and to this day it offend's even moreso in this pussy ass politically correct society we have now heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {: ) ... today these neo plastic liberal's will see it as an embarrassment or insulting to the LGBT community, and these neo conservative fundamoralist's just see it all across the board nauseating ... but no doubt, what Lou write's about ... many folk's could get their panties in a bind over one thing or another. Also wanted to include a favourite of mine called "Sweet Jane", but in particular, I wanted this version off the LP for the "intro" that is done and the way it lead's and build's into the song with an outstanding blend of guitar and bass on how it build's to open this great piece. Then to close I wanted to put up another great piece that is intense and emotional telling exactly what the title of the song is about called "Heroin", another fine piece and all time fav of mine. And a BIG Thanx for all the great worx of your's Sir over the many year's .... Enjoy ....





Lou Reed- Walk On The Wild Side BEST LIVE (NYC '72) ... Thanx to SAN SA

Lou Reed- Sweet Jane from Rock n Roll Animal ... Thanx to dg0557

Lou Reed- Heroin ... Thanx to isolitiignoti1


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