Thursday, June 27, 2013

MICHAEL CARGILL: STRAIGHT Talk ... From a GAY & BLACK, Texas Democrat Firearm's INSTRUCTOR & GUN SHOP OWNER on "Gun Control & Defense" ... (SELF DEFENSE PT.22) & (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT 19)

Mike Cargill

This posting will serve both the "Public Patriot's" and "Self Defense" series of this journal, and highlight a local Texas man, veteran, firearm's instructor, and gun shop owner Mr. Mike Cargill ... who I also see as a type of public patriot (and Thanx Mike). But first to open this posting, a video I chose below on a reality that so many American's face on a daily basis. The intruder dont care that she was unarmed, and that there was a 3 year old child watching ... which is the whole point.

Home Invasion in Millburn NJ caught on nanny can- brutal beating in front of daughter June 2013 ... Thanx to NOLATAC 


Mike never even fired a gun till he was in the military and only know's of the importance of defense from the experience's with his familia and mom, like myself Mike is liberal on many issue's and a voting Texas Democrat, but also a very strong advocate of defense, Mike also locally train's law enforcement as an arm's instructor, is the owner of Central Texas Gun Works, a certified NRA instructor, and strict about safety and regulation at the same time.

Being a gay man and a black man, I would guess that Mike also know's too well of the reality of how vulnerable African American's, gay people, and women are in our nation's urban area's in particular to crime and violence. I myself have seen too much of it in urban communities and place's like Dallas' Oaklawn and Los Angeles' West Hollywood district's as example, where gay men are commonly targeted by street thug's who are just out to "roll (mug) fag's" for their wallet's/ money ... or the number of women and other's who are daily victim's of home invasion's, rape, and public purse snatching's ... this is why I alwayz tell women of the importance of protecting yourself and giving them tip's, whether it's gal's around the neighbourhood and town, or my own daughter's and wife ... I've seen and experienced quite a bit man, in some of this nation's toughest town's ... like Mike, I know the condition and reality too well, and been on the "victim" end myself, and had folk's close to me killed from such. Mike tell's it like it is below ....

When They Come For Your Guns Give Them Your Bullets ... Thanx to INFOWARSHEADLINEHD


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