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CHARITY CHARLATAN'S, INC (PT.1): ... & America's Top "50 SHADES of PREY" ... Those REALLY Getting the "MOST BITE of Your BUCK" (PUBLIC PARASITES PT.1)

This will be the opening posting of a new series for this journal called "Public Parasites", since I have a series for "Public Patriot's", I thought this could be a worthy opposite companion series. Big Thanx here to CNN as well as the Tampa Bay Times for doing the legwork and making this so widely mainstream, and an additional video I added (15 june 2013) from RT America that tries to simplify the complexity of this. Part of the posting's title was inspired also by the popular E.L. James novel "50 Shades of Grey". First below the RT America video for a brief covering and some simplification, then a couple must read link's of some straight up read and video on this disease which has grown and spread over the last decade or so like a wildfire, then of course some additional input on this from myself afterward's ....

American charities using kids for profits ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


***** CNN U.S./ TAMPA BAY TIMES: Above the law: America's worst charities

***** TAMPA BAY TIMES: America's WORST CHARITIES ... a quick list of the 50 worst charities of the last 10 year's


Thomas Hudson Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This is something that I and many other's have been going over for year's actually with so many folk's, and alot of folk's even suspect this at time's, but feel too compelled to NOT question much, and just feel to themselves that they have done something good and leave it at that, which is alwayz a good feeling knowing that you were able to contribute, help or whatever. But what you should be concerned with ... are those who are out to prey on you and our society in this multi shady incorporated parasitic group that take's advantage of every goddamn disaster, illness, death, etc that we have in our society, just like some of these new corporatcommunazica type's, not much different, in fact, it is now proven that even many major corporation's  and bank's are involved in some way with much as far as shifting fund's around, lobbying for certain legislative law's to be made to avoid taxation and basically nothing more than like setting up "front's", fund's diversion's, or outright nothing more than like racketeering, laundering money, or several other scheme's that would technically be highly illegal. Why do you think that some of these same folk's and entities push so hard on our representation in Washington to try to cut government social assistance and department's trying to privatize everything, and grow charity and faith based group's, and especially for the tax exempt status? They sure as Hell wouldnt ask for a tax exempt status if they werent profiting from it in some way, they want an ALL private social safety net that THEY SOLELY can control and legislate and tailor to their profiteering venture's ... to milk and possess every last bit of wealth ... especially in a country like our's that is abundant with it! When those new market's and middle classes grow and expand in the new market countries of significance like India and China for example ... they will screw them as well even more. So even though this may NOT seem directly related ... it is ALL related and connected, which I have detailed this big picture as well throughout this journal over the last 5 year's or so. So now you see why I am such a strong supporter of government/ peoples social safety net's and programme's, eh?

I'm not some unreasonable hardass either that is out to attack CEO's, mega corporation's, mega- bank's, charities, etc ... all these are GREAT idea's and meant to be for capitalism ... it is those who have taken it and contaminated it is all, same with our religious institution's that they have contaminated, milked and used. I have no problemo at all in this case for instance with these gent's like Reynolds or Ms. Perkins getting a salary of say $200/ $250 a year or so, I mean ... if you work hard, you deserve it, all CEO's across the board for that matter, or even the paycheck's of our political representation ... so my issue isnt with their paycheck's or even their lavish home's that they "choose" to pay for, or their lifestyle's ... my issue is what all these do with the majority of the money of our's is all ... nothing more. Some of these folk's are some of the most tightwad and crooked cheapskate's that I have ever seen in my life!, and they hire masses of these telemarketer's to do all the leg work for below standard wage's even, keeping them desperate to put food on their table and a roof over their head's ... Geeez ... I'm not even asking them to to be humanitarian's (I'm sure as Hell not, at least by todayz standard's), care/ give a shit, or to live in the poorhouse at all ... I just want ya'll to be straight and show some goddamn integrity ... it's HEALTHY for business, competition and democracy, period ... and many more can win in the longrun. Yes ... all these group's and folk's should be hounded and even have their bloody picture's put on milk carton's as far as I'm concerned, and Thank goodness that people are finally waking up to this rubbish!

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