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WORLD BANK/ DR. JIM YONG KIM 2013 GOAL: Eliminating Poverty, Pollution, Inequality, & "People(?)" ... The "PROSPERITY PROPHECIES" (CORPORATCOMMUNAZICA PT.3)

Dr. Jim Yong Kim

This posting will serve as Part 3 of the "Corporatcommunazica" series, because America play's a key role in the World Bank ... and will be also added to the "Debt Crisis PT.1/ The Paper Doll Show" posting. It is certainly great news to "hear" and you want to be optimistic and have vision, and of course this is what the World Bank and Dr. Kim is doing ... and what a man to do it ... a real humanitarian type as well that has fought for year's against poverty, even at a time ... was one of the World Bank's opponent's ... but now chosen to ... let's say "represent" it as it's new President. First the good and inspiring news below and then of course my follow up response and message on this.

***** CNN/ BUSINESS: World Bank president: We can end extreme poverty by 2030 (newsread/ video)

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim Opens 2013 Spring Meetings ... Thanx to WORLDBANK

World Bank President on Urgency of Climate Change Issues ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

World Bank Announces Goal to End Extreme Poverty by 2030 ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR


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Thomas Hudson Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie") with daughter "Bear"

I chose this simple quick video from Mrs. Lori Harfenist aka "The Resident" to open the response and message here, because Lori sum's it up to the point and straight as it get's, even though her message isnt directed at the World Bank ... Hell, she's a New Yorker, so of course she know's the score, eh? {: )

The Resident: How the Economy is a Ponzi Scheme ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

First of all I want to at least congratulate Dr.Kim and also the World Bank for having this vision and setting this goal, at least their trying and have faith and ambition, etc, etc ... Dr.Kim himself has been in the trenches for year's and truely believes in this, and regardless of all the negative talk about the World Bank and it's past, they have also helped many countries, and are alwayz trying to at least "improve" their image like this recent new packaging ... unfortunately many time's that help "$$" of course end's up in the wrong hand's, etc ... so of course there has been obstacle's as well like with anything else ... folk's with ill intention's or whatever.

Frankly speaking here, when Dr.Kim held up a sign with "2030" wrote on it and that sincere look on his face the other day to open the spring talk's on this ... I thought to myself ... "Oh shit ... here we go ..." {: ), not knowing whether to laugh, cry, take a shit, or wind my watch, but chose to chuckle (light laugh). The news has been so big here in America over the last week with wannabe raghead freak's blowing up shit in Boston, fruit loop's in Houston stabbing and disfiguring multiple student's on a college campus (it's a "gun- free" zone of course ... so at least these folks didnt use "gun's" to maim and kill{: ) ... to the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas that leveled downtown and part's of the community ... so there isnt that much coverage in the mainstream on this ... and I had so many other thing's lined up in my head to post, but this is more importante than you may realize, so chose this.

Let me make this simple here ... you have to first question the math on this, even Dr.Kim's want to see it at least below 10% extreme poverty in only 10 year's, and another key component is looking at who "want's" to get involved on solving this issue ... which is of course all the major corporate, investment banking, petrol/ oil folk's and of course that is the so called top 1%, okay? ... which you have to have those element's, after all, they "hold" the majority of the world wealth, eh? So looking at the good read gospel above you may think ... thank goodness that they all are finally realizing (top 1%) that global warming is an issue, along with inequality, extreme poverty, etc ... so they are sort of born again and going to rescue us all and have us all once again in prosperity mode and only within 17 year's ... so let's party, spend, borrow, get in debt more, etc ... after all ... we now know our children's future is safe and secure.

Of course that's nice and sweet and all that, and I'm sure many like Dr.Kim himself are sincere and truely want to see it, even the top entities would like nothing more than to see us all caught into their Utopian society of everyone being player's in this new mega economic arena ... the more the merrier actually. However, remember these are the same entities that have been ratholing all the wealth, driving country after country into austerity, drafting wayz for our representation to cut our standard's of living and all we made, saved, fought and worked for (even many of our right's), and even behind regulating folk's bank account's and if needed, taking some of their fund's/ saving's as well, who's been fighting every inch of regulatory measure's and accountabilities toward's them, whether it's on the enviroment, taxation of them or any investment's, etc. So you must ask? why this all of the sudden push and generosity and wanting to lead the way of this? So this is more silly willy jumping for joy flash card talk that they have to make us more at ease and let down our guard simply ... so they can just mozy on in and take more, disable people's governing bodies to where they have more governing power's and privatize everything to benefit their own entities only ... not us overall, and frankly, they would be able to create more of even an enviromental mess than we already have. And to push this ... you also have to look at .... how many will lose what they have?, how many more cut's and sacrifice's will we all (beside's them of course) have to take on? ... and how will it impact across the board wage's and importantely worker's right's and union's, etc?, the reverse impact on small investment's and businesses? ... and even how many "people" will die as a direct result of their plan's? So of course there is alot to look at and you should have alot of question.

So this is more prophecy talk than anything, just like all the sudden commercial/ advertisement's over the last couple year's to glorify folk's like British Petroleum for making the Gulf of Mexico better than ever now for example, or the other major entities that have a type of monopoly on so much. Again ... the focus should be more on downsizing and breaking up these entities, not making them more powerful, larger and in more control of our lives ... okay? And this will happen ... in time, because this enlightenment of these shenanigan's is becoming more and more exposed and evident with each day and their recklessness in desperation in this final quarter of their/ the ball game.

That's the Reality ... Word Out for now ....

IMF, World Bank Enslave Humanity {Economic Terrorism} ... Thanx to Noah Neo **** I wanted to close this posting with this alternative view on the World Bank




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