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MAYFLOWER, ARKANSAS 2013? ... "No BIGGIE ... We'll PAY" ... EXXON'S PROPHET'S of PROFIT'S ... Pipeline's & Timeline's (GLOBAL WAR'N'ING PT.23)

Oil Sands: A Resource for Energy Security & Economic Growth ... Thanx to EXXONMOBIL

Part 23 of the "Global War'N'ing" series will be to highlight a recent and very much covered accident in a small American town (Mayflower, AR), which to some see it as no biggie ... Exxon will pay ... and everyone will live happily ever after in financial prosperity, energy independence, cheaper petrol price's at the pump's, etc, etc, etc. So I'll make this as simple and non complex as you can get, that everyone can understand, no matter what level of education, background, career/ trade, class status, even for ExxonMobil engineer Artis Brown in the above video commercial that is pounded relentlessly in prime time tele coast to coast. Some of these tele commercial's I see in the evening are absolutely hilarious too ... I actually laugh my ass off watching their face's telling us what they do, how many they employ, how they love America, how independent and strong we will become, with all the emotional music in the backdrop, happy familia's and smiling face's, children playing in field's of flower's, etc  ... it is enough to make me think ... they must be prophet's sent with the good word {: )

ExxonMobil Operational Excellence ... Thanx to AVR Technocrats

Remind's me of an incident probably a good 15+ year's back or so, when I ran pre- press operation's for a local printing company in suburban Mesquite Texas, who unknowingly was dumping harsh chemical's into the drain's without realizing what they were ... the owner was a local politician too (republican) ... that was really a great guy too, as far as just alot of fun in small chat, etc. One day in his office over small chat with his partner ... I mentioned to him about the chemical's that were in some of these slovent's and so forth ... James (owner's name) rolled his eye's and said something like "Jesus Thomas, dont tell me your one of them enviromentalist's  ... " (similar wording) ... well, the way he said it sounded so funny I laughed ... and I said something like ... "Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I reckon I do sound like some whining ass liberal on some thing's James ... but please hear me out here a second ... " Well, I then pointed out that favourite local lake that he take's his grandson to go fishing (who visit's from James home state of Mississippi), the fish that they catch and eat with the familia, the water that he drink's from even his own company water fountain,etc ... showing him the labels and detail's in writing on the packaging of the risk's of these, which he never bothered to read, which made him sick thinking of it ... which I could understand, I mean, he wouldnt like this any more than me taking a shit in the punch bowl at the next company barbeque {: ) Then to top it off since he like's profit's and money ... I pointed out certain deposit's/ waste that we can sell for recycling which the companies will install free of charge and PAY HIM for the waste product's, recover silver from film fixer's, etc ... James let me handle it and took my advice ... bottom line ... from that day on ... you would think James became a goddamn enviromentalist! True story too. Some rehashed news below and vid's ... some input from my man Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and friend's ... then a few simple and to the point view's of my own concerning this and our future of these pipeline's and the timeline's.

Exxon Pipeline Breaks in Arkansas (oil leak) ... Thanx to VINES & FUNNY VIDS

***** ABC NEWS: Exxon To Pay For Arkansas Oil Spill (newsread/ video)



Reject the Keystone XL Pipeline Part 1 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Reject the Keystone Pipeline Part 2 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


The timeline pushes for these pipeline's is not good enough, the fact that Exxon will pay for the damage is not good enough, but your damn straight someone's gonna have to pay for these messes ... these happen more frequently than we imagine, which we only catch these highlighted piece's here and there, what folk's are also not looking at here ... is their vulnerability to terror through sabotage as well ... do we realize how enviromentally dangerous it would be if a terror group of any kind, where to plan a mass sabotage of American pipeline's? does Exxon wonder ... how hard would it be to get access to critical sensitive area's for some of these plotter's in these rural remote area's where law enforcement never see's many crime's above a local store break- in? What happen's if some break accident contaminate's a major metro area nearby ... say Chicago with nearly 10 million ... Dallas- Fort Worth with nearly 7 million, or Houston/ Galveston Bay area with over 6 million? You dont think that some would do this just to strike at American capitalism and imperialism in some way? ... dont kid yourselves. There are boo- koo pipeline's as it is, outdated even to some degree in many area's ... so just rushing to build this Keystone "XL" is just downright reckless thinking, and politician's regardless of how much their paid indirectly are NOT very good representation to get led into thinking that this is an answer to all this independence of energy ... mo job's ... swimming in new wealth, or any of the ridiculous bullshit were fed. We are producing more in America 2013, than they have ever at any time over 80 year's, at an all time high at that! ... when was the last significant drop in petrol price's and how much have you seen in your town just over the last 5 year's, eh? ... how many job's do we need just to catch up to where we were before this mass loss?, not to mention new job's needed for the 100's of thousand's of new folk's entering the workplace ... none of the math worx any way you slice it, never did, as I have pointed out all this over the last 5 year's in this journal ... get my drift? And not a damn thing one will be done for America overall, but make a bunch of wealthy folk's more wealthy ... or for our infrastructure or a damn thing else ... period. This oil all goes simply into the "global" market's and no one give's a shit about us or our enviroment, job's or a damn thing else until it hit's their pocketbook's.

I have to also disagree with some of my fellow enviromentalist's too, as far as cleaning up for the next century or so, and reduce the damage ... it's too goddamn late to fix the mess that we already made, and too goddamn late to even think that we can ... okay? ... I'm just being honest here ... not pessimistic. We have contributed to and accelerated the polar ice cap melting which even a giant like Halliburton/ Brown & Root couldnt fix or reverse ... we done fucked up plain and simple, and are going to have to live or die with it! The only reason the petrol giant's are so happy, is because they now can break up what ice is left and  drill in newer area's they couldnt when it was frozen solid ... that's the cold- icy truth! Why am I optimistic should be the question ... and that's because nature has it's own way of fixing what need's to be fixed, without concern for human's petty need's or emotion's ... and WILL ... in time ... THIS is the ENLIGHTENMENT.

The bottom line is ... we have now the technologies and science and know how as far as what the damage assessment's are, how to resolve some of this, how to divert the wealth we have to more innovative technologies and energies source's ... so we know at least for sure how to clean up our act that we currently engage in ... and clean up our relentless pursuit of filth and pollution for one thing. No one rich or poor would not want to have a clean yard at some point and just get sick of all the trash and rid of it ... not even other animal's, some of which bury their own shit for that matter. The future is going to be newer wayz and technologies any way you slice it ... you can do it with our current population ... or wait and do it with a small fraction of our population after we destroy enough of us in the process and lolligagging ... which will include death and destruction to even the wealthiest of folk's ... nature is blind to class, race/ ethnicity, or social status ... we will have to change ... simply because we will have no choice but to ... nature dictate's, that's for sure. Million's of job's can be created immediately within a decade ... million's of new businesses across the globe, and those who are wise enough to take the gamble and invest on vision will be winner's in the long run. Prolonging this misery is pointless and stupid.

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