Thursday, April 25, 2013

BOSTON TO HOUSTON: From TANTRUM to TERROR in Two American Cities (PEACE ON EARTH WITHOUT GUN'S PT.3) ... Inspired partly by LONGEVITY'- "TANTRUM" **** NYC Update

Part 3 of the "Peace On Earth Without Gun's" series will simply take a look at two cities and the unexpected terror that they went through within like a week of each other, the Boston incident being by far the worst, yet even the Houston incident will have young victim's psychologically maimed for life ... certain experiences in life are difficult to eradicate from the mind, trust me.

But this series will be to highlight the current condition which I been touching on since the start of this journal as far as expecting the unexpected which will increase due to the push, shove and taunt that we do, in particular those who are in power and control so many of us, which contribute's to feeding and nurturing it. What these people do is not right? ... of course it isnt, but "explain" that to them, not me. Alot start's as simply nothing more than a tantrum or anger that the assailant cant control lacking the discipline necessary to ... it escalate's, become's an obsession and finally a mission. As far as trying to blame the mother of this Boston suspect that got killed ... he done it .... NOT HER ... nor the bomb. They dont find a terror group to connect, so they drag in anyone else they can scapegoat. When it appear's that this guy just made himself out to a wannabe raghead jihadist anywayz and blow up shit, regardless of how good even this country was to him. Oddly on one hand, were good to them ... yet simutaneously on the other hand, inspire them as well.

This series focuses on the fact that even without using gun's ... when a person(s) is determined to do harm, whether it's for revenge/ retaliation or just out of control anger etc ... they will do what they set out to do no matter what, gun's or no gun's ... eh? I recall watching some YouTube vid of a student at the Houston area college who wishes that he would have had a gun when this was going down with the assailant running around slashing women's face's or whatever ... many would disagree that, that is a solution ... even myself being pro- gun, feel that maybe gun's on school campuses are not the brightest idea ... but what do we/ you do? ... wait for some stuffed suit in politic's to tell us when it is right to defend ourselves and those we love?

We have law enforcement who acted efficiently and well in the Boston case for instance ... but "after" the damage is/ was done ... from what I read, one of the suspect's in the Boston bombing was even observed and in question previously by the FBI, yet there wasnt anything to hold him on, and in a case like that in Boston, even armed citizen's wouldnt have done a damn bit of good, and of course the folk's that legislate the law's, dont have to live in the reality that most of us do ... so frankly ... what the fuck do they know about what is best for us, eh?

Some newsread and video below to record in this journal and series as well as the video/ song single from the HipHop artist Longevity below that partly inspired the title and theme of this posting ... Word Out ....

***** CBC NEWS/ WORLD: Boston bombing suspect reportedly unarmed when captured

***** CBS News: Texas slasher suspect Dylan Quick fantasized about stabbing people since elementary school: police

***** CNN/ U.S.: Boston bombing suspects planned Times Square blasts, NYC mayor says ... this just came in today from CNN, not sure how ligit it can be though, since this kid in custody is singing like a bird, and know's his ball's are in a sling and facing a possible death penalty, with his older brother deceased ... I mean ... no tellin what he would say, eh?



***** PD/ RCJ: "SELF DEFENSE" PART'S 20 THRU 1 .... a related series highlighting the importance of self defense and preservation


Longevity 'Tantrum' Official Video ... Thanx to DECONMEDIA ... I wanted to close this posting with the 2011 single from LA's own inde HipHop producer and MC who has worked with many in the underground HipHop scene ... "Longevity" ... a really smooth yet solid piece of work here, especially as a lyricist/ rapper, with an intoxicating subliminally HIPnotic sounding bass in your face, that came to mind when deciding to do a posting on this two city incident and partly inspiring this posting. This cut will also be added to the "RCJ Music/ Art's Honour Roll Society"





Demeur said...

Well if you've read my blog at all you must know that I like to go with the odds. Which is probably why I'm still breathing as we speak. The odds say that the more guns we have in this country the more apt people are to use them. That's just a statistical fact. Another fact is that only a handful of burglars have been shot while breaking into somebody's home. More than likely a gun is used in the home to shoot a spouse or other relative.

Another fact is the rise in murder suicides which seems to be caused by our economic conditions. None the less they're all being done with guns. There was a time for a need for guns when we all lived in a country setting and wild bears and other nasties had greater numbers but those days are long gone. Even your odds of getting robbed or mugged are pretty slim these days unless you frequent dangerous areas on a regular basis. And I doubt seriously if I could get the drop on anybody these days.

So maybe it's time to fix the real problem. That would be educating people to the realities and teaching our kids that maybe there's a better way to resolve problems than with lethal force.

Ranch Chimp said...

I wasnt sure at all about statistic's in any of this Demeur, but no doubt I myself have seen plenty of foul usage of gun's as far as in the home, especially suicide's, accident's etc ... this is a difficult issue for me Demeur ... you see, I had gun's as a kid too, but not for defense or related but for sport, just like throwing knives, and archery, etc, etc ... I have alwayz since probably as young as 8 or so, just loved target type practice, honing the skill's like an art of sort, I would (and still do) go to these Fair's for instance and just love plinking, shooting target's, etc ... even have the old Atari you may remember, of just the Duck Hunt game etc, etc ... so it's also like a sport to me, if that make's sense, I dont think much about thing's like trying to kill myself or other's, so it's difficult for me to understand that way of thought ... if defense is needed ... well ... it's simply needed ... if it's a gun or whether it's martial art's ... I leave that choice to the individual. But no doubt gun's are NOT for everyone. I still do feel that there is a need though for defense in the home or on the street, in a town like Dallas for instance, there is a Hell of alot of home invasion type crime's as example, more increasing than I have ever seen in previous year's, maybe due to the tighter economy and unemployment, dope usage or whatever, I dont know.

But I appreciate your view's here on this Demeur, I just dont know how to answer alot of this or the solution, I WASNT against the proposed tighter restriction's though, even though many NRA folk's whined over it.

And I also still support inde militia's ... I am not refering to radicalization type stuff, but simply to embrace the principle of the 2nd amendment is all, in a free type nation that is drive especially by profit more strongly, I believe that it is necessary to have defense against tyrannical possibilities, look at some of these poor folk's these dayz in nation's where they disarmed them and the brutality of state against them just for trying to voice their opinion, or trying to protect simply worker's right's and protection's even in a country like India the other day, etc

Later Demeur ....

James Joiner said...

Man I'm telling you Tom, things are pretty fucked up and we will only see things get much worse.

I'm telling you, do you realize how fucking lucky we were? We had hundreds of first responders
EMT, all kinds of help. The more stories I hear, the more I am heartened.

We would of had many more dead if they were not there. To me insult was added to injury by teaching all the nuts out there how Joe blow can make a deadly IED under the rarar.

Ranch Chimp said...

Well Jim ... you know I thought it would get worse to some extent, simply because of the tension's growing because of despair, difference's, and alot more folk's dont have work, meaning their idle with nothing to do or keep their mind occupied with alot of time on their hand's to read/ view and vent their anger ... I first got online about 5 year's back or so, and that is one of the first thing's I noticed even on here. Yeah, that's the flip side of the freedom of speech and press I reckon when you can teach folk's how to create/ make bomb's, who need's to be taken out or killed, etc, etc ... that is also why especially online ... I would definitely support law making anyone who write's or post's themselves on video's on YouTube or whatever, to have to identify themselves, not use these fictional moniker's, character's or anonymous, etc, etc ... and THAT is not denying anyone the freedom to voice/ write their opinion ... it is just saying that you must identify yourself ... say what you want ... but dont hide in other word's, there are too many channel's online that teach thing's and even talk about thing's that are very sensitive as far as what and can bring harm to other's ... if you want to post and say shit ... identify yourself, that make's it simple ... and it is fair and freedom too.

I noticed during the chasedown/ search in suburbia Boston afterward's ... when law enforcement found out who they were and put an APB on them ... the news media was actually giving step by step detail's right on the tele and radio even ... of the strategies they are using to capture them, from GPS system's to cell phone trace's etc, etc ... in detail at that ... what the fuck is wrong with these media's that do that? that is about as dumb as stating the retreat deadline of your force's during a battle ... I was thinking as I heard it on the car radio ... all the suspect's have to do is listen to the bloody radio to know how their being tracked ... geeezz! Is the media that concerned with being the "first" to get the story out?

Hey Jim ... Thanx for your comment's here Guy .... later

Demeur said...

I'd have to take issue with this belief that a bunch of guys with pee shooters could some how over take our military. That said it would be a matter of who controlled the military. Militia's? There is only one militia and that's the national guard anything else is a bunch of military wannabes.

As to the suspect he wasn't too smart. He should have figured they'd be tracking him with everything in their arsenal. I listened to the boston police scanner while this was going on. They didn't give any information that would have helped him.

As to building an explosive device anybody with half a brain can figure that out.

Ranch Chimp said...

Wannabe militia's or not ... I support these, and each one support's their own local territorial area's, so in a country so geographically large, many more militia's are needed (in my opinion), you see Demeur, these (what we call) "militia's are not ONLY about fighting or combat, these are many of those who volunteer to help and rescue in disaster's, rebuild communities (carpentry, plumbing, electrical, construction, etc, etc) with their skill's, help feed those in their communties when the government in an emergency state would NOT be able to, or even get to them as example etc, .... so you see my point on the importance of these folk's regardless if their outgunned or not, you seen the mess post Katrina as example or any other emergency such as the other week in West(TX), or those first responder's at 9/11. etc ... those heroes are in large number just people/ folk's from the various communities around the nation, many volunteer's, many also affiliated even with these folk's in local militia's, as well as local community churches etc, ... a large interwoven network of American's for American's basically, when gvmnt cant be there for us, we need to be there for ourselves, bottom line. "IF" also a government or branch of were to get infected by tyrannical/ criminal element's ... when push come's to shove, I believe that many of our own U.S. military would choose the side of the people in the end, and do what is necessary by natural thought and instinct to protect and preserve our nation, because they would see simply "truth" ... unlike the political posse in Washington for instance ... these men and women for the most part are "real", they put their neck's and lives on the line ... they have more integrity, discipline, etc in other word's and are more honest, which is the foundation spirit of this democracy as well as their training and what they pledge to. Summing up some of these mulitia people who care about our nation and people (our tribe) as just redneck radicalist's or whatever Demeur in my opinion is somewhat unfair, labelling patriotic folk's as just lunatic's or whatever, some people do really love their nation and sincerly care about it with all their heart, and as I said ... have been there in just about every emergency situation we had coast to coast, many are even former military officer's and veteran's, so you see my point Sir ... you cant just sum them up as a one size fit's all, over a few bad apple's or lunatic's is all I'm saying.

As far as the info that was put out and the scanner thing ... I take it your in Seattle/ Portland area of the country ... but you had a scanner working for law enforcement frequency in Massachussetts? perhap's I read it wrong ... but no Demeur, I wasnt talking about scanner's either ... I was talking about the radio media broadcast's that went out over the public airwaves via radio, internet and tele during the pursuit ... the suspect's wouldnt have even needed a scanner or a computer, simply just listen to the news.

Thank You for your input here Demeur too, have a good un ....