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ELF NEWS: Rapper Ice T on US gun control (20July12).mp4 ... Thanx to thevillage70 **** a quick lil opener I wanted to add here from musician/ songwriter Ice T

This posting will serve the "Self Defense" & "Peace On Earth Without Gun's" series both ... and is importante to look at the reality in which we live, especially in America, because we drive ourselves into lunacy sometime's over our fashionable political correctness ... twisting our mind's in such into believing that this is what liberate's us ... so it's very importante as well to truely think out of the box, use common sense and fact's when determining what to do, instead of just being on a one way street and following one or the other of two parties of thought ... when you can do that ... you are truely liberated, balanced, and free mentally, okay? Time and again I had met folk's that DONT understand me at all, both on the left and right, yet it is simple to understand me, if you think out of the box your in for a moment ... some thing's I may think liberal, some conservative, then other's not left or right ... but that's what being liberated is about too ... how can you be liberated if you cant think to defend yourself or freely? ... or even think that it's wrong to? ... how "free" is that way of thinking? ... so you see my point. Another misleading pop culture phrase on the right for instance, is that the President (Obama) is a commie or socialist out to take away everyone's gun's ... while they on the right are supporting the very neo corporate communist's that line their representative's pocket's ... because of a herd mentality. President Obama is very much in support of the 2nd amendment ... rest assured ... he thinx alot like myself actually on that ... but is under extreme pressure at a lousy time to deal with the worse massacre of children in a school in our nation and other fruit loop cases of nut's and over- sensitive spoiled brat's that do these thing's (**** NOTE: Do NOT mix these folk's up with serial killer's, as some have said, these type's are NOT in that mental state of mind at all ... the serial killer is ACTUALLY ill, and has no sense of actual reality, these type's are completely different mentally and full of "hate" bottled up in them, a serial killer does NOT hate, and act's as a compulsion, and sometime's take's their work as an art). Even though I dont expect much respect out of politician's or arm's and ammo manufacturer's ... we should show a tad more respect to those familia's/ victim's of these shooting's/ massacre's, and take action in some fashion to try to halt some of this.

The two fella's in the last video Piers Morgan and Alex Jones are a perfect example of this current left/ right common mindset in America ... and I love listening to both of them as well, but both have an agenda only, and are failing to look at the entire picture. Piers of course is anti- gun all the way (despite him claiming he isnt, he would love to see a gun- free society) ... Alex of course popular as far as a conspiracy theorist and thinking that everyone want's to disarm us and leave us sitting duck's ... however part of his conspiracy theories are accurate, being that the large entities that control all the finance of the globe want nothing more than to disarm every human they can on the globe to just have that much more control over resistance from the masses is all. These 3 entities that control all the globe (mega religion, bank's/ finance, and politic's) dont really give a shit what we at the bottom have to go through in life, just wanting us to be obedient and serve their interest's for life and reproduce more of the same ... we are basically a commodity of meat if you will. Although I dont think it was called for, for Alex to get all redneck with Piers, because Piers is not an aggressive type to need to get that way with ... so I think he was a little harsh on ole Piers, but too, that's just the usual tone of Alex's voice too ... and calling a petition out to deport Piers is uncalled for in my opinion and insulting to the man ... Piers is just as much culturally an American as Alex, just because Piers dont like firearm's/ gun's for sport or whatever, DOES NOT make him un- American ... we dont like all the same thing's.

Yesterday a couple friend's Wolfgang Kries, Tim Cash, and I had a heavy discussion on this (both asked me to use their name's here), which I inspired since both of these guy's are die hard pro- gun and conservative when it come's to defense, right to bear arm's, and very pro business ... but like myself are liberated on issue's like sexuality, same sex marriage, etc (Tim's a guitarist heavily influenced as a kid by Pete Townshend and Jimmy Page, that used to play music with me some 30 year's ago as well) and both agree that something need's to be done and quickly, not the usual "take forever" bullshit that so many on Capitalism Hill are glued to. Both are in strong favour of tightening background check's, and REALLY doing it, not this half assed way with side dishes that you see now, and at least this show's some respect for victim's of these shooting's too ... there is way too much influence in these thing's because of big money and left/ right bitch fighting only ... and frankly alot of folk's, especially the younger generation's are sick and tired as I am of this bullshit! Both are also in favour of making much stricter penalties for these type offenses, to get a message out ... these offenses are NOT typical criminal offenses or warrant much sympathy from juror's and court's. Both these guy's see no reason to have and stockpile 100 round clip's either, for high caliber weaponry, those who do because of this persistent feeling that we are going to be run over totally by this tyrannical regime we have, need to relax a bit and look at thing's straight ... I agree that there is a tyrannical sub- culture of power ... but even they dont see reality for what it is, their so intoxicated with their excessive greed, who's fantasies have gotten to their head's ... you have alwayz had this element in humanity, and it has alwayz backfired in some way on those over time.

The first video below I realize is a pro- gun video, but importante to look at for the truth behind it. Australia is a country with probably 23 million or so official population and England say about 53+ million or so, the violent crime's against person's is nothing compared to what it would be in a country like the United States if American's were disarmed, believe me ... this country has far more violence in it's genes/ culture, and a population of over 310 million with a widening gap between poverty and wealth ... crime's against person's and killing's in this country would sky- rocket through the roof making these other countries look like kiddie play, once you give gangbanger's, dope fiend's, home invader's, hold- up (small armed robbery score's) crew's, and just nut's a green light, believe me. We are too deep for too many year's and dependent on the need for self defense ... so disarming everyone is stupid thinking, thinking that it would become a peaceful society. A friend of mine Oscar live's outside of Monterrey (Mexico) who come's up here to visit from time to time ... he told me first hand of what's the reality in Mexico now, this is also a so called "gun- free" society, with about the highest murder rate in the world, especially on the Texas/ Mexico border too. In Juarez (Mexican side of metro El Paso Texas) it has gotten so bad, that the thug's there even told school teacher's that they will give up their Christmas bonuses to them, or they will kill their children/ student's, and they have the police/ federales outgunned in Mexico as well ... this is just one of many example's I could give ... so dont tell us that being gun- free will create peace and love or other mush- headed bullshit. As far as Australian politician's/ law maker's still trying to define what "home invasion" is? .... pleeease ... are ya'll that goddamn stupid? (and trust me, their NOT stupid, as much as their liar's and political scammer's, they know what the Hell is "home invasion", let it happen to them in their well protected environments, and they will have a definition in a New York minute!) Ms. Ivy Skowronski point's it out simple and straight in the video.

Enough said ....



Gun Control- Watch What Happens When Guns Are Banned ... Thanx to vexicon

Alex Jones Vs Piers Morgan On Gun Control Live On CNN ... Thanx to SAVEOURSOVEREIGNTY3 **** I added this full extended version of the debate to get a closer look. Alex's problemo here, is he is letting his emotion's answer the question's and losing focus. Alex should slow down, and REALLY answer the question's of Piers, because rest assured, Piers arguement is WEAK ... you could calmly answer every question of Piers, and I guarantee you ... make HIM look incompetent in the long run, if you look at what he is actually saying. Piers arguement here, has NOTHING solid at all ... just some stat's to pinpoint a few thing's that has no bearing on the actual condition of most of us and the reality that we have to face daily. I like Piers as far as a journalist, but understand that he is out of touch with the actual condition on this issue, simply because he is out of touch with the street's is all. **** EXAMPLE: This is why I posted the first intro video with Ice T being interviewed ... look how easy Ice T answer's the question's and short and simple, to where the host doesnt even know how to answer, making the host look foolish for asking such ... my point being ... is Ice T is a man that come's from the street's and KNOW'S too well the condition first hand, the news host know's nothing of this, beside's what he read's from a stat's sheet or card's, which clearly show's.


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