Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OWS- MARCH 2012: 6 Month Anniversary & Exposing the "Enemies of Progress" ... "DONT GET FOOLED AGAIN" ... (THE AWAKENING PT. 15)

This Part 15 of "THE AWAKENING" series will be to highlight the 6 month anniversary of the OWS Movement and other American offshoot's/ allies, which was St. Patricks Day (last saturday March 17th). First about 19 minute's of video below from a few American heroes/ heroines in the trenches ... Michael Moore, Goldie and Sara Mason, then some word's I'll toss in after. And again ... a Big Special Thanx to RTAMERICA for their constant hard work and keeping American's informed! : )

Michael Moore: 'This is just the Beginning of OWS' ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Police mark OWS Anniversary by beating up Protestors ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


Like Michael above ... I have been just thrilled with the progress that has been made as far as bringing awareness to this condition in America, I know it's far from over, such as my Part 11 posting where I called it "The End of the Beginning". The added treat to all this, is how all these inde social media's have been able to successfully move this all over the globe, making a new wave of international solidarity as well. I been ranting about this shit since the start of this journal now ... and of course have wrote plenty about the change in atmosphere to come in the near future and awareness, but I am especially thrilled that so much has moved in such little time ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... now THAT'S "getting the job done" : ) Believe me ... so many splinter affiliate's are working currently so many different avenue's, investigating, gathering info, and pushing change/ reform issue's all over the place ... you can thank these folk's who put their neck's all on the line from the start in America and these global spring's, austerity fighter's, etc, for bringing this out.

And also ... let me be fair here like Michael point's out and give credit where it's due to Wall St, and all their affiliate's like Goldman Sachs, Fannie, Freddie, Bank of America and the globe's largest investment banker's, the list goes on ... for all their effort's to try to collectively ramrod the nation, driving America's youth and our future professional's into life long debt on student loan's, foreclosing on people's home's, and ripping off every which way they can, our government's, our most hard working and productive people, etc ... and global effort's they made in their last moment desperation and quest for ultimate wealth and power ... which without Ya'll's excessive greed and sloppiness ... we wouldnt have had this much progress : ) Special Thanx also to department's like NYPD and other's across the nation for making us more pissed off at Ya'll than ever before and for exposing ya'll's true colour's too ... which is also why I call it not just the "Awakening" in this series ... but a "healthy time for America and the Globe".

For those naysayer's who say it's finished and we constantly clear out these occupy territories like Zuccotti Park over and over and over ... we have new law's to suppress protesting, etc, etc ... that's a fairy tale ... the seed's have already been planted and the first crop's have sprouted, just in time for the Spring Equinox : ) For those who say this is a communist movement strictly aimed at destroying America, and extreme group's that are out to kill cop's, rob the rich, etc, etc ... nonsense ... and as Goldie point's out above as far as the tweeter's and related that send out these message's talking about not being a success until cop's are killed ... they either are taken out of context to what they said, or the comment's were made by the enemy themselves as propaganda media, or it's just another anonymous voice hiding that want's to simply stir trouble ... this is not occupy people. And when violence is talked about against any law enforcement or such ... it is "self- defense", it's only a matter of time before some of these protestor's end up paralyzed for life or other severe injuries, trauma and death multiply ... look at who start's the violence and are doing the most of it ... video's and testimonies speak for themselves.

Word Out .... and a "Twinkle" to Ya'll! : )

The WHO- Won't Get Fooled Again (Pontiac Silverdome, 6th Dec 1975) *Remastered* ... Thanx to LZ JOKER ... and a classic favourite here from one of the UK's greatest that speak's for itself {: )


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