Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TEXAPLEX: 21st Century TEXAS' "Golden Triangle" (Taste of Texas PT.11)

Part 11 of "Taste of Texas" will be a short marketing video of what is called here in the Lone Star State, the "Texaplex", or what some local's look at as a metro triangle of sort. Out of the 25.7 million resident's in Texas, over 20 million live in this area of Texas, so much is concentrated as far as business in this area. This is one of the few reason's why the recession hasnt really hit here very hard. Wherever you go in this triangle ... the business and construction is booming, period. Some think that it's to credit strictly to no state income tax, mega oil and banking, however, I am confident with more regulation and even downsizing and more competition, this place will sustain a constant. When I first came here in the early part of the 1970's living in Houston first, I actually expected this, some local Texas native folks I told back then ... kind of chuckled, but they didnt see what I seen on how the Southern California area went through this before, just like when I told folk's that Dallas- Fort Worth will merge as one town, today it is. I could just sense it, and I'm confident it's a sure mega market of the future as well, I know a good bet when I see it usually.

Business in 21st century Texas is very diversified, with a sprawl of other smaller cities and region's throughout the state with plenty to offer as well. But this triangular section is responsible for the majority of economic growth overall. Of course you have issue's/ problem's, but that's just to deal with like anywhere's else, it's just a matter of not talking and taking action ... I am confident that there will be much change here sooner than folk's here expect.

TEXAPLEX 2- by David Winans (31 October 2011) ... Thanx to TEXAPLEX


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Beach Bum said...

I've never mentioned it but my dad lives in Vernon, Texas. He moved there back in 1975 and after my mom and him divorced he remarried a widow and became a total Texan.

You would have to know my dad but the cowboy attire he loves to wear now does not really fit the image I had of him as a child.

Texaplex said...

No doubt that the Texas one of the 4th biggest growth waves in American history. It's going to be a Lone Star Boom. It's basically a sure bet.

Ranch Chimp said...

Vernon is a nice laid back area Bum right on the OK border, I been to Witchita Falls alot, which is a nearby small city ... he's only about 2 hour's northwest of the DFW Metroplex ... he's total Texan, eh? ... well Bum, this place can kind of wear off on ya ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, long story ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... call it spiritual perhap's ... a land of enchantment (which is what New Mexico is officially called) not explained in word's ... my paradise, if you will : )

Have a good un Bum! ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Texaplex: video's well done, Thank You!