Saturday, March 3, 2012

OIL & LUBE $20.12 Special! Oil for the Car, & Lube for Our Asses (GAS PRICE'S at the Pump 2012 PT.2)

I wanted to post this simple to the point explanation here for PT. 2 of "Gas Price's at the Pump 2012" from Thom Hartmann to show the reality of the ass lubing of political fuel we are receiving out of Washington ... again out of the GOP and as usual ... political desperation. But also because this issue has been in the biggest of media's, and the concern even with folk's on the street and at the pump's grow's weekly, and will increase close to summer. Having even talked to several folk's locally over the last few week's about the misleading stories that they have been hearing, as to Why? gas price's are increasing at this rate, alot of this I explain too in Part 1.

This Keystone Pipeline project of course another crock of corporate shit. The sad thing is that many American's, whichever party they belong to, are going to wonder what the President can do, because of propaganda fuel. Many seem to think that opening the reserve's would save us, but this speculation game, there isnt no "for sure" remedy, until we change the way we use and demand ... and if I were the President, I wouldnt even open reserve's at this point, and only as a last minute move, maybe shortly before election's, but gas may start to come down as well by November, so no need to jump the gun as of yet. Also because right now, it isnt as bad as we think, and we are partly to blame for what we drive, our shortsightedness, and wanting everything overnight instead of next week. This is also the more incentive to keep hammering new energies industries, especially smaller indy corporation's/ companies, and more competition. You have a bunch of mega investor's only making bet's/ speculation's based on conflict's in oil rich countries and related betting, it hasnt a thing to do with the President.

Texan's should also realize and other petro Gulf Coast state's, that this isnt about us or creating job's for us ... they dont give a shit about us! It's a grab and free for all but us, to rathole every drop of oil on the globe, and the reason why Texas get's to do all the refining, is because of the strong corporate oil power in this state, and Texan's especially should wake up to this, and start to regulate these folk's alot tighter too, especially when it come's to export's and the enviroment, which can drive up price's as well, but you just cant have your cake and eat it. We need to set the slate and rule's straight, and if you want to pump/ drill/ refine, you do it by the rule's, and pay just like everyone else ... you CANT give these folk's an inch, or they will take a mile, and fearing them and their control only make's you weaker and more likely to give into anything, we have more power than we realize, we decline to act on it!

The whining over the last few week's over the President on this has been nauseating from the GOP in particular ... and not one goddamn one of them have ANY solution, period, but to keep fucking up more and more and hoping for a sunny day year's down the road with enough stalling and bullshit. Thom get's sraight to the point below!

***** RCJ: "GAS PRICE'S at the Pump 2012 PT.1"

If America is swimming in Oil- Why are gas pump's guzzling all your $$? ... Thanx to THEBIGPICTURERT

Worst Refineries/ Houston ... Thanx to SRGPOLITICS ... as if we in Texas dont have enough refining work as it is ... in this town Houston, and for mile's on the NE Texas Coast this goes 24/ 7/ 365

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